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    Hi guys, so I decided to write a Support guide because I think we need more guides on Supports. And today, it is a guide about Pelia Longhorn- The Iron Guard. This guide will talk about him as a Support-Bruiser.


    I Why and why not him:
    -Why him:
    +Balanced hero, capable of many roles. Can either play defensive or offensive, depend on the team.
    +Excel in helping Carrier kill with a lot of Slow and Stun.
    +Abilities won’t take more Mana to use when Leveled Up.
    +The ability to Stun and give himself a Damage Boost for Auto Attacks. (Pounded)
    +Sticky Slow Passive- VERY HANDY in teamfights and chasing situations.
    +Annoying Ultimate- YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.
    -Why not him:
    +Horrible Laning.
    +Hard to grow.
    II Story:
    "A great race of Minotaur's will rise again!"
    Minotaurs were a common race in Sinskaald Rift until the demons came and destroyed their homeland, burning it to ashes. Peila was the only survivor from the Longhorn Tribe. With his home decimated and his family dead, he joined a group of traveling mercenaries. He relishes the wayfaring mercenary life, not just for the change of scenery, but for the chance to sharpen his combat skills so that he may one day avenge his race.
    III Stats and Skill Set:
    1) Stats:
    -Range: Melee
    -Damage Type: Physical
    -HP: 549
    -MP: 373
    -Auto Attacks Damage: 50
    -Auto Attacks Speed: 0.71
    -Movement Speed: 4.40
    -Physical Defense: 18
    -Magical Defense: 16
    -HP Regen: 1.24/s
    -MP Regen:
    2) Skill Set:
    Bred for battle, the Minotaur can find strength beyond strength when threatened.
    Cost: 50 MP
    Damage: 20/30/40/50+ [45% Physical Attack]
    Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds
    Effect: The next attack within the next 4 seconds will deal additional damage and stun the target for 1 second.
    Commentary: A strong skill for bruising. It Stuns the target and also let Pelia be able to hit the target more. It Scaling is nice. The MP cost is low and the CD is OK so you can use it frequently.
    In times of trouble, the Minotaur can unleash a rallying roar to inspire allies.
    Cost: 80 MP
    Cooldown: 30/26/22/18 seconds
    Effect: Increases nearby allies' physical attack and attack speed by 10/15/10/25% for 6 seconds.
    Commentary: I don’t have much to say about this skill. It increases all nearby allies Attack Speed and Physical Attack. Combine it with Zealot’s Horn and imagine how powerful it will be.
    Effect: Reduces the movement speed of nearby enemies by 10/15/20/25%.
    Commentary: Your most important skill as Support. Remember that it only work with nearby enemies so invest your money in Mobility.
    The Minotaur can use a mystic rune to protect an ally during battle.
    Cost: 100 MP Range: 8 meters
    Cooldown: 70 seconds
    Effect: If the ally protected by the skill is killed within 7 seconds, they will be resurrected with 33/66/100% HP and MP (the opponent will not receive coins or experience for killing an ally affected by this skill).
    Commentary: Blow at Level 1, better at Level 2 and “Sorry Roshan” at Level 3. At Level 1, it is not safe enough to use for aggressive playing so keep playing safe at Level 1~>9 and go super Offensive at Level 9 when you get it to Level 2. This is very good to save your Carrier from Ganks and Teamfights. It is very annoying to kill a dude twice.
    IV Skill Build:
    Level 1: [​IMG]
    Level 2: [​IMG]
    Level 3: [​IMG]
    Level 4: [​IMG]
    Level 5: [​IMG]
    Level 6: [​IMG]
    Level 7: [​IMG]
    Level 8: [​IMG]
    Level 9: [​IMG]
    Level 10: [​IMG]
    Level 11: [​IMG]
    Level 12: [​IMG]
    Level 13: [​IMG]
    Level 14: [​IMG]
    Level 15: [​IMG]
    In the start, a bit Stun and Damage Boost is OK so pick Pounded. Then max Bloodthirsty for Slow and Pounded later. Then max Resurrection and finally Roar.
    IV Combos and Strategy:
    1) Combos:
    -Below Level 6:
    The Slow will keep your target in one place for a while. Then immediately, Stun him and beat him with Pounded. This will work with a lot of Fighters in Early-Game.
    -Level 6 and above:
    Work well with Kagax and Debronee.
    -Teamfights and Level 11 above:
    2) Strategy:
    -Never be a pu$$y. Get in there and rock things up with your Carrier.
    -Pounded first to Stun target and deal damage to him.
    -Roar should be follow up after Pounded.
    -Use Roar on yourself and Soldiers to Push tower.
    -Get close to target so he will be affected by Bloodthirsty’s Slow aura.
    -Get Mobility so Bloodthirsty will work better.
    -Try to Gank or Surprise your enemies.
    -Use Resurrection freely only when you reach Level 2 of the skill.
    V Prolife Skills, Talents, Tablets and Inscriptions:
    1) Prolife Skills:
    -Heal II: Support Skill. Still good even when it had been nerfed. (ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, STUPID FOX)
    -Blink/Sneak: Use it to reach targets safely.
    -Teleport: Go around and help team.
    2) Talents:
    -21 in Fighters: Spend on maxing all Physical Attacks Speed Talents. Then chose Piercing and extra damage on Creeps.
    -11 in Supports: Spend on 5 Increasing Movement Speed in tier 1. Then max HP Regen per Level and Extra Gold for Creeps Kills.
    -8 in Guardians: Spend 5 on maxing extra HP in tier 1. Then spend 3 on Physical/Magical Defense per Level.
    3) Tablets and Inscriptions:
    [​IMG]Destruction Inscription
    Increases Pierce through Physical Defense by (B) 0.71 / (S) 1.06 / (G) 1.42
    I choose this cause it will help initiation with Pounded more effective, also great for Mid-Late.
    [​IMG]Wind Inscription
    Increases Attack Speed by (B) 0.64% / (S) 0.96% / (G) 1.28%
    Since you needed Mobility more than ever as a Support and also to active your Bloodthristy, this is a good choice.
    [​IMG]Barbarism Inscription
    Increases Max HP by (B) 7 / (S) 10 / (G) 13
    So Bruiser, right?
    [​IMG]Divinity Inscription
    Increases magical Defense by (B) 0.77 / (S) 1.16 / (G) 1.54
    Well Bruiser, again.
    [​IMG]Protection Inscription
    Increases Physical Defense by (B) 0.77 / (S) 1.16 / (G) 1.54
    Just know you are a Bruiser…
    [​IMG]Regeneration Inscription
    Increases MP Regeneration by (B) 0.1 / (S) 0.14 / (G) 0.19
    [​IMG]Wisdom Inscription
    Increases Max MP by(B) 8 / (S) 11 / (G) 15

