One Shot!

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    The following fanfic contains sexuality and mature content that are not suitable for some audiences. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to people on this forum is purely coincidental.

    Chapter 1 The Coming of a New Hero

    It also contains gay matters. You have been warned!

    The new reporter on the television set sitting above the shelf was covering the latest story “Earlier today we were saved again by our town’s favourite hero, Jackeho! Here is some footage captured by a witness of the climactic battle.” The news on the television shifts over to a videotaping of the fight.

    Two individuals were standing about 100 metres apart from each other staring back at each other.

    “You just don’t know when to give up, do you Jackeho?” says the villain.

    “When there’s evil afoot, Firenig, I will do whatever it takes to stop it!” declares Jackeho. He goes on the offense by running towards Firenig. Jackeho says “Let’s see how you handle this”. He grabs his erect penis and yells out “Jack and Slash!” Now within range of Firenig, Jackeho swings his dick at him.

    Firenig also grabs his penis and uses it to block and defend from Jackeho’s attacks. The two dicks continue clashing like some epic swordfight with neither of them faltering. Until finally, one clash of dicks, sends both of them back a few metres away from each other.

    Jackeho was trying to catch his breath when Firenig begins to laugh out loud. Jackeho asks “What’s so funny?”

    Firenig responds “I’m just enjoying this fight. It’s got my dick burning up. It’s time I start fighting seriously.”

    Jackeho astonished “What!?”

    Firenig grabs his penis with both hands and shouts out “Bang-Kai!” His dick becomes larger and becomes engulfed in fire. Firenig explains “This is the upgraded form of my penis, Chlyamydick. I’m all fired up!” He commences his attack by charging at Jackeho.

    Jackeho mutters “I better fight fire with fire.” He closes his eyes.

    Firenig laughs “Already given up?”

    Suddenly, Jackho says “Burning Horny Cutter”. Jackeho approaches Firenig at a high speed catching Firenig off guard. Jackeho appears behind Firenig, holding his dick while crouched forward. There was a brief moment of silence until blood begins to spurt out from Firenig’s dick before he collapses forward on to the ground.

    The news cuts back to the reporter, “And there you have folks, another victory for our hero, Jackeho!”

    “Uhh... excuse me?” says someone.

    The cashier who was watching the news turns around to find a short stubby man on the other side of the counter with a basket of goods. The convenience store cashier apologizes “Sorry about that sir.” He swipes the goods across the scanner “Alright, two boxes of tissue, one bottle of lotion, and a Playboy magazine.” He looks at the magazine and comments on the woman on the cover “Who would have thought that this woman that plays the main character in the Hunger Games would do this?”

    The man responds with confidence “She was never clean.”

    The cashier chuckles as he places the items into a bag, “Alright that will be $32.69.”

    The man gives him exact change. He quickly grabs the bag and leaves the convenience store. He walks over to the bus stop and waits. It was late outside with no one around. He takes a peek into the magazine and mumbles to himself. “Oh I can’t wait to feast my eyes on those beauties.” He was getting horny that the bulge in his pants expanded.

    The man was growing tired of waiting for the bus. Something catches his eye. From across the street, in one of the rooms of an apartment building, a light turned on. A woman dressed in business attire was getting undressed. The man’s jaw dropped as the woman began to remove her top exposing her bra. He looked around to see if there was anyone around before quickly unzipping his pants. He began to stroke his cock vigorously at the sight.

    Out of the blue, from the intersecting street, someone is sent through the air, crashing into one of the parked cars setting off the alarm. From the corner, Jackeho walks out. “You’re no match for me, Riverhoe!”

    Riverhoe stumbles before getting back on his feet. “You haven’t even seen my signature attack. It will be the end of you and the beginning of me running to city” he proclaims.

    They run towards each other for their attacks. Riverhoe twists his body a slight bit like some sort of wind up. He then bends backwards and thrusts his penis while yelling “Falcum Punch!” His whole body begins to take the form a falcon on fire heading straight for Jackeho.

    Jackeho holds on to his cock tightly as he blocks the attack but is sent flying back right past the man waiting for the bus. Jackeho slowly gets back up, coughing out some blood in the process. He notices the man who was clearly unaware of his surroundings and was continuing to masturbate, getting close to releasing.

