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    This guide is intended to teach new players common MOBA terms along with exclusive HOC terms in a short and easy to understand way. Since the entire thing is boring text, all of it is in Times New Roman for ease of reading. Let me know if the font sucks. HOC doesn't have commonly used terms for some things so a few of these were adapted from other MOBA games, referred to in the credits section.

    1v1: AKA a Duel, a game between two players. Often held in Border Skirmish. Good for inflating egos and sometimes for testing ability.
    3v3 Border Skirmish: AKA 3s or BS, a map accommodating up to six players. Consists of a middle lane, a top jungle, and a bottom jungle with two bosses: Dragon and Mogul'sh.
    5v5 Sinskaald Rift: AKA 5s Rift or SR, accommodating up to ten players. Typical MOBA map consisting of a top lane, a middle lane, and a bottom lane with jungles in between and a river connecting all three lanes. SR has four golem buffs and two bosses along the river: Dragon and Gjuha of the Cold. This map has two versions. The normal version has no teleporters. The teleporter version has two teleporters allowing travel between top lane and bottom lane while the map is rotated 90° counter-clockwise.
    5v5 Under Realm Ruins: AKA 5s Train or URR, accommodating up to ten players. Consists of a top lane and a bottom lane with one jungle in between while four teleporters allow travel between the jungle and the outer bosses. URR has six pickup buffs and three bosses: Hurk, Wrath Rune Golem, and Baask the Soulless. Every three minutes, each base sends a destructible train along the offense lane to damage the opposing tower/base.

    Ace: Sometimes known as a Wipe, when all heroes on a team are dead at the same time.
    Active: An ability that can be used once before going on cooldown or being consumed. Also refers to hero skills with both active and passive effects.
    ADC: Attack Damage Carry is a carry role that relies on auto attack to deal damage. Known for insane DPS potential and building takedown but low defense and a large dependence on items.
    AFK: Away From Keyboard, used to signal when a player isn't playing.
    Aggro: Aggression, an enemy's hostility. To get aggro means to get the enemy to attack you.
    Airborne: A form of CC that displaces the target, interrupting and preventing movement, attacks, and skills for the duration. The three forms of airborne CC are knockback, knockup, and pull.
    AoE: Area of Effect, an effect that allows an ability to influence several targets within a certain area.
    APC: Ability Power Carry is a carry role that relies on skills to deal damage. Known for high burst damage and skill versatility but subpar sustained damage, especially against buildings.
    Ascension: When a tablet has the required order and chaos energy from inscriptions, allowing its super cool extra effect to be activated.
    Assassin: A secondary carry role with the goal of reaching the primary target and disposing of them quickly. Known for high burst and mobility but subpar DPS and defense.
    Assist: To help someone get a kill, earning a bit of gold and plenty of exp.
    Attack: An action with the intention of harming the target, likely to cause intense psychological trauma for many years to come. Generally refers to auto attacks.
    Attack Damage: A stat deciding how much damage an auto attack does before modifiers.
    Attack Speed: A stat deciding the number of times a hero attacks per second using auto attack, capped at 2.5.
    Aura: A type of effect that passively influences certain units within range of the user.
    Auto Attack: The default attack of every hero. Auto attack gains 100% of physical attack for physical heroes and 60% of magical attack for magical heroes.
    Auto-Targeting: A targeting pattern that chooses targets with little to no input from the user. A semi-auto-targeted ability may require the user to choose a target before automatically selecting other targets.

