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    Hey guys, welcome to my first guide. (gonna suck so bad) My guide will be about Archimitiros, the horse guy.

    "I shall burn my enemies with the fury of a thousand suns"~Archimitiros


    Archimitiros was born when blah blah blah blah. Driven by anger and spite he blah blah blah as he walks the world searching for a way to return to the heavens.

    Archimitiros is a very good Mage in both support and carry. I basically play both coz I tend to fall off in early game so in early game, I play support and late game I can just dominate many,many players so in late game I play carry. Basically, he's one of the most OP mages if played well.

    Damage over time skills
    Silence and stun
    Very good in mid-late game
    Good farmer
    Can escape by casting charge into enemy creep.

    Not too good in early game
    Not too good with building, towers, etc.


    Flame Shield
    Cost 90/120/150/180 mp. Does 40/50/60/70+[15% magical attack] damage every second for 6 seconds.
    Comment:A good damage dealer for 6 seconds and a great farming tool.

    Burning Stomp
    Cost 120 mp. Deals 80/140/200/260+[65% magical attack] damage and silences enemies for 3 seconds.
    Comment:Yes...with a skill like this you can stomp the sh*t out of the enemies around you. This is the main damage dealer for horse so I max this first. Also another great farming tool.

    Auto-burning thing (forgot the name)
    Deals 1/1.5/2/2.5% of the target's max hp every second to all enemies within 5/6/7/8 meters
    Comment:Another great farming tool.

    Cost 100/150/200 mp. Can charge up to 10/20/30 meters and deal 70/130/190+[80% magical attack] damage while stunning the target for 1 second.
    Comment:The main skill for horse to play carry. Very fast cooldown and that's what makes it OP. The only non-farming skill for horse.

    Skill order

    Item build
    Start with Squire's wisdom and acolyte staff
    Buy one of the 250 coin defensive items
    Buy light cavalry hat
    Buy ruby ring X2
    Upgrade acolyte to leviathan cloak
    Upgrade the 250 coin defensive item into dark/black alchemist cloak
    Upgrade dark/black alchemist cloak and light cavalry hat into lost hermetists cape
    Buy boots of haste
    Upgrade ruby rings X2 into staff of rectitude
    Upgrade leviathan cloak into cloak of arrogance
    Buy 1 ruby ring
    Sell 1 squire's wisdom and buy another ruby ring
    Upgrade ruby rings X2 into staff of rectitude
    Buy 1 ruby ring
    Sell boots of haste
    Buy 1 ruby ring
    Upgrade ruby rings X2 into staff of rectitude
    Buy 1 ruby rung
    Upgrade ruby ring into Rogan's conviction
    Upgrade Rogan's conviction into staff of rectitude

    End-game items
    (Not in order)
    Staff of rectitude
    Staff of rectitude
    Staff of rectitude
    Staff of rectitude
    Cloak of arrogance
    Lost hermetists cape (key item)

    If you are having trouble with enemies then you can sell 1 rectitude and buy an armor.


    Spell proficiency:5
    Mana adept:1
    Skill penetration:5
    Magic feedback:3


    Any tier 1-2 talent:2 (magic defense per level recommended
    Fast healer:3
    Last stand:1

    Protective/Bloodfreeze (depends on which you like better)
    Soul Eating (not too good but still works)/Elder

    Chaos:Magical Armor Penetration

    Always start with farm. Try to get the spot with bears if you can. If your allies refuse to that spot then go to the spiders camp which is most likely unpicked. After that go to the enemy's goblin camp which is also most likely unpicked. After you taken out their goblins, return to base and head for your own goblin camp and beat the red giant thing (yes, nearby the goblins) and after you beat them the spot with bears is most likely yours to own now. Keep farming till your charge reached level 2. Then start ganking your enemies until you get your lost hermetists cape and by then, you can become a mass murderer by yourself. Enjoy the game :)

    Attacking tactics
    Level 2-5 (when you get caught in the enemy's goblin camp or enemy invades your farming area)
    Burning stomp - Flame Shield - Auto attack until they run away. If they refuse to then kill them.

    Level 6-15 (my favorite attacking combo)
    Charge - Burning Stomp - Flame Shield - Auto attack

    That's the end of my guide :) hope you like it.
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    May 26, 2015
    1. Horse is more like a bruiser than a Mage
    2. Instead of stacking leach staff you should build him more defensive try to build hermetist lev.cloak (the Mage item to 1300 don't upgrade it to lolly pop before you nothing else to use your money at) ssod, hades/ dull vine, boots (recommended tank boots) and last item is what u like I go for leach staff (hermetist, lev cloak ssod hades boots and situational if the enemies are string grab a defense item are they squishy grab a defense item)
    3. About your skill build I personally prefer 1-2-3-3-3-4-3-2-4-1-1-1 this will let you solo drag and mogul early
    5. Soul eating is a must on him becuz whenever you charge into an enemy there will almost always be minions around with the combo charge, flame shield, stomp all the creeps nearby will be dead and you get a 20% less damage and 30%(?) speed increase witch will decide the result of a teamfight also I don't think bloodfreeze is worth it now after update
    6. Inscriptions agree
    7. Talents agree
    8. You should start with 2 squires
    9. Agree with that u should start in the jungle and jungle to Level6
    10. Could it be an idea to use assistance tablet (especially on border cuz there u will most likely farm top)
    11. About the ulti isn't it 10/20/30m?? Maybe they nerfed it this update so I may be wrong
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    Nov 17, 2014
    i personally like leviathan cloak searring orb hades valkrobes ssod tempest boots then upgrading to lolipop somewhere in the middle just so i can chase and i also max passive first and dont get stomp until i max third skill since that way i can farm to lvl 6 in about 4 minutes
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    Aug 28, 2014
    Horse needs speed, Tempest and Lollipop really. Herm yes but horse needs HP and defence else he'll die very quickly. I also think Desecration on horse is pretty good, seeing as he burns through creeps/farms like they're nothing.
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    Aug 28, 2015
    Well I did mention sell 1 rectitude and buy an armor (hades, spider, valkyrian etc) if having trouble with enemy. But I don't really need boots unfortunately because most of the time I'm the one who defends (always stays at base in near end-game...ALWAYS) and the fighters take care of their castle.
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    Aug 28, 2015
    Lol my bad, it's 10/20/30. Thanks for noticing and telling me :)

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