    The woman in the apartment was now down to her bra and panty when she decides to look out the window to see what all the noise was about. She notices the young man with his dick out fapping hard. She is immediately disgusted and shuts her curtains. It didn’t matter to the man since his eyes began to roll back.

    Meanwhile, Jackeho yells out to the man, “Hey, get out of the way! Riverhoe had finished winding up and commenced unleashing another Falcum Punch at the bystander. The young man slowly turns towards Riverhoe right before firing a massive shot of cum at him at an incredible speed. Riverhoe is hit by the cum and is sent flying into the wall of the nearest building, defeated.

    Jackeho who had just witnessed the whole thing was amazed. He was thinking in his head “That man just defeated Riverhoe with one shot...” Jackeho slowly walks over to the bystander who was putting his cock back into his pants and zipping it up.

    Jackeho asks “Hey you, what is your name?”

    The stubby man turns around. The expression on his face seemed like the man failed to realize that he just took out a villain. “My name?”

    Jackeho responds “Yes, you!”

    The young man responds “Zupernutz...”
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    Chapter 2 – Big Things Come in Small Packages

    The Next Day

    It was the afternoon, and Zupernutz was getting ready for a jack off session. “Okay... tissues? Check. Lotion? Check. Playboy magazine? Check.” He dropped his pants and began rubbing his schlong. “Oh yes... Awww yeah...”

    At that moment, the doorbell rang. Zupernutz decided to ignore it and continue wanking his penis. The doorbell began to be ringed rigorously. Then there was violent knocking. Zupernutz sighed “He pulled up his pants and went to open the door.

    Zupernutz opened the door to the individual he met yesterday, Jackeho. “Hey Zupernutz! It was great meeting you. Can I come in?”

    Zupernutz immediately responded, “No I’m busy with...” but before he could finish his sentence, Jackeho had already let himself in.

    Jackeho was looking around the apartment. He was fascinated by all the posters of sexy girls all over the walls. “Wow, this is a nice place you got here!”

    Zupernutz was really confused and asked “What do you want?” Jackeho got his knees in front of Zupernutz. His face was right at Zupernutz’s still erect dick. Zupernutz was tense “What the heck are you doing?”

    Jackeho cleared his throat, licked his lips, and took a deep breath. He then said “I wish to be your disciple!”

    Zupernutz was puzzled “Huh?”

    Jackeho responded, “The way you took out Riverhoe yesterday with one cumshot was amazing! I actually have a story to share with you.”

    Zupernutz commented “I’m not interest...” but before he could finish his sentence, Jackeho had already started his story.

    “You probably noticed yesterday, but I was born with a chide dick. Being so long as great but it was also quite fragile. It was not until I met my old master. He was a hero to a town not far from here. He was capable of magnificent penis attacks. He trained my cock to become stronger and taught me how to physically fight with it.” Jackeho, began to tear up. Meanwhile Zupernutz was not listening and instead flipping through the pages of his Playboy magazine trying to figure out which page to jack off too.

    Jackeho continued his story “He was going to teach me his signature cumshot, but unfortunately, he began shooting blanks. It wasn’t long before he passed away. So I decided to carry on his legacy by protecting this town with all the things he taught me. However, the enemies recently have become quite difficult to fight with just my physical dick techniques. And that’s why I need you!” He looks over to Zupernutz who had his hand down his pants masturbating to a girl in the playboy magazine.

    Jackeho was getting excited “Oh my god! Is this how you train your dick to cum like yesterday? I must observe!”

    Zupernutz looked at Jackeho with a wtf look. “I don’t want you watching me jack off.”

    Jackeho snapped his fingers “You’re right! I think it would be better if we had more of a hands-on approach. How about I jerk you off and you can tell me how I can improve... or would it be better if you jerk me off so I know what it’s like... or how about we jerk each other off!”

    Zupernutz had a disgusted look on his face. Suddenly Jackeho had a strange tingle in his penis. “I sense the city is in danger. Let’s go!”

    Zupernutz immediately commented “Hell no! I still haven’t...” but before he could finish his sentence, Jackeho had already left. “Uhh... okay then. Hmm... shooting blanks... carrying on legacy...

    After an intense 30 second jack off session, Zupernutz went for a walk to the bank. He goes up to the teller and says “I would like to make a deposit.”