    Back: B, to return to base or withdraw from the current position. Used to warn allies of possible danger.
    Backdoor: BD, to ignore enemies and focus on destroying the enemy base. Usually a last-ditch effort from the losing team, but whoever wins, wins. Contrary to popular belief, backdoor ≠ cowardice and/or noobityness.
    Bait: To get enemy aggro by looking weak and alone and killable, taking advantage of humanity's fundamental evil.
    Balanced: An item/hero/skill with that's equally capable compared to similar things of the same category.
    Ban: When an account is shut down by Gameloft because the user did something bad or something. Bad things are bad.
    Banner: A placeable vanity item nobody uses.
    Barracks: A building in 5v5 SR that, when destroyed, allows slightly stronger creeps to spawn from the opposing base.
    Base: The headquarters building of every team that attacks non-allies and grants true sight. If this is destroyed, the team it belongs to loses. Also refers to initial numbers such as base damage or base cooldown.
    BG: Bad Game, a term players use to admit when a game was won because of unfairness (e.g. feeders or leavers) rather than skill and teamwork.
    Blind: A form of CC that prevents the target from seeing further than a few meters around them, reducing range and perception.
    Blink: An effect that makes the user instantly appear in the chosen direction/location, ignoring terrain unless it exceeds acceptable hitbox limits. Also refers to a profile skill that instantly moves the user 8 meters forward.
    Body-Blocking: The use of unit collision to hinder the target's movement by moving so they can't move around you.
    Bot: Bottom Lane in 5v5 maps. Also refers to heroes controlled by computers in solo and co-op modes.
    Bruiser: Sometimes called Off Tank, a role with both durability and DPS without being the best at either. Like a tank/carry hybrid.
    Buff: A type of effect that strengthens the target. Also refers to strengthening an ability/hero because it's considered unbalanced.
    Build: A hero's combination of tablets, talents, inscriptions, profile skills, item order, and hero skill order that synergize to fit a certain role and/or playstyle.
    Building: An immobile unit that serves as an objective. In war, destroying the enemy's resources to weaken them is an important strategy.
    Burst: A large amount of damage unleashed in a small amount of time. The APC's method of attack.
    Bush: AKA Brush or concentrated Fog, a place that can only be seen into from inside. Some abilities and items can see into Bushes.

    Care: To be careful. Used to warn allies of possible danger.
    Carry: A role that 'carries' each game by killing opponents, towers, and bases. Known for dealing and taking the most damage, the two types of carries are ADCs and APCs.
    CC: Crowd Control, a type of effect that controls the target so they're easier to kill and worse at killing. There are eight types of CC: airborne, blind, petrify, root, silence, slow, stun, and taunt.
    Channel: Skills that prevent the user from doing anything while active are channeled. Can be disrupted by movement and some CC.
    Chase: When one or more heroes go after weakened/outnumbered targets because murder and oppression. Chasing for long distances/periods of time is not recommended unless one is suicidal which is generally not the answer.
    Class: A categorization of heroes made to give players a general idea of their playstyle. For example, mages generally deal high burst damage.
    Clone: A pet that looks identical to its user but can't use skills or items.
    Co-op: Players vs bots, an unranked 3v3 or 5v5 match with players on one team and bots on the other. Recommended for beginners.
    Cooldown: CD, the amount of time the user has to wait before an ability can be used again.
    Cooldown Reduction: CDR, a stat that reduces cooldown time of hero skills. Also banners but nobody cares.
    Counter: To nullify or turn an opponent's plan against them.
    Counter-Build: To choose items and skills in a way that best negate the enemy's advantage.
    Counter-Jungle: To weaken the enemy jungler by stealing their neutrals and buffs or simply ganking them, usually with the help of wards and knowledge of common jungle paths.
    Counter-Ward: To negate the enemy's vision advantage by using true sight effects to see and destroy their wards.
    Creeps: AKA soldiers or minions. The small blue and red units that march along lanes to kill each other, prioritizing heroes that attack each other. Yield lots of gold and exp.
    Creep Score: CS, the number of creeps a hero has killed. Killing creeps = gold and exp = more bigger and stronger. Only last hits reward gold and count towards CS.
    Creep Wave: 4-7 creeps that spawn every thirty seconds from the base. Each wave consists of melee and ranged creeps and sometimes a catapult. Creeps become stronger with each creep wave.
    Critical Damage Modifier: A stat that modifies how much an auto attack is increased by when a critical procs. The base modifier is 150%.
    Critical Rate: A stat that decides the chance of an auto attack doing extra damage.
    Custom: Custom PvP, an unranked #v# with up to 3 or 5 players per team. The host has the ability to set special rules and boot players in the lobby. Custom games with an unequal amount of heroes on each side yield no rewards.