    I use these so I could use skills more.

    [​IMG]Protective Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: When receiving damage that causes your HP to drop below 20%, grants a shield that absorbs damage equal to 15% of max HP, lasts for 7 seconds. Cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes.
    [​IMG]Purity Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Reduces all damage received by 10% when your HP is below or at 50%
    [​IMG]Jaguar Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 5 Order, 11 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Upon leaving a bush, your Movement Speed is increased by 15% for 3 seconds. This effect is removed if you receive any type of attack.
    [​IMG]Whispering Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Each time you use a skill, your Magical Attack and Physical Attack will be increased by 3% and MP cost of skills will be reduced by 3%. Effect can stack up to 5 times. If another skill is used when it reached its maximum capacity, then the effect resets to 0.
    [​IMG]Desire Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 11 Order, 5 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your your Physical and Magical Attack by 12.5% of the damage you receive. Can't be higher than 50. Lasts 5 seconds.
    Commentary: Protective and Purity is for the defense. Whispering and Desire are great Tablets for playing offensive. And Jaguar for Mobility and Ganking.
    VI Items:
    Well, I mention That Pelia is a Support-Bruiser in this guide. So you will need:
    +Mobility: Go around and help people, also to initiate with Bloodthirsty.
    +Damage: To be a Bruiser.
    +Piercing and Defense Reduction: Well, you need to hit a lot as Bruiser. Also for initiate with Pounded.
    +HP and Defense: You are Bruiser, so this surely is important.
    +Supportive Items: Support, please.
    And here are the items:
    1) Starters:
    The Light Cavalry Hat is great for you HP in Early. It is also a component for Lost Hermetist's Cape-one of your most important Core-Items. And wards because you support.
    If you don’t know where to wards, here is a map for you. Yellow points are place need to get warded.
    And if you don’t like warding:
    2) Core Items:
    Well 2 choices for you:
    [​IMG]Boots of the Tempest
    Gold: 1,500
    Greatly increase hero's move speed(does not stack with other boots).
    OR [​IMG]Chain Boots
    Gold: 1,500
    Increase hero's move speed(does not stack with other boots).
    +150 HP
    Passive(Unique): Decrease all snare effects by 30%.