    At that moment, someone crashes through the window of the bank, flying into the wall inside. Two other fellows jump in wearing no pants. People inside the bank begin to panic including the teller who screams and runs out of the bank.

    Zupernutz stuttered “But... my... deposit.” He takes a look at the guy who had flown in and recognizes the chide penis. “Oh it’s that guy again.” Zupernutz takes a look around then says, “I guess I will just make the deposit on my own” as he goes further into the bank.

    Jackeho gets back onto his feet and dusts of his penis. “Damn, you two are tough. What are your names?”

    The other two guys look at each other. The first guy says “It looks like we need to introduce ourselves.” The second guy “Yes! I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

    First guy: Prepare for trouble
    Second guy: Two cocks, make it double
    First guy: To destroy the world through masturbation!
    Second guy: To fuck all people within our relation!
    First guy: To denounce the evils of rubber and love!
    Second guy: To extend our dicks to the stars above!
    First guy: Mmg669!
    Second guy: XXXarams!
    Mmg669: Chode brothers, jerking off at the speed of light!
    XXXarams: Surrender now, or you shall see white!

    Jackeho just stared at the two in a brief moment of silence. “Wow! That was great! I can’t wait to create something like that with Zupernutz.” His facial expression quickly shifts to a more serious one. “Bring it on.” He runs towards them at a swift speed, tightly gripping his dick.

    However, Mmg669 was quickly stroking his chode with his two fingers, “Take this! String shot!” A thin stream of cum squirts towards Jackeho’s legs. Jackeho suddenly finds his movement restricted.

    Without any other options, he begins rubbing his dick and yells out “Boom bubble!” A bubble of cum forms from the tip of his dick, but falls to the ground directly in front of him. “Dammit!”

    Before he realized, Mmg669 was right in front of him. He says “Doubleslap!” Mmg669 holds his penis and slaps Jackeho across the face twice.

    From behind Mmg669, XXXarmas jumps towards them and shouts out “Harden!” His penis becomes incredibly stiff. He follows up with “Iron wang!” He spins his body in the air then with his hardened little penis, whips Jackeho in the face sending him into the teller counter.

    Jackeho gets back up and announces “Looks like I got to... Dickivolve!” His penis changed into data particles, bursting and reforming into something much bigger. “Let’s see how you two do against my champion penis!”

    Jackeho’s confidence quickly broke after taking a gander at XXXarams and Mmg669. They each had two fingers on each other’s dicks, jerking each other off. They simultaneously say “Hyper cum!”

    Meanwhile, Zupernutz was in a room jacking off into a bottle he was holding. He was reaching his climax when Jackeho comes flying into the room while drenched in cum, knocking the jar off Zupernutz’s hand. Jackeho could barely move. He saw Zupernutz and reached out “Zuper...nutz”

    Zupernutz didn’t even realize the bottle was knocked away as he was in the moment before releasing. His eyes began to roll back as he let out an “Aww”. XXXarams and Mmg669 barge into the room, ready to finish off Jackeho. By coincidence, they ended up in the trajectory of Zupernutz’s massive cumshot.

    A sudden burst of cum blew out of Zupernutz’s dick right into XXXarams and Mmg669. It was so powerful that it sent the two of them flying far away into the sky. The two of them shouted “Looks like we’re blasting off!”

    Shortly after, Zupernutz and Jackeho were stepping out of the bank, tired. Jackeho questioned Zupernutz “By the way, what were you doing at a sperm bank?”

    Zupernutz hesitated “Uhh...” but before he could answer, a crowd of reporters barged in around Jackeho.

    One of the reporters asked “Looks like you saved the day again. How did you defeat the chode brothers?”

    Jackeho responded “Wait no, it wasn’t me. It was...” He tries to introduce Zupernutz but he had already headed home.
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    Chapter 3 The Bigger, The Better

    Zupernutz found himself on the floor with his penis in restraints. Suddenly his butt is whipped. A voice is heard from behind, “Get over here slave, we’re not done yet!” Zupernutz turns around and faces the woman wearing a latex outfit and thigh high boots. She says “Come lick my boot”.

    Zupernutz immediately responds “Yes, mistress” and crawls over to her as soon as possible. He begins licking her boot. It’s been almost an hour of various torture for Zupernutz by this woman. After a minute of boot licking the woman says “That’s enough! Lie on your back.”

