[Lut Hiran] Rage's Paladin Guide and Strategies!

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    There is an update coming Dec 8. I was waiting to see what the changes are that way itll be completely updated. But if you need some basics ill run a build by ya. All depends enemy composition how the games going what role you're playing etc. But here are the basic ideas:
    If running Border Skirmish
    2x Squire's Patience (1,000g)
    Boots (300g)
    Serpentine Pike(770g)

    Now if you've had a few skirmishes with the opponents and haven't came out ahead or coming under heavy harass i'd grab:

    Cloak of Dragons Blood(1100g)

    But if on the other hand things are going well and maybe you have a couple kills and things are pretty easy go ahead and upgrade into:

    Longbow of the Shadows(1330g)
    Then grab the Cloak

    Wings of Paradise (1,600g)

    At this point if you are behind or it has been pretty even go ahead and grab either armor depending on enemy carry.

    Raven Mail(1150g)
    Calming Cloak(1150g)

    Or if you're ahead a bit and just wrecking shiz:
    Fury Blades(600g)
    Upgrade into
    Watcher's Whisper(700g)
    Then grab the armor.

    Nows where everything changes on if its an easy game or a hard game and you can determine needs and wants what order to grab these in:

    Akhan Saber(1400g)
    Serpentine Pike(770g)
    Upgrade into
    Divinity Sword(1330g)
    Amulet of Rejuvination (1380g)
    Upgrade Amulet+Cloak of Dragon into:
    Stirring Soul of the Dragon(1720g)

    Upgrade armor into either
    Hades (1950g) (if you haven't used cloak for SSoD)
    Dull Vine Shield(2500g)
    Upgrade into:
    King Killer(2200g)

    If facing multiple tanks i'd grab:
    Jade Axe(3500g) instead of the King Killer

    A full build would look something like this;
    Longbow of the Shadows
    Watcher's Whisper
    Stirring Soul of the Dragon
    Hades/Dull vine
    Divinity Sword
    King's Killer/Jade Axe
    (Typical fighter build for the most part its more about what to get and when. If the match is going real easy sometimes ill even drop the armor and grab another KK)

    Situational items I sometimes use
    Early game:
    Healing Spice(50g)
    Ripper(1500g) (Against Elf or Aria in mid or a squishy enemy team composition.
    Mid game:
    Chain Boots(1500g) vs heavy stuns
    Bracers (2500g) (against another Paladin, Battle Mage or heavy mana usage toons)
    Farseeing Potion(500g)
    End Game:
    After your items are all built and you have extra cash always grab the buff potions!
    Vital Tonic(350g)
    Empowering Tonic(350g)

    Tablet choices:
    Soul Eater
    Desecration( I always run this one if im mid in 3s or im playing Rift map)
    Blood Freeze(throw that shield up on your death bed get a quick 1500ish hp shield end game. Wouldn't use this tablet if you're new or prone to die a lot since it only procs every 5 minutes)
    The first 2 I almost always use. The third one is what I usually change depending how im playing that day.

    23 Fighter
    5x Sharp
    5x Sharpen
    5x Armor Busting
    3x Find Weakness
    1x Fatal Damage
    3x Siphon
    1x Biting

    17 Guardian
    5x Armor
    5x Strong
    3x Resilent
    1x Last Stand
    3x Fast Healer(with healer support in team que or using heal skill) if not:
    3x Toughness

    Skill Order(I change first 3 level selections a lot depending on situations of the match but heres how I usually run it)
    1 Rush
    2 Crippling Blow
    3 Paladin Formation
    4+5 Crippling Blow
    6,9,12 Unwavering Faith
    7 Crippling Blow
    8+10+11 Paladin Formation
    13,14,15 Rush

    Lil Tips:
    Try and keep beneath and above lane warded at center points.
    Try optimizing your shield(Paladin Formation)
    Depending on enemy composition and items at the time it will change but roughly:
    If engaging with low mp save shield for when you're at 15-30% hp.
    If engaging with full mp shield at 40-60% hp so youll be able to use it again during the same battle.
    Always work as a team and glance at your mini map every 2-3 seconds
    Keep wards on dragon starting around level 5 mogul at level 8(earlier against some heroes horse,evis,tsaad etc. Either way just try and always know your enemies general where abouts.
    Don't push middle lane focus on last hitting and zoning if you are capable by mid game. Even when you are ahead 5-10 kills 2-3 levels, zone em. Don't give any chance of a come back.
    Harass hard(preferrably with support) make them spend time in town. Wait until your front line soldiers are low hp then walk up and drop a crippling blow on em or chase em away from last hits either way. The more you can cost the carry their last hits the better. Don't waste your mana on soldiers.
    Help your bottom support jack the enemies support camp (below tower) when you have time maybe get a gank. So many lil things to think about just writing this off my head.
    A rough draft. Wasnt planning on writing this all yet after finding out about the update so heres a generic start to it for ya. Even though I think items:skills/tablets/talents are all irrelevant compared to skills youll gain as you play so most of what I wanted to write was on strategy anyway so ill work on that.
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    Can u plz make a more in dept guide when you focus on item build, strategy for the whole game not just the first 2 min, tablets and talent, skill build, pro/cons and much more
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    Aug 2, 2015
    Paladin guide - use shield when hp low
    Tips against paladin - ban it
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    Best guide ever

    Thanks, now I have mastered paladin!
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    Wow. Wasn't meant to be posted. Started it wasn't posting until I had all the content then organized
    Yeah I will. Guide wasn't done.. Wasnt even started yet. That was more of the starting strategy.
    But for items depends on enemy compositions. Ill send you shout when I finish the guide. Give me a day or two.
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    Aug 2, 2015
    Why make guide for pala atm , he is fuck broken i mean in border pala can just leave map to recover hp and cds and then comeback with his 40% shield , Leave Map!!!!! Jeesus ... what guides u need for this champ
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    Waiting for your guide inpatiently.
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    lut is op in fun mode with his shield you cant actelly harm him

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