Harmony, The Peerless Pair

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    Name: Harmony
    Title: The Peerless Pair
    Race: Human
    Class: ADC/Mage Hybrid
    Appearance: Harmony are two people who share the same body. Korin, the ADC, is a human male with light skin, long dark hair tied in a ponytail, a long light grey trench coat, a light brown shirt, light grey pants, and worn brown traveling boots. He carries a large steel boomerang on his back. Nerra, the Mage, is a human female with deep brown skin, short black hair, long red robes, and an obsidian staff. She has knee high boots, leather pants, and a blouse, all of which are pitch black.
    Mana: Yes

    Lore: Korin and Nerra were once two separate individuals, until tragedy forced them to coexist in a single body. As a powerful couple living in the Swamp of Wyrms, life was a constant string of battles for them, as they fought to protect themselves and their home town of Bordhill from the threat of the aggressive Hillgrame Saithions. After a particularly fierce battle, Nerra found Korin collapsed next to the body of a Hillgrame Shaman. Realising that his fallen foe must have afflicted him with a curse of some kind, she rushed him back to their village to seek a healer. To her dismay, no one in the village was able to halt the curse's progress, and Nerra began to grow desperate. Eventually, she decided she would have to take the ultimate risk, if she wanted to save her husband. Under cover of night, she snuck into the Necromancer's Academy, and stole a tome of forbidden spells from her former teacher, Grandmaster Airurasth. Within the pages of this book, she found a way to save Korin, by removing his soul from his cursed body and taking it into her own, thereby circumventing the curse entirely. From that night onward, the pair have lived as one and, despite the hardships they've endured, they have only grown stronger. To this day, they still fight together, to protect their home and their people, in perfect harmony.


    (*Designer's note: Each of Harmony's Skills has two functions; one as Korin, and one as Nerra. Their Ult switches between the two of them. It should also be noted that Korin and Nerra's skills have different cooldowns, and they are calculated separately.)

    Q - Ring of Steel/Eruption:
    Ring of Steel Mana: 75
    Eruption Mana: 75/100/125/150
    Ring of Steel Range: 10m
    Eruption Range: 10m
    Ring of Steel Cooldown: 11/10/9/8
    Eruption Cooldown: 16/14/12/10
    <Ring of Steel> Korin removes the greater boomerang from his back and throws it in a wide circle. All enemies hit by the boomerang receive (2.5 x physical damage) damage and are rooted for (0.0075 x magic damage) seconds.
    (*Designer's note: There are a few things that need to be discussed concerning this skill. Firstly, you may have noticed the lack of any base scaling. Given the way Harmony works, it would be very unbalanced to have base scaling on any of their skills. If a player wants damage, they should have to build for it, if they want crowd control, they have to build for that too. Harmony would be too strong if they had any base values in their kit because it would give players too much to work with. Instead, they simply have very good physical/magic damage scaling to make up for the lack of base scaling. Secondly, concerning the nature or the boomerang and its travel path, it works as follows. Korin's greater boomerang has a diameter of 4 meters, and travels in a counterclockwise circle, beginning at Harmony's right, traveling out in front of them, and returning to the location from which Korin threw it. Enemies who are within the centre of the circular path are untouched by the boomerang. The diameter of this circular path is 10 meters (the skill's range). The boomerang should travel relatively quickly, but should still be slow enough so as to be avoidable with quick reactions or good prediction. In my opinion, I think the boomerang should complete the full circle over the course of about 1.5 seconds. That said, it can always be modified in order to find a speed that feels balanced.)
    <Eruption> Nerra calls forth the fiery lifeblood of the earth to erupt at a target location, dealing (0.5 x magic damage) damage initially, and leaving behind randomly distributed pools of lava in a larger area, for 2 seconds. These lava pools burn enemies for (0.5 x magic damage) damage every 0.5 seconds. For the next 5 seconds after Nerra uses Eruption, Korin's physical damage is increased by 10/20/30/40%.
    (*Designer's note: This skill is meant to work very similarly to Machry's Ult, Gambler. The main difference is that all the lava pools are created simultaneously, as opposed to one at a time, like with the dice from Gambler. The spread and number of lava pools are about the same as with the dice though.)