    Damage: A type of effect that removes HP from the target. Damage is classified as physical, magical, and/or true.
    Damage Reduction: An effect that reduces damage taken by a flat number and/or percentage.
    Dash: A type of effect that quickly moves the user directly to its target. Some dashes have the ability to pass terrain.
    DC: Disconnect, to be removed from a match because of a bad ISP, crappy servers, power failure, ragequitting, or Chinese hackers (all hackers are Chinese), etc.
    Debuff: A type of effect that weakens the target.
    Decoy: A pet that looks identical to its user but can't actually do anything.
    Defend: AKA Def, to protect an important allied unit.
    Defense: A stat that reduces non-true damage taken. Classified as physical defense and magical defense.
    Diminishing Returns: When a stat yields smaller bonuses as more of that stat is added.
    Direction-Targeting: A targeting pattern that chooses targets in a specific direction, either affecting the first or all targets it hits. Direction-targeted abilities come in cones or lines (often called skillshots).
    Disable: To prevent the target from doing things, not restricted to CC.
    Dragon: A neutral mini-boss in 3v3 BS and 5v5 SR that gives gold, exp, and a hefty damage buff. Respawn every 5 minutes. ty mabs
    DoT: Damage over Time, an effect that inflicts a set amount of damage per second for a set amount of time. Surprise.
    DPS: Damage Per Second AKA sustained damage, the average amount of damage a hero can inflict per second. Surprise again.
    Durability: A hero's ability to reduce damage taken, allowing them to stay alive longer in battle.

    Early Game: AKA the Laning Phase, the phase during which heroes attempt to outfarm the other team while forcing each other out of lane.
    Effect: A characteristic that does something, generally beneficial for the user.
    Effective HP: How much HP a hero 'truly' has based on their HP and defense. A hero with 2000 HP and 50% static damage reduction has 4000 effective HP.
    Emblems: A main menu shop currency used for buying heroes, tablets, etc.
    Event: A daily/weekly/biweekly contest that rewards runes and other mostly useless things to people who score the highest amount of points via quests. Dominated by players who spend countless hours doing quests when getting a job would be exponentially more productive.
    Exchange: A trade of damage with the lane opponent. The one who deals more damage and takes less 'wins' the exchange.

    Face Check: To walk blindly into a bush. Not recommended in hostile territory if one is not tanky.
    Farm: To kill neutrals and creeps for gold/exp. Can also refer to killing feeders.
    Feed/Feeder: To die multiple times, giving the opponent easy exp and gold.
    Fighter: A class of hero that with an affinity for physical attack and similar auto attack modifiers. Fighters exclusively deal physical damage.
    Focus: When a team targets a specific enemy, often the carry with the most damage and least defense.
    Fog: The obscured portion of the map. Fog of War is present wherever allies aren't. Fog can be seen into with some abilities.
    Fountain: Also known as the Healing Well, the place where each team is restored to full HP and MP. Heroes respawn here after dying or using the retreat ability.
    Free Heroes: Six heroes that are free for a week, changing every Thursday at 8:00 GMT-0.
    Freezing: A laning technique, to move the creep battle closer to your tower to make you safe from ganks while not letting your tower hit the creeps. Courtesy of kr4m123.
    Friend/Guild Team: AKA Premade, a group of friends/guildies in what would otherwise be a lobby composed of randoms. Often have good teamwork and synergy. If you can't beat 'em...
    FvF: Friend vs Friend, a match between two teams of friends.

