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    All credit goes to robin1213

    My Second Guide , wish this will help you . [ BEGGINER'S GUIDE]

    Hero Introduction
    Many a bard has sung many a song about the legendary adventurer Lut'Hiran. He is as much a gentleman as he is a warrior. Those who have fought by his side claim to have felt abnormally calm in his presence.

    "My blade is at your behest."

    So , I play this hero mainly as a Fighter . His skills can counter both Fighters and Mages , so his price is worth it .

    Pros & Cons

    + Has Long Range Gap Closer
    + Slightly Tanky
    + Strong Ulti that negates Magic Spells
    + Decent Damage
    + Good Synergy between Spells
    + Awesome Look and Manly Voice
    - Melee
    - Spells has High Manacost
    - Not as tanky as other Guardians


    [​IMG] Rush

    Lut'Hiran rushes forward, slamming enemies along the way, dealing damage and hampering their ability to defend themselves.
    DAMAGE : 100/160/220/280 + 15% of Physical Attack
    COST : 100/120/140/160
    RANGE : 8/10/12/14 Meters
    EFFECT : Reduce Physical Defense by 10/15/20/25
    -Your MOST important skill and the 2nd longest Gap closer in game ? This skill has very long range good for Initiating Fights and Reduces Defense making it easy for you, to kill squishy Fighters/Heroes . ALWAYS USE THIS WHEN INITIATING/ESCAPING FOR HUGE ADVANTAGE !

    [​IMG] Crippling Blow
    Lut'Hiran channels all his strength and slams the ground with his axe, damaging all nearby enemies.
    DAMAGE : 90/140/190/240 + 30% of Physical Attack
    COST : 80
    RADIUS : 3 Meters (?)
    EFFECT : Reduce Movement Speed by 30 % for 2 Seconds
    -Good Skill with Low Manacost , slows your target and deals moderate Damage , Nothing much to say , Just make sure you use this skill after Rush if youre chasing someone .

    [​IMG] Paladin Formation
    Lut'Hiran calls upon his faith and focuses on protecting his allies.
    PASSIVE EFFECT : Increase you and nearby Physical Defense by 5/10/15/20
    ACTIVE EFFECT : Shield you and your nearby allies that absorbs 100/150/200/250 + (?) Damage
    COST : 150/160/170/180
    -This skill will shield you and your allies , gives SLIGHT Survivability, good before initiating a fight. I'm not getting this skill as long as i'm not Tank or Support and it has High Manacost.

    [​IMG] Unwavering Faith
    Lut'Hiran summons his faith to cleanse himself of all impurities.
    EFFECT : Grants Immunity to Skills .
    DURATION : 3/5/7 Seconds
    COST : 80/40/0
    - Another GREAT skill , I'm not getting this skill also if there are no Hard Disablers or they are not focusing me , i prefer maxing Rush & Crippling Blow before getting this . BUT ALWAYS LEVEL THIS IF THERE ARE STRONG DISABLERS LIKE ANUIR, ARCHY, MARCHRY, etc.



    Items :
    Starting -

    [​IMG] 2x Squire's Patience - Give Decent Physical Attack and 200 HP.
    Cost : 1,000 Gold
    Note : You can exchange 1 Squire's Patience for Bear Claw but i'm not recommending it , since it only provides 3 more Physical Attack but doesn't provide any survivability.

    Early Game -

    [​IMG][​IMG]Claymore + Wings of Paradise - Great Damage and Attack Speed .
    Cost : 3,900 Gold
    Note : Good if you farmwell, but will delay " Arkhan Cutlass " . Buy Claymore first then Wings .


    [​IMG][​IMG] (2x)Facebreaker + Wings - Good Item Combination but not as good as the ClayWings but help you build Arkhan Culass Fast , which is also Good .
    Cost : 2,700(3,800) Gold
    Note : Facebreaker then Wings then Facebreaker again (Optional).

    Mid Game -

    [​IMG] Arkhan Cutlass - Gives 50 +Physical Attack , 40% Attack Speed , 15% Critical Rate and a Passive that grants 30 extra Physical Attack when HP is below 30 % , this Item is so cheap for what it gives. ALWAYS FIRST ITEM !
    Cost : 3,700 Gold

    [​IMG] Jade Axe - This item is GREAT for Paladin because it reduces Target's Defense and stacks with his Rush
    Cost : 3,200 Gold(?)
    Note : Don't buy this when your teammates has this Item. Just get Arkhan Cutlass Again for 2nd Item


    [​IMG] Blessed Bracers - Give Huge Boost to Physical Attack and provides HP, not just that it also burns Target's Mana , NIGHTMARE TO FIGHTERS/MAGES who heavily relies on their Spells .
    Cost : 4,500 Gold(?)
    Note : Get this if you get Claymore as your Early Game Item , if not i'll put this to Late Game Builds.

    For 3rd Item I Reccomend Armor check it Below :
    Note : I'll just build Armor for Survivability boost, but Paladin have enough Defense so you can sacrifice armor for any Offensive Items if you're Confident.