    Zupernutz responds, “Yes, mistress” and lies down on the ground.

    The woman removes the restraints on his schlong and says “You’ve done well slave. I shall reward you” She wraps her hand around his penis and begins stroking up and down relentlessly.

    Zupernutz was enjoying the moment “Oh my god, mistress!” It was only a few seconds before his dick shot out a massive cumshot towards the ceiling.

    The woman got up and said, “Looks like we are done here, that will be $690.”

    Suddenly Zupernutz woke up. Zupernuz narrates “It was two years ago since I was jerked off by that sadistic woman. I’ve jacked off multiple times each day, but nothing compares to the pleasure when she did it that time. The real torture has been not being able to find you again, Miylynn.”

    It was the middle of the afternoon. Zupernutz said to himself, “Time to jack off!” He was already naked so he immediately grabbed the playboy magazine and tried to flip through the pages but they were all stuck together. “Dammit!” All of a sudden the doorbell rang. “Aww man!”

    Zupernutz grabs a pair of pants and shirt and puts it on. He runs for the front door and opens it. “Zupernutz! How’s it going buddy!” said the familiar man. It was Jackeho who walked in without giving Zupernutz a chance to respond.

    Zupernutz asked “What are you doing here?”

    Jackeho responds “What do you think? You are going to start training me to cum like you do.”

    Zupernutz angrily says “I never agreed to...” but before he could finish his sentence Jackeho had already dropped his pants and was rubbing his penis.

    Jackeho was looking for suggestions “So do you just continually stroke up and down, or do some twisting in between, or what? Oooo a playboy magazine!”

    Zupernutz swipes the playboy magazine away and was furious “Don’t you dare touch my collection! I’ve came to every month’s playbot magazine for the past five years. I won’t have it tainted by yours.”

    Unexpectedly, a tremor is felt within Zupernutz’s home. “What was that?” questioned Zupernutz.

    Zupernutz responds “I don’t know.” Another tremor is felt. The two of them go outside to check it out. In the distance was a giant who looked like he was terrorizing the city.

    Jackeho orders Zupernutz “We gotta go save the city!”

    Zupernutz comments “I’m not interested, I rather jack...” but before he could finish his sentence, Jackeho grabs him by the dick runs towards the giant dragging Zupernutz along.

    After a few minutes, the two of them manage to get close to the giant who was nude and standing around a corner behind a building. The giant turns his body, swinging a gigantic dick through the building, destroying part of it and causing it to crumble down.

    “Oh my god! It’s Adick on titan!” remarked Jackeho.

    “Well if it isn’t the city’s almighty hero Jackeho and... some random guy” said a voice from the giant’s shoulder. On the shoulder of the titan was a normal looking fellow. “You’re no match for me, Average Pecker, and mymonstrous partner, Cock Lord!”

    Jackeho pointed to Zupernutz “This guy here is Zupernutz, my master and will defeat you with ease!”

    Zupernutz commented “I’m not interested in this nonsense” and begins walks away.

    “You dare underestimate us! Cock Lord, show them what you got!” said Average Pecker.

    In a very high pitched voice, Cock Lord grabs his massive penis and said slowly, “Cumo Cumo no Bazooka!” A huge amount of cum spews out of his penis like a massive tidal wave flowing onto the streets.

    Jackeho leaps up on top of a small building away from danger. “Alright Zupernutz, what’s the plan?” He looks towards the street and sees Zupernutz being swept away by the flow of cum. “Alright then... it looks like it’s just me.”

    “Bahahahaha! Is that guy really your master? If so, this fight will be over soon enough” said Average Pecker.

    Jackeho initiates. He jumps towards Cock Lord’s penis and shouts out “Wang Scar!” He slams his penis against the surface of the giant’s tip releasing a powerful wave of energy.

    Cock Lord with a high pitched voice giggles “Oh that tickles.”

    Jackeho ignored Cock Lord and began running on the titan’s penis before leaping up onto the shoulder of the titan. Average Pecker swings his cock at Jackeho but Jackeho shouts out “Bonerlash Wave!”

    Average pecker screams in pain “Aggghhhhh! He bent my penis!” while Jackeho falls back towards one of the roofs of the lower buildings.