    Gameloft: Our wondrous benefactors who have yet to release a Jombraa skin in over a year since his release. Aloha shirt or riot.
    Gank: To kill an unsuspecting enemy using superior numbers and the element of surprise. And redundancy.
    Gap Closer: An ability that quickly moves a hero to their target.
    GG: Good Game, a term players use to show good sportsmanship after a well-played and evenly-matched game, regardless of who won. Also used sarcastically when it obviously wasn't a good game.
    Glass Cannon: A carry that builds for high damage and minimal defense.
    Gold: Money for buying items. Gold is rewarded for killing things, assisting when killing heroes, and being on a team that destroys towers.
    Ground-Targeting: A targeting pattern that chooses a specific location (often in the shape of a circle) as the target or anchor.
    Guardian: A class of hero with an affinity for defense and CC. Guardians primarily deal physical damage.
    Guild: A group of players that play together and have fun and stuff. Guilds also have access to really useful guild skills.
    GvG: Guild vs Guild, a match between two guild teams. Considered the highest (and probably only) level of competitive HOC.

    Harass: To repeatedly win exchanges against the lane opponent, forcing them to back off and lose gold and exp or die.
    Hard CC: CC that interrupts channeling and/or prevents the player from controlling their hero.
    Harvest: A stat that increases HP recovered as a percentage of physical damage inflicted.
    Heal: To regain HP using a variety of things I'm too lazy to list. Also refers to the profile skills Heal and Heal 2.
    Healing: A type of effect that restores the target's current HP.
    Healing Effect: An unlisted stat that influences how much HP a hero gains when healed.
    Hero: Units controlled by players or bots, working with teammates to kill things to win games.
    HOC: AKA Heroes of Order & Chaos, the game. The one you probably play.
    HP: Health Points, Hit Points, or Health, the amount of damage a unit can take before dying/exploding dramatically. Usually a tank's most important stat.
    HP Regeneration: A stat deciding how much HP a unit restores per second.

    Initiate: To start a fight, generally the tank's job. So if you're a tank. Be a man. Do the right thing.
    Inscriptions: Small stat buffs that are equipped to tablets so heroes can take them into battle and be bigger and stronger. From weakest to strongest, inscriptions are come in bronze, silver, and gold colors with each level more difficult and expensive to acquire than the last.
    Intentional Feeding: When a player gets the idea to ruin the game for everyone by choosing to feed the enemy team then (ideally) gets banned and cries.
    Invade: To enter the enemy jungle and steal their neutral camps or prepare ganks.
    Invisible: An effect that makes the user unseeable to enemies but still vulnerable to some forms of AoE. Invisible targets can be seen by true sight effects.
    Item: Things that can be bought from the shop for gold. Each Item is designed to make its user better at something and often have cool super awesome special effects. Each hero can hold up to six items, most of which can be upgraded to bigger cooler things. Banners don't count because they suck.

    Juke: To dodge an enemy hero/skill using unexpected and sudden movement, most effective in bushes or teleporters.
    Jungle: Neutral area abundant in mobs. This area is dominated by heroes with efficient AoE that need levels more than gold.
    Jungler: A hero that specializes in clearing neutral camps and helping laners get ganks.

    Kill: To get the last hit on an enemy hero. Rewards the most gold and exp.
    Kill Steal: KS, to take a kill that should've gone to a carry.
    Kite: To get free hits on an enemy by having superior range and consistently staying a safe distance away.
    Knockback: A form of airborne CC that launches the target away from the user, preventing movement, attacks, and skills for the duration.
    Knockup: A form of airborne CC that launches the target vertically, preventing movement, attack and skills for the duration.