    I know it is your choice but personally, I prefer Tempest. As a Support, running around and helping is super important. This will give you the Mobility you need. Also, it will help you catch up with enemies who are affected by The Slow of Bloodthirsty. With Minotuar, everything is about slows, stuns and ults.

    [img=62x63]http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/47/1384953353-image.jpg[/img]Lost Hermetist's Cape
    Gold: 3,000
    +300 HP
    +320 MP
    +15 Physical Defense
    +15 Magical Defense
    Passive(Unique): Causes 60 magical damage per second to all enemies within 5 meters.
    Firstly, it solves Pelia’s problems with Laning. You can clean tons of creeps with this. Second it is great with Bloodthirsty. You Slow enemies and they also take Magical Damage at the same time.
    [​IMG]Zealot's Horn
    Gold: 3,700
    +500 HP
    +320 MP
    +50 Physical Defense
    Passive: Increase Attack Speed of all allies within 8 meters by 20%.
    Use it and you will see how effective it is. With Bloodthirsty, enemies is Slowed down. Now, you teamates will be able to get close to you and help. The active Roar and with this Item’s effect, how fast you guys will hit?
    [​IMG]Spider Queen's Embrace
    Gold: 4,170
    +300 HP
    +44 Magical Attack
    +60 Physical Defense
    +25 Magic Defense
    Passive(Unique): Reduce the Attack Speed of the unit that attacks you by 30% for 1.5 seconds.
    With this, you got even more slow. The Defensive advances are also great. You can replace it with [​IMG]Hades Armor.
    [​IMG]Jade Axe
    Gold: 3,500
    +64 Physical Attack
    Passive(Unique): Reduces Physical Defense of enemy by 10 + (Target Level X 2) for 3 seconds when hit.
    As I mention, initiation with Pounded is super important cause it is your only offensive skill. So after you bought a Jade Axe, this will happen:
    Activate Pounded~>First hit trigger Stun and the Physical Defense Reduction Effect~>Next hit deal more damage because of the Effect while enemy can not do anything to resist.
    [​IMG]Divinity Sword
    Gold: 3,250
    +18 Physical Attack
    +20% Attack Speed
    +30 Physical Defense
    +10% Harvest HP
    Passive (Unique): 15% (10% for ranged) chance to stun enemy for 1 second when attacking.
    More Stun, more Bang.
    +)Other Great Stuff:
    [​IMG]Purifying Pendant
    Gold: 3,300
    +160 HP
    +180 MP
    +4 HP Regeneration
    +6 MP Regeneration
    -15% Skill CD (doesn't stack with other -CD items)
    Active (Unique): Removes any debuffs from an allied hero and heals HP by 200 + ally level X 30
    Cooldown Time: 90 seconds
    It is a great item for Support actually. You can Heal pretty high and remove Debuffs. But only use it if you go hardcore Sup.
    [​IMG]Cloak of Choking Words
    Gold: 3,200
    +15 Physical Defense
    +65 Magical Defense
    Active (Unique): Silence one enemy hero for 3 seconds.
    Cooldown Time: 60 seconds
    Not only with Stun, Slow, you also got Silence. The deadly S-S-S is awesome.
    [​IMG]Valkyrian Robes
    Gold: 3,600
    +400 MP
    +75 Magic Defense
    Active: Shield all allies within 8 meters. Absorbs 300 Magic Damage, lasts 10 seconds.
    Cooldown time: 1.5 minutes.
    AND [​IMG]Dull Vine Shield
    Gold: 3,650
    +15 Physical Attack
    +150 HP
    +30 Physical Defense
    +60 Magic Defense
    Active: Restore 300 HP to all allies within 8 meters.
    CD: 1.5 minutes.
    They are great items for general stats and their abilities to Heal/Shield allies. But they are almost bullsh1t in Late-Game.
    [​IMG]Plate Mail of Damned
    Gold : 4,000
    +20 Physical Attack
    +25 Physical Defense
    +50 Magical Defense
    +150 HP
    Active (Unique): Reduce your own Physical Defense and Magical Defense, and those of your target, by 35 for 6 seconds.
    Cooldown Time: 10 seconds.
    Use this with Pounded to get more bang. It got very low CD so you can use it very offen.
    [​IMG]Stirring Soul Of The Dragons
    Gold : 4,500
    +500 HP
    +12 HP Regeneration
    -10% Cooldown time (Cannot be stacked with other -CD items)
    Passive(Unique): Increases Physical Attack and Magical Attack by 2% of maximum HP.
    A great items for Tanks and Bruisers.
    +)My Final Build:
    So try him out, give him some love and you will love him.
    Now bye.
  2. Dumb9Dodo

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    Oct 31, 2013
    Hmm bruiser build.