    However, Cock Lord was saying “Cumo Cumo no Whip!” as he swings his massive dick at Jackeho hard sending him flying away in the same direction of the cum flow.

    “Cock Lord, go find that bastard and make sure he is dead! And if he isn’t, we shall make him suffer!”

    Cock Lord takes a few steps towards the direction of where Jackeho was knocked towards until they hear a loud scream “Ewwwwwww! What’s with all this cum?” On the streets was a young lady who had just stepped on the remnants of the cum from Cock Lord’s bazooka.

    Cock Lord says out loud “Oh, pretty girl!” He grabs her with his hand.

    She screams “Ahhh! Put me down!” Cock Lord tried to be gentle and loosens his grip. She looks down at all the cum on the ground. “Actually nevermind.”

    Average Pecker says “Don’t waste your time with a pathetic woman.”

    Cock Lord says slowly “But I like her” as he places her on his other shoulder.

    The woman was furious and grabs a whip that was attached to her belt. “Excuse me who are you calling pathetic, mister average crooked penis.” She swings her whip at Average Pecker, which manages to wrap around his crooked penis. She then pulls on the whip and throws him off Cock Lord in front of him.

    Cock Lord was focused on finding Jackeho and steps on Average Pecker, killing him. “Uh oh!” he says.

    The woman comments “That’s what happens when you mess with Sadickmancer.” She whispers into the giant’s ear “Forget about him, you will now follow my orders as she cracks her long whip against Cock Lord’s penis.”

    Cock Lord obeys “Okay but I need to kill the other guy.”

    Sadickmancer was getting excited being able to command such a massive penis and was interested in what it was capable of. She orders “Very well, find him and kill him with your schlong.”

    Meanwhile, Jackeho was struggling to get up. He notices Zupernutz was beside him, sitting against the wall, drenched in cum. “Hey, Zupernutz...”

    Zupernutz comments “I haven’t been covered in this much cum since the day I bought my first playboy magazine.”

    “Zupernutz, help me defeat that Titan” requested Jackeho as Cock Lord was walking closer and closer. Jackeho notices that Average Pecker was no longer on Cock Lord’s shoulder and instead there was a woman. “Who’s that?”

    Zupernutz tries to get a look and goes wide eyed “Miylynn...” Zupernutz stands up and walks towards the giant. He shouts out “Miylynn, is that you? I wish to be jerked off by you again!”

    Sadickmancer responds “I am no longer Miylynn. I am Sadickmancer, ruler of this massive dick wielder! Compared to this titan, your penis is not worthy of being jerked off by me. Now, destroy him my slave!”

    Cock Lord obeys and slowly says “Cumo Cumo no...”

    Zupernutz shouts out “I’ll show you how worthy my dick is!” He begins to rubs his penis intensely at light speed. His eyes roll back as he says “Serious Cumshot!” Before Cock Lord is able to attack, Zupernutz lets out a colossal cumshot right into Cock Lord’s face.

    Cock Lord cries out “So much cum...” as he falls back, crashing into the ground with Sadickmancer dropping to the ground as well, and unconscious.

    Jackeho places his hand on Zupernutz’s shoulder. “I knew you could do it buddy!”

    Zupernutz goes over to Sadickmancer to see if she is okay. A slew of reporters intervenes and crowd around Jackeho. One of the reporters announces “It looks like our hero, Jackeho, has once again saved the day.”

    Jackeho replies “Actually the titandick sank at the hands of my buddy...”

    Suddenly, a shadow is cast above the Jackeho and the reporters. They look up to see something colossal flying in the sky. The reporter says “Is that a bird? A plane?”

    Zupernutz looks up and says “It looks like a gigantic penis.”

    Standing on the gargantuan floating penis was someone “Looks like I found a cock worthy of fighting against.”

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    Final Chapter – D Day

    Jackeho states “There’s someone standing on that giant dick penis.” Zupernutz and the reporters try to spot the mysterious person.

    The man on top of it stared down at them. “Let’s test out your strength.” His penis curves upward. With two fingers and his cock, he forms some sort of cross. “Shadick clone jutsu!” Numerous clones appear on the giant floating dick.

    The reporters yell and scream “Oh my god!” before they begin to make a run for it.