    Lag: The main reason people die. Lag is a slow response between the player and the server or some technical crap like that. I'm not an astrophysicist. Lag may be influenced by high graphic settings, Gameloft's crappy servers, Armageddon, your ISP, aliens, or how close you are to winning.
    Lane: A trail creeps follow to get killed. There are also towers and stuff.
    Laning: AKA the Laning Phase. In each lane, heroes compete for creep gold while trying to force the opponent out of lane and destroy their tower.
    Last Hit: To land the killing blow, rewarding the most gold and exp. And guilt. Congratulations, you ended a life. How many kids do you think he had?
    Leaver: A worthless POS that abandons his virtual allies for stupid things like real life. Alas, most people leave because they're losing or get disconnected.
    Leech: A stat that increases HP recovered as a percentage of magical damage inflicted. Also refers to douchebags that camp at base for entire games to get emblems and exp without doing anything. Don't do that. It's bad.
    Lobby: The pre-game menu where players choose their hero, profile skills, talent page, and tablets.
    Lobby Hopping: When a player repeatedly leaves and joins lobbies because they're unsatisfied with their teams or want to annoy people.
    Lottery: AKA Lotto, a method that allows people to legally steal from others by getting the victim's consent. Accessible from the main menu.
    Low on Mana: LoM, used to signify when an mana-reliant hero can't use skills and should return to base or grab that cool clover thing in train map that restores manas.

    Mage: A class of hero with an affinity for magical attack and similar skill modifiers. Mages exclusively deal magical damage.
    Magical Attack A stat that increases a magical hero's auto attack and skill damage.
    Magical Damage: Damage that is magical, increased by the magical attack stat for abilities that scale.
    Magical Defense: Armor that reduces magical damage taken.
    Magical Defense Pierce/Reduction: A stat or debuff that ignores or reduces the target's magical defense by a flat number and/or percentage.
    Manaless: Heroes that don't use mana. 12-B, Kagax, and Jombraa are the only manaless heroes. Kagax and Jombraa use HP in place of MP.
    Map: The big area place location where things kill things.
    Map Awareness: The ability to keep track of things happening on the map.
    Map Control: The ability to control important locations and take advantage of movements, generally with wards and similar forms of vision.
    Melee: Heroes that have to be next to their target to auto attack.
    Missing in Action: MIA, used to signify when an enemy has left an ally's vision, warning nearby allies to be wary.
    Middle Game: Mid Game, the phase during which heroes take towers and focus on controlling the map with coordinated team play.
    Minimap: A UI feature that shows the user what's going on throughout the map. Check this frequently.
    Minion: A pet that assists the user, usually by following them around and hitting things. Refer to Creeps for the little blue and red guys.
    Mogul'sh the Slicer A big boss in 3s whatever I'll do it later
    Movement Speed: A hero's rate of movement at meters per second, capped at 5.8 excluding buffs. I think.
    MP: AKA Mana or Mana Points, these are energy units for casting skills. Similar to vigor or stamina or energy in other games.
    MP Regeneration: A stat deciding how much mana a hero restores per second.

    Nerf: To make an ability/hero weaker because it's considered unbalanced.
    Neutrals: Units that live quietly and peacefully until attacked, at which point they desperately fight back in an attempt to save their families. Exp is rewarded only to the side that lands the last hit. Basic neutral camps respawn 1 minute after the last unit was killed.
    Noob: An insult referring to an unskilled or inexperienced player.

    OMW: On My Way, a term signifying that a player's making their way somewhere, likely where their team is.
    On-hit: A type of effect that activates when the user's auto attacks or skills hit the target.
    OP: Overpowered, an item/hero/skill that's too powerful compared to similar things of the same category.
    Overextend: When a player lanes too aggressively and pushes closer to the enemy tower, leaving them ripe for ganking.

    Pet: A type of effect that produces a friendly unit unique to the user. Pets are classified as clones, decoys, minions, traps, and/or wards.
    Petrify: A form of CC that interrupts and prevents movement, attack, and skills while making the target invulnerable to damage for the duration.
    Physical Attack: A stat that increases a physical hero's auto attack and skill damage.
    Physical Damage: Damage that is physical, increased by the physical attack stat for abilities that scale.
    Physical Defense: A stat that reduces physical damage taken.
    Physical Defense Pierce/Reduction: A stat or debuff that ignores or reduces the target's physical defense by a flat number and/or percentage.
    Ping: A signal for communicating locations to teammates, used by selecting the exclamation mark in the mini-map then the location of import. Also refers to a player's connection quality from green (optimal) to red (shit).
    Playstyle: A player's way of playing their hero in their idea of the 'best' way to do so according to each situation.
    Poke: To damage an enemy with long ranged attacks, often before a full-blown fight.
    Positioning: A hero's position in a fight, optimized so they can play their role. For example, tank positioning is at the front while ranged carry positioning is at the back.
    Pro: A term referring to players who get paid to play. Often used to describe one's uber l33t skillz in-game.
    Proc: When a probability effect such as critical rate is activated.
    Pull: A form of airborne CC that pulls the target toward the user, preventing and interrupting movement, attacks, and skills for the duration.
    Push: To kill creeps quickly, 'pushing' the creep battle closer to the enemy tower. Pushing in early game is dangerous as it makes the pusher easier to gank. Pushing in mid-late game is a good way to establish map control.
    PvP: Player vs Player, a ranked 3v3 or 5v5 match.

