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    Hi ,
    We are CrazyTurks and we search new friends. Currently, we are at rank 22 on border map. U don't have to be pro but willing to learn.

    If you are a starting brave man u will learn a lot. We will help u make yr talents pages and tablets en teach the game basics ( laning , farming , ganking , map control , ...). But again u have to be a fast learning, We won't tell 3 times not to attack the tower early.

    If u are a pro player , well maybe u can teach us :) We need good players. We mostly succeed to get into top 10 of guild events so u be rewarded 150 runes each week. There are almost always friends free so we play a lot of games.

    For now, there is one condition to join and that is that u speak Turkish ( But we are debating to drop this condition).
    Highly recommended but not a must is that you join our WhatsApp group.

    We don't need kids , cries , flaming toxic players. Of course, we are not mother therese so now and then there is some fire , but overall all guild members are very respectful to each other. Even better , i can state that there is a lot of friendship and most important of all : WE HAVE A LOTS OF FUN .

    SO send me your in game name and I will send you a request. Hope to see you soon slaughtering the half of haradon.

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