    W - Fan of Daggers/Rupture:
    Fan of Daggers Mana: 60/75/90/105
    Rupture Mana: 50/75/100/125
    Fan of Daggers Range: 13m
    Rupture Range: 14m
    Fan of Daggers Cooldown: 20/17/14/11
    Rupture Cooldown: 9/8/7/6
    <Fan of Daggers> Korin throws out a volley of 12 daggers in a 120° cone in front of Harmony, over the course of 1.2 seconds. Each dagger deals (0.3 x physical damage) damage to the first enemy hit, and stuns them for (0.002 x magic damage) seconds. Korin can move while throwing, but cannot pass control of Harmony over to Nerra until he has thrown all 12 daggers.
    (*Designer's note: Korin throws the daggers one at a time, starting from the right, and finishing on the left. This means that, with careful movements, it is possible to narrow or widen their spread by turning while throwing. A skilled enough player should be able to hit a single target with all 12 daggers, or hit an entire team with at least one each.)
    <Rupture> Nerra causes a small rupture to form in the earth, 14 meters away, in the target direction. After a 0.5 second delay, the rupture travels towards Harmony, stopping when it reaches them. All enemies hit by the rupture receive (1.0 x magic damage) damage. After Nerra uses Rupture, Korin gains 10/20/30/40% bonus life harvest. This bonus will not be lost over time, but will be decreased by 2/4/6/8% each time Korin attacks.
    (*Designer's note: The rupture should travel at a speed of approximately 10 meters/sec, or thereabouts. It should not be able to travel back to Harmony instantaneously, but it needs to be fast enough that it's not too easy to dodge. Furthermore, the rupture will continue to follow Harmony, even if they move. It will not stop traveling until it has reached them. Lastly, but most importantly, it should be noted that Rupture acts much like a skill shot. Nerra cannot actually choose the exact location the rupture will initially form, only the direction from which it will travel. The rupture must always begin 14 meters away from Harmony.)

    E - Ricochet/Rewind:
    Ricochet Mana: 25
    Rewind Mana: 0
    Ricochet Range: 12m
    Rewind Range: N/A
    Ricochet Cooldown: 8/6/4/2
    Rewind Cooldown: 18/16/14/12
    <Ricochet> Drawing on Nerra's magic, Korin enchants one of his boomerangs, and throws it in the target direction. If it hits an enemy, it will bounce to nearby enemies, bouncing up to 1/2/3/4 additional time(s). All enemies struck by the boomerang will take (1.25 x physical damage) damage and be silenced for (0.01 x magic damage) seconds, each time it hits them. The boomerang from Ricochet is treated as a normal attack, allowing it to critically strike, and apply normal attack effects.
    (*Designer's note: Ricochet can bounce back to enemies it has already hit, if there are no other enemies nearby. It will keep bouncing until it has reached the maximum number of bounces, or until there are no enemies for it to bounce to. I think the bounce range should probably be somewhere around 6m (half the range of the skillshot).)
    <Rewind> The next skill Nerra (and only Nerra) uses will refund 100% of its mana cost and cooldown. Korin's next normal attack is guaranteed to critically strike, and will shred 10/20/30/40% of his target's physical defence for 4 seconds. The effects of Rewind will dissipate after 10 seconds, whether they are used or not.

    R - Shift:
    Mana: 0
    Range: N/A
    Cooldown: 12/8/4/0
    Using the second part of the forbidden spell that binds them together, Nerra is able to shift between her form and Korin's, allowing the respective owner of the form control over their shared body.
    Korin's normal attacks scale off of physical damage, while Nerra's scale off of magic damage.

    Purpose: Harmony is the first true hybrid hero in HOC. Able to build either physical or magic damage, or a combination of the two, Harmony can fulfill the role of an adc, a mage, or anything in between. Furthermore, because all of Harmony's skills scale with both physical and magic damage, in one way or another, players will always be able to make use of both Korin and Nerra in battle, no matter how they chose to build. This will ensure that both halves of Harmony will always feel relevant, and will allow players to experiment with a nearly limitless variety of builds, using items from both the physical and magic sections of the store. Harmony's possibilities will only truly be limited by the creativity of the players themselves.

    Final note: Feedback is always appreciated.

    Sincerely, Ranger.
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    Hmmm. wouldnt having MGC and phys ATK make one of them viable and the flip side uselessly weak? No items build both attack types.
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    Well all of their skills scale in some way with both magic and physical damage, so regardless of how you choose to build them, both sides will still have value. For example, if you built purely physical damage, then Korin's skills would be able to do a lot of damage, but would offer no cc, and Nera's skills would do no damage, but would significantly buff Korin's normal attacks. On the other hand, if you built purely magic damage, then Korin's skills would do no damage, but would provide powerful cc, and Nera's skills would do a lot of damage, but wouldn't be able to buff Korin's normal attacks at all. What this all means is that, regardless of how you build them, both of their sets of skills would still have value. Also, if you wanted to get a little bit of everything, you could build some physical damage and some magic damage, and then you'd get all of the various effects that their skills can provide, but at slightly lower levels. Does that make sense?

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