    Quest: An extra in-game objective that when completed give event points which give rewards.
    Queue: The 'waiting room' the server puts players in while it gathers enough players for map and mode's requirements.

    Rage: When a player gets mad about something in the game.
    Ragequit: When a player leaves a game because of rage or embarrassment or something. Dunno. Can be mistaken for a badly-timed disconnect.
    Rambo: When a sole player gets the brilliant idea that he's a shounen protagonist and decides to valiantly face off against multiple opponents, all of whom are undoubtedly thankful for the free gold and exp.
    Random: A random player in PvP, called randoms because they're randomly thrown into the same room.
    Range: A stat deciding how far an attack/ability can reach. Also refers to heroes that can auto attack from a distance.
    Replay: A feature that allows players to save and watch previous games, accessible from the main menu. Replays are stored by device rather than server and replays from previous game versions can't be played.
    Report: An option for players to 'write up' players who do bad things. Only available in the post-game recap with the offender.
    River: A landmark that cuts diagonally through the entire 5v5 SR map.
    Role: A hero's place and contribution in a team.
    Root: A form of CC that prevents movement and most movement abilities for the duration.
    Runes: Main menu shop currency used to buy skins, heroes, etc. Runes are primarily acquired by throwing money at Gameloft.

    Scaling: When an effect changes with its input, such as a skill's magical damage increasing with magical attack.
    Self-Targeting: A targeting pattern that chooses the user as its target or anchor.
    Shield: An effect that absorbs damage for the target.
    Shop (Main Menu): The store accessible from the main menu that sells things like heroes and skins for emblems and runes.
    Shop (Ubiquitous Nick): The store accessible in-game near each base that sells items for gold and buys items at 50% of the original price.
    Silence: A form of CC that interrupts and prevents the target from using skills for the duration.
    Skill: A player's ability to perform in-game. Also refer to hero skills and player skills.
    Skills (Hero): Sometimes called Abilities, these are super ultra great delicious wonderful bad powers that heroes use to do cool things. Like murder and oppression. Classified as active, passive, and/or toggle.
    Skills (Profile): Abilities that are unlocked based on profile level. Profile skills often give big advantages but have very long cooldowns. Each player chooses their two profile skills in the lobby.
    Skillshot: A hero skill that aims in a direction rather than at a unit or location, requiring precise aiming and timing to hit its target.
    Skin: A vanity costume that heroes can wear to look cool and stuff.
    Slow: A form of CC that reduces movement speed.
    Snare: CC that hinders movement, such as slows and stuns.
    Snowball: A hero's ability to turn a small advantage into a big one, like a snowball rolling down a mountain.
    Soft CC: CC that doesn't interrupt channeling and/or partially prevents the player from controlling their hero.
    Solo: When a hero does things alone. Also refers to an unranked player & bots vs bots game mode.
    Spam: When a player does something repeatedly. Annoying in communication.
    Split Push: When two or more heroes push multiple lanes at once, confusing the enemy in regards of where to go.
    Squishy: A hero with relatively low defense and HP i.e. easy to kill.
    Stack: An effect that increases as more 'stacks' are added, eventually resetting and/or reaching a maximum amount of stacks.
    Stat: A measure of each hero's ability to do certain things. For example, a hero with a high HP stat has the ability to take a lot of hits.
    Stun: A form of CC that interrupts and prevents movement, attacks, and most skills for the duration.
    Support (Class): A class of hero with an affinity for CC and a wide range of abilities (and consequently playstyles). Supports primarily deal magical damage.
    Support (Role): A role that supports the team however possible, generally by making their team stronger and the enemy team weaker. Known for versatility with CC, damage, vision, buffs, and debuffs with similarly diverse weaknesses.
    Surrender: To forfeit a match by selecting surrender in the options menu. Surrendering is only available 8:40 after the game has started (10:00 including the pre-game timer) and requires more affirmative than negative votes, at which point the base self-destructs.
    Sustain: A hero's ability to stay alive in lane and jungle without returning to base.