    Zupernutz was shocked at the number of clones riding that penis. “It looks like there are over 9000 of them!”

    Jackeho was stunned “Over 9000! Are we even capable of taking on all of them?”

    From behind, a voice is heard. “It looks like you are in trouble.”

    Another voice says “But we are not here to make it double.” Jackeho turns around and sees XXXarams and Mmg669.”

    Jackeho was confused “You guys...”

    “Don’t worry we are not your enemies this time” says another voice. This time it was Riverhoe.

    “We’ll definitely get our revenge on you but there may not be a city to takeover with that thing up there around” says Firenig.

    Jackeho smiles “Very well. Today, we shall fight together.” At that moment, the clones began jumping down from the floating cock, wanking their dicks. Jackeho commanded his team “Let’s do it!” The five of them charge leaving Zupernutz behind.

    Riverhoe commences the assault by yelling out “Falcon Dick!” His dick becomes engulfed in flames as he hits the enemies in the lower sections of their body.

    XXXarams points his dick forward and yells “Horny Drill!” He rams his penis into multiple enemies sending them flying.

    Mmg669 follows up with “Boner Rush”, hitting enemies on the head with his penis.

    Meanwhile, Jackeho asks Firenig “By the way, is your Chlyamydick alright? My attack must have done a number on it.”

    Firenig gives a glare at Jackeho. “No, my dick has been reborn. It is now Senbonersakura! Scatter!” As he says that, his dick separates into thousands of slender blades in the form of tiny dicks. With his hands he controls them to attack the enemies.

    Jackeho was a little concerned that he would have to fight that in the future. He regained his focused on the enemy. Jackeho says “Spinning Bird Dick” as he jumps up, with his feet first into the air and twirls upside-down forcing his dick to act like helicopter blades. His penis smacks multiple enemies surrounding him.

    Zupernutz watches from the distance. He looks down at Miylynn “Hey Miylynn... get up...” He looks back at the situation and says to himself “I need to protect Miylynn. There’s no way, they can take all those clones on by themselves.” He stands up on his feet and begins jacking off with both hands at a more intense rate than before.

    The others were continuing to fight when they all hear “Guys, get out of the way!” They all look back to see Zupernutz in the moment of releasing his cumshot. They all back away right in time. Zupernutz bends back a little and sprays out a widespread cumshot towards the enemies. One by one, they are hit by the gigantic amount of cum causing them to disappear.

    With none left in sight, Jackeho began to celebrate “You did again, Zupernutz!”

    “Very impressive” says someone. There was someone standing on the ground without a single drop of cum on him.

    Jackeho and the others stare at him. Jackeho is first to question the mysterious stranger. “Who are you?”

    The stranger responds “My name is Chycocks. I have been through many galaxies in search of people worthy of fighting me dick on dick” he says as he points towards Zupernutz.

    Zupernutz was breathing heavily. He falls to the ground on his back saying “I’m tired.”

    Chycocks was speechless. Jackeho and the others get in between his Chycock’s view of Zupernutz. Firenig says “Do you really think you can fight that guy without defeating us?”

    XXXarams and Mmg669 simultaneously agree “Don’t underestimate us.”

    Riverhoe gloats “It won’t be long before you are on your knees begging to be spared.”

    The four of them all attack Chycocks at once. “Falcum Punch!” “Sluterscape!” “Hydick Pump!”

    Chycocks smirks “Kaio-cock!” A red aura surrounds Chycocks’ dick. With incredible speed he not only blocks each of the attacks but counterattacks as well. The four of them are knocked away into the surrounding buildings.

    Chycocks laughs when suddenly he hears “Hadicken!” From behind Jackeho was jacking his dick off. He fires a ball of cum at Chycocks.

    Chycocks is hit by the ball of cum and is sent backwards a few metres but he was still on his feet. He looked down at his body, now covered in drops of cum. He was aggravated! He grabs his right hand and starts rubbing his penis vigorously “How dare you! Galick Cum!” he screams as he fires a cumshot wave at Jackeho but Jackeho was in the midst of following up his previous attack that he was only a few metres away from Chycocks.

    Jackeho was wielding his cock when he yells “Destructo dick!” His dick became sharp as ever as it cuts through the Galick Cum. Chycocks realizes the destructive force of Jackeho’s attack and tries to dodge but Jackeho slices through the tip of Chycock’s wang.