    Why nt chain boots, I mean wif jaguar tab and passive, he can alrdy run fast enough, yet he can get shut down by cc
  3. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    A good idea. But whatever, I prefer Tempest for super mobility and stuff.
  4. nackstein

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    Nov 25, 2013
    I think that spider queen's embrace is a waste here. you don't user the +44 magical attack bonus. I think
    Cloak of Choking Words should have precedence over it if there are mages otherwise hades armor have

    my 2 cents =p
  5. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Sure that Pelia ISN'T a magic attack user. But I pick this item for the Slow it gives.
  6. O 3o

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    Mar 17, 2013
    Vs heroes with bunch of slows... Buy some speed scrolls... Gives so many sias a run for its money
  7. kr4m123

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    Sep 28, 2013
  8. Bloodexorcist

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    Feb 3, 2014
    I disagree with the skill build 10% slow is more then enough to lock an opponet down on the other hand Minotaur roar brings a heaping amount of dps for your team early mid and late not to mention it also affects you too
  9. Boldon

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    Mar 2, 2014
    I disagree with your statement. Minotaur is all about the slow, stun and ult. Getting more slow is much more important than his little boost with the third skill. It has a low range and the effect isn't really that great.
  10. Elpotatoloco

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    Jun 13, 2014
    Roar maximizes your dmg input in early games so i think getting it on lvl 4 is a must
  11. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Straightly, Minotaur is just all about the slow, stun and ult. Getting more slow is much more important than his little boost with the third skill. It has a low range and the boost isn't really that great in early state. Get it in late game when your carry and the team has got better damage is much better.
  12. Visionz

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    Feb 4, 2014
    This guy built as a bruiser is ok but there are at least 7 better options for a bruiser than him so he much better built as tanky hero.. His slow aura is overrated.. He ult is the only reason he can even be used as a troll hero to keep your paladin or inquisitor alive and secured kills for them.. And even that as you mention is good at lvl 9+ when the game might already be decided. He pretty much useless
  13. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    It is kinda annoying that you just go around and said this hero is useless and this hero is sh-t blah blah... Kinda... Every hero is balance. Your points do not seem to be that much approval to me.
    Minotaur is a good enough hero. He got good damage output, came along with mobility and the ability to engage easily. That why I chose him and play him bruiser. Dude, you do not just play him for the ultimate!
    Then, Lvl 9+ is when the game might already be decided? Never heard of comeback?
    The only thing seem to be his misfits are that he does not fit the meta since he needs good items to shine and he lacks of Aoe CC.
  14. Checkkem

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    May 2, 2013
    I've gotta say this guy is a monster. I love star destroyer skin and using it ofcourse..people are so surprised when a bruiser/tank built quick cow is chasin em w. Carry and then reviving them or himself while chasing them and the stuns you can spam while chasing? Just awesome, others can't appreciate this hero. He has become my main in 3s for serious matchups and he is a viable hero..he counters jombraa he cant even reach me..on some occasions, dun get mad now people.

    And for laning I suggest at lvl 3 or 4 with 2 squires then hermitist and w.e opponents have counter it..great support for increasing phy dmg and attack speed.

    Best advice 'dont be a pu$$y w. This cow'
  15. Endymio

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    Dec 5, 2012
    Is there any advantage to the high level Pounded? Seems like it's just for the stun so would you be able to leave it to level last and build Roar and Slow first?
  16. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Well, the Pounded gave you a stun and extra damage. It is very good for bruising people around, which you will find yourself doing all the the time...
  17. Endymio

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    Dec 5, 2012
    Yeah, I really need to read the skill descriptions better. :). Thanks mate
  18. actinomycetemcomitans

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    Apr 21, 2013
  19. yololtroll

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    Mar 25, 2014
    Oh almost forget that!
  20. trollzart

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    Dec 5, 2014
    Great guide. But why spider queen on mino as final build lol, hades is much better (If mage is carrying then Dull Vine Shield) also levelling up on level 1 depends on your team. If your gonna gank at level 1, your team has lots of crowd controls then you should level aoe slow first, otherwise stun. If you decided to jungle then lv roar first.

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