    Tablet: Passive buffs with extra effects when ascended. Tablets can be changed and equipped from the main menu and equipped in the lobby. Up to three tablets can be equipped at a time without duplicate ascension effects.
    Talent: More passive buffs. Talents are rewarded once per profile level at a max of 40 and can be distributed into four talent trees: guardian, fighter, mage, and support, each of which cost emblems to progress further into. Talents can be changed from the main menu and equipped as talent pages in the lobby.
    Talent Page: A group of preset talents, each page is generally focused toward a certain role. Multiple talent pages are essential to playing multiple roles.
    Tank: A role that focuses on defense to initiate fights and protect teammates. Known for large HP pools and CC abilities but mediocre DPS.
    Target: The unit or location you wanna do something to. Like murder and oppression.
    Targeting: An ability's pattern of selecting targets upon activation. Targeting is classified as auto, direction, ground, self, and/or unit.
    Taunt: A form of CC that forces the target to auto attack the user, interrupting and removing control over their hero for the duration.
    Team: A group of 3-5 players that work together to win games.
    Team Composition: Team Comp is the variety of heroes that fill certain roles to work with each other to counter the opposing team.
    Team Fight: A battle between most or all members of both teams.
    Teleport: A profile skill that teleports the user to a selected visible ally after channeling for a few seconds. Also vaporizes panties.
    Terrain: The lay of the land. The body and curves. Terrain is the various structures that compose the map, from the walls that people jump over to the invisible corner that saves you from a gap closer.
    Top: Top Lane in 5v5 maps. May also refer to certain preclusive articles of clothing.
    Tower: A building that attacks non-allies, prioritizing heroes that attack allies while granting true sight around it.
    Tower Dive: To kill a weakened target protected by their tower.
    Tower Hug: To retreat to and 'hug' the tower so as not to lose out on gold and exp after being forced out of lane.
    Train: A unit exclusive to 5v5 URR that spawns every three minutes as indicated by a timer. Unaffected by CC, this unit travels along its lane until destroyed, otherwise colliding with a tower/base and inflicting damage. Rewards gold and exp when destroyed.
    True Damage: Damage that ignores damage reduction, inflicting a specific amount.
    True Sight: An effect that allows the user and allies to see invisible units.

    Ultimate: A hero's fourth and often most powerful skill.
    Unique: An effect that a user or target can have only one of at a time.
    Unit Collision: A game mechanic that prevents units from traveling through each other unless they use certain abilities.
    Unit-Targeting: A targeting pattern that chooses at least one unit as the target or anchor. Can target allies, enemies, and/or oneself.
    UP: Underpowered, an item/hero/skill that's too weak compared to similar things of the same category.

    Vision: The ability to see things that would normally be obscured by fog.

    Ward: An invisible pet/item that provides vision within a small range around it.

    XP: Experience Points or Exp, the number of points a hero needs to level up. Experience is rewarded only to heroes for killing or being nearby when a non-ally is killed. Leveling up requires 100*(current level+1) exp. Also refers to the amount of exp a profile needs to level up.

    Yak: A long-haired bovid that probably tastes pretty good roasted.

    Zoning: To make the lane opponent fear your area, making them lose gold and exp.