    End Game -

    [​IMG] Blessed Bracers - Check Above.

    [​IMG] Divinity Sword - Slight Damage , Attack Speed, HP Harvest , and the MOST IMPORTANT "Stun Chances".
    Cost : 3,250 Gold

    [​IMG] Longbow of Shadows - Give moderate amount of Damage , Attack Speed and Critical Rate. Also, provides slight advantage agaisnt hero who stacks Armor .
    Cost : 3,400 Gold
    Note : Combine this with Jade Axe and you Deal Pure Damage to Squishy Heroes.

    Armors/Defensive Items -

    [​IMG][​IMG] Hades Armor/Spider Queen's Embrace - Both provides HP and Protection against Auto-Attackers .
    Cost : (?)
    Note : Get Hades Armor for more HP, Physical Defense and an Offensive Passive that Reflects Damage , and Spider Queen's for more Defensive Style because of Passive that Slows Attack Speed .

    [​IMG] Valkyrian Robes - An Item that give Moderate HP, Solve your Mana Problems , Huge Boost to Magical Defense and an Active that Absorbs 300 Magical Damage to you and nearby allies .
    Note : Good Item , but you can negate Spells with your Ulti so i rather invest better items than this. But it depends on you cos' your ulti is not available everytime .

    [​IMG] Aurora's Cuirass -Another GREAT item , provides 60 Magical & Physical Defense for a cheap price .
    Cost : 2,700 Gold (?)

    Boots -
    Note : Boots are not really needed because you have an amazing Gap Closer and Slow, but if you still fail with that and end up with a long chase, you need Boots .

    [​IMG] Boots Of Tempest - Massive Movespeed , You can Chase easy with this Combine with the slow .
    Cost : 1,500 Gold
    [​IMG] Savage Boots - Slight MS , Attack Speed and Harvest HP.
    Cost : 1,500 Gold
    [​IMG] Chain Boots - 30% snare effect reduction .
    Cost: 1,500 Gold

    Skill Build

    Your'e Confident Skill Build :
    Rush》》Crippling Blow》》Rush》》Crippling Blow》》Rush》》Crippling Blow》》Rush》》Crippling Blow》》etc,
    Note : You Max Rush and Crippling Blow First , then get Unwavering Fate Level 8,9,12 then, Max Paladin Formation Last. Only do this when you know you will not get Ganked/You think enemies are noobs.

    Main Skill Build :
    Crippling Blow》》Paladin Formation》》Rush》》Rush》》Rush》》Unwavering Faith》》Rush , etc.
    Note : Max Rush First, then Paladin Formation , get your Ulti whenever Available, Max Crippling Blow Last.

    Talent Build

    Fighter Talents : 22/23 Talent Points

    Sharp / Sharpen : Both 5/5 (Gives Damage and Damage/Level)
    Proficient : 5/5 (Gives Attack speed/Level)
    Armor Busting : 4/5 or 5/5 (10 Defense Pierce) - Complements well with "Rush skill
    Find Weakness : 3/3 (Critical Rate /Level)
    The talent that grants 10% more crit damage : 1/1
    Siphon : 3/3
    Biting : 1/1

    Support Talents : 14

    Quicken : 5/5
    The Mana Regen thingy : 2/5
    Greed : 3/3
    Teamwork Pays : 1/1
    Surprise : 3/3

    Feel free to distribute the 3/4 Talent Points.


    Desire - 50 bonus Physical Attack . GOOD Tablet !
    Whispering - Increase your Physical Attack and Manacost reduction by 3% per stack . Another GOOD tablet !
    Protective / Purity - Survivality when your HP is low.
    *Ruthless - Inctprease Crit Rate & Damage when target's HP is low .
    *Immortality - Boost Healing Effects wheh HP is Low .
    *Haste - Increae Attack Speed when you slay an Enemy with a skill.

    Physical Attack , Physical Pierce , *Harvest HP , Crit Dmage , Crit Rate & HP any of this would do .

    Note : * = Optional


    Early Game :
    You need to go in Safe Lane wih your Babysitter , get many Last Hits and let your support harass your enemies . And , once the enemies HP IS BELOW 50% kill it ! Tell your support you'll get the kill . Now you must buy your Damage + Attack Speed Items (ClayWings or Facebreaker & Wings) wih your Gold.
    Summary :
    1. LAST HITS is Important , Get a lot of it.
    2. Get at least 1 Kill.
    3. Enjoy the Game and have a good start .
    4. Don't let enemy team , gank you.
    Mid Game :
    At, this point you start to kill Many Heroes and Destroying Towers . Get your 1st Final Item and get some allies to help you kill enemies(You can do it with yourself, but beware of counter-gank .
    Summary :
    1.Scout Heroes
    2. Get your Core Items as Fast as Possible.
    End Game :
    Your Shining at this Minute , Killing very Fast and Destroying A Lot of Towers.
    1. Win The Game .

    Well, that's it for now

    I will Add this if i have a Time
    1. Screenshots
    2. Tank Build
    3. Support-Initiator Build
    4. Alternatives
    5. FRIENDS amd foes
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