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    The sections of the forum and when to use which:
    You can introduce yourself to the community here and share whatever you are willing to share about yourself publicly.

    New Players
    If you are new to the game and the forums you will find help here. Don't forget to give people a like that explain you basics or direct you to threads that do.

    Add Me!
    Searching for people to losely play together with? Look here and don't forget to post your ingame name, operating system, server and availability/timezone.

    You will find older announcements and changelogs here. Recent changes are usually discussed in the General section.

    A place to share news, discuss changes and bring up thoughts and feedback about the game. Please stay on topic in each thread.

    Questions and Answers… if you have any questions about game related content (heroes, game mechanics, builds, stats, menus, maps), ask here. Use the search function and visit the guide section first to see if your question was already answered.

    General: Game info, gameplay guides, etc
    Fighter: Guides for Fighters/Heroes from Fighter class
    Mage: Guides for Mages/Heroes from Mage class
    Guardian: Guides for Guardians/Heroes from Guardian class
    Support: Guides for Supports/Heroes from Support class

    Nerfs & Buffs
    You think a hero/item/effect is imbalanced, too overpowered or weak? Discuss it here.

    You got an idea about a new feature, changing an existing mechanic or would like to create an own hero, item or tablet? Post it here and see what everyone else thinks about it.

    Guild's Corner
    Guild Recruiting: Guilds looking for Members
    Guild Application: Players looking for Guilds
    Guild Wars: Guilds making appointments to fight

    Bug Reports
    Please report game bugs so they can be brought to attention and fixed. Describe as precisely as possible: where in the app did it happen, when did it happen, on what device did it happen, what exactly happened before/during/after the bug, etc.

    Account Trading
    This section is for selling, buying or trading game accounts otherwise. Always be careful with that, we take no responsibility for any scam happening here.

    Fanarts, Fanfics and Topics that are unrelated to the game and the forums should be posted here. Rumor has it that the moderators have a secret base here, too.

    Threads to collect frequently similar posts:
    Ingame Anger
    Got a noob team, lost to an unfair situation, lagged or crashed in the most crucial moment of a match, met the worst troll of the universe, (almost) threw your device against the next wall? Let us know here:

    Your most recent accomplishment
    Won a match that was to your disadvantage, carried your team with a support-tank, didn't die once in a 50min match or want to share footage of an OP move? Brag about it here:

    This is the only place where the promotion of your recruitment code won't be deleted on this forum:

    Ask hoc questions
    Got a short, simple question about general gameplay, mechanics, builds that can be answered in one sentence? Ask here:

    What to buy
    Can't decide which hero to buy next, want short feedback on 2 heroes in comparison, not sure which tablet or talent to get? The community will help you here:

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