    Couldn't have done it without the following people/sites. So thanks.

    Editor S-san for threatening persuading me to finish this guide and providing some intensive editing.

    Mabarry3 for providing boss respawn times and reminding me I have more work to do.

    kr4m123 for the entry on Freezing which was slightly reworded.

    Kana Hanazawa for being a goddess whose perfect voice sustained me throughout this hellish ordeal.

    ZUN for the best compositions ever, without which I most certainly would've died.

    Isuna Hasekura for writing some great novels that helped me slack get through some bouts of writer's block and pissed-offedness.

    The LoL Wiki Community for an idea of what words to define when applied to HOC.

    Wikipedia for their information on Yaks.

    You for reading this. Please support the struggling author by checking out his Jombraa guide, his only achievement in life.

    So that's it. Somewhere along the way I decided, screw it, this is good enough. Self-deception is an art. If anyone has any suggestions, criticisms, definition submissions, or similarly constructive feedback please don't hesitate to post it. I'd rather have my feelings hurt than have a crappy guide so I ask that you tear me a new one. And feel free to submit any guide hyperlinks because I removed all of them since I didn't feel like doing more work. I might do it later. And if anyone has boss respawn times I'll include you in the credits section with the smallest font size I can find.
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  2. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    I hat off to you...
  3. FallenAngel

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    Jan 29, 2014
    Holy... how long have u been making this...
  4. Chrisp

    Chrisp Member

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    Nov 28, 2013
    Around four months of sporadic updates. Might've taken a month at most but I'd avoid writing for weeks at a time since it wasn't much fun to write. Not to mention I'm not a writer by any means. I'd rather lurk.
  5. Lachie95

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Read through the whole thing, quite good overall. I even learnt a new term or 2.
    Also learnt that you like pointing out how pointless banners are =p

    Aloha shirt or riot!
  6. kr4m123

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    Sep 28, 2013
    Did you talk about freezing?

    Freezing: Making the line were the creeps meet in the same place whilst also making you safe from ganks and also not letting your tower hit the creeps.

    An image describing what I mean:

    Also, banners proc whispering tablet and Erefern's Radiant Light skill lol, they aren't 100% useless.

    I loved that in your Jombraa guide you put funny things to make you laugh and I love how you do it in this too :D
  7. Chrisp

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    Nov 28, 2013
    Thanks, it's up there now with a minor change in wording.

    Heh I thought you were trying to convince me it wasn't useless. Jokes aside, I think banners are pretty useful for communicating but they're rarely used that way if at all. To me, what makes something useless isn't how weak or ineffectual it is. It's when people don't use it all.

    Thanks for the kind words and feedback. Even if it wasn't much fun to write, it was worthwhile if people appreciate it.

    If there are any requests for the layout, speak up and I'll put it in. I'm on the fence about the font and size.
  8. DragonFire92x

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    Great work as always. I think I will be using yak more often in game now.
  9. Krypton

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    Banners are also great for laughing at debs circle
  10. Lachie95

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    You sure? I hear he's weak to flaming =p
  11. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    You should add the term of "Reliable Gold" and "Unreliable Gold":
    -Unreliable Gold: The money you receive from killing creeps, jungle creeps, bosses and destroying towers
    -Reliable Gold: The money you receive from hero kills
  12. Chrisp

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    Nov 28, 2013
    That doesn't quite apply to HOC. The problem is that Dota2's gold system is a big step away from HOC. There's no denying, no buyback (the equivalent is revival runes I guess), and players don't lose gold when they die. All gold is spent the same way in HOC. Thanks for the page though, I'm reminded of a few more terms I forgot to include.
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    Pin this as important thread please!
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    The moment when you think you know all the terminology of this game...
  15. Brothermoose

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    May 6, 2014
    A few more important terms that I'd recommend adding are Buyback, to starve, and flaming.
  16. OP Battle Mage

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    Aug 5, 2015
  17. Darcy the Mossa

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    Thanks for the thread, it is really helpful!

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