    Chycocks looks down at his decapitated penis. He was shaking. Jackeho proudly said “It’s over.”

    Chycocks roars “Agggggghhhhhhhhhhh!” Suddenly his penis begins to regenerate until it was back to normal. Jackeho was speechless; unable to comprehend what just happened. Chycocks was angry now. “I’m done messing around, it’s time I reveal my final form!” He lets out a bellow just as his penis becomes to grow larger and larger becoming like a third leg to Chycocks.

    Chycocks disappears for an instant and reappears right in front of Jackeho. With his humungous penis, he uppercuts Jackeho into the sky. Chycocks moved at light speed that he manages to hit Jackeho multiple times with his penis as he is sent upwards. Finally Chycocks appears right above Jackeho. His humungous penis was curved upward. “Fall!” says Chycocks. His penis swiftly switches from curved upward to curve downward hitting Jackeho with an incredible force.

    Jackeho crashes to the ground creating a crater in the process. Jackeho slowly gets back up but his body was trembling. Chycocks was standing at the tip of the floating penis. His cock was pointed up once again. Chycocks laughs “Now, it’s over.”

    Jackeho looks up and realizes that Chycocks had accumulated the surrounding cum into a colossal ball. Chycocks’ dick directs the ball downwards towards Jackeho as he yells “Spirit Balls!”

    The ball was slowly descending. Jackeho closes his eyes and remembers all the times that Zupernutz had saved the day with his cumshot. “Master, I’ve watched you unload like no other, many times. It’s now my turn. He strokes his dick up and down with two hands while chanting “!” He unleashes a huge wave of cum directly at the colossal ball of cum. The two attacks collide but neither one was being pushed back.

    From out of the blue, Firenig, Riverhoe, XXXarams, and Mmg669 appear beside Jackeho. They all were jacking themselves off until they, too, were unloading their cum, adding to Jackeho’s attack. Their attack was suddenly pushing the colossal ball of cum back.

    However, Chycocks was laughing maniacally. “It’s called Spirit Balls for a reason. They come in a pair! Hahaha!” Another colossal ball of cum collides with the other pushing it down. The tables had turned as the two balls of cum was pushing back the heroes’ cumshot.

    At that moment, Zupernutz slowly opened his eyes. He felt something on his dick and had a look. It was Miylynn who was jerking him off. She was yelling “Your penis is worthy of being jerked off by me so hurry up and cum.”

    Zupernutz mouth was wide open. He was feeling the greatest pleasure he has ever felt since the last time Miylynn had jerked him off. Within a few seconds, Zupernutz’s eyes were rolling back. A massive cumshot is fired in conjunction with the others’. With the force of Zupernut’s cumshot, the Spirit Balls were being pushed back towards Chycocks.

    Chycocks was astonished “No! It can’t be! NOOOOOOO!!!!” Chycocks took the balls to the face and was engulfed and wiped out by the enormous amount of cum.

    Everyone had collapsed from exhausting themselves. The six men were labeled as heroes for saving the city that day, which became known as D Day.

    The next day

    Zupernutz was getting his room ready. The doorbell suddenly rang. “Oh, Miylynn is finally here!” He rushes to the door in excitement. He opens the door only to be disappointed.

    “Hey, Zupernutz buddy! Riverhoe is causing havoc in the city again” says Jackeho.

    Zupernutz responds “Not now Jacke...” but before he could finish his sentence, Jackeho grabs Zupernutz by the dick and off they go to save the city again.
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    A new NSFW production!

    Merry Christmas!
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    Did zupernuz just fapped to me... and why am I wasting my christmas here in the forums ;-;

    Tell me how long their dicks are.
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    Finally some gay shit on these forums. Hope I get in it ;)
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    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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    The apocalypse is upon us
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    @Jacke0 and you thought I was bad to you
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    What the fuck
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    He wrote.. stuff about you in this chap
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    No I didn't. Read the disclaimer.
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    What the actual f-
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    Tldr. Where's the melina and meng nudes?
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    You'd got some sexual issues tho for real.. Maybe see a therapist
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    Chapter 2 of this majestic creation is now up!

    @zupernuz It's chlyamydick as in Firenig has chlamydia
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