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Discussion in 'Support Guides' started by DragonFire92x, Feb 24, 2014.

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    You want to contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge and experience about a certain hero that others can learn and develop their skills with. What better way to do it than by making a guide! But first, you should consider these guidelines for making one because there have been a lot of “junk” guides in the past.

    Before you make a guide, you need experience with the hero. I am not talking about playing less than 10 games. Maybe around 50 wins would be reasonable to support your expertise. More importantly, it should be through PvP and custom games since playing bots/AI involves little skill since the bots are very predictable.

    Now, just because you keep winning with a build doesn’t mean you had the best skill build or item build. You need to experiment with different items and skills, the order you get them, and be able to explain why it is better than other ways.

    Some of the common elements of a guide are as follows:
    - Skill description
    - Skill build (order to get skills)
    - Attacking Strategies and Combos
    - Final Items
    - How to build towards the final items
    - Talents and Tablets (Becoming more popular since there are many threads in Q&A related to this)
    - Pictures of Items and Skills (not necessary but gives the guide a nice look)

    Try to cover as many components above as possible because your guide will feel incomplete to someone who is trying to learn every aspect of a certain hero to become pro.

    Anyone can say level your skills in this order or buy these items, but that means nothing. Remember that the purpose of a guide is for someone to learn and understand why you did things that way. So ALWAYS provide reasons to stuff like why you should get a cutlass, longbow of shadows, and divinity sword over 3 claymores or why you should have biting rather than born rich talents.



    Skill build-1 3 1 3 1 4 1 3 4 3 2 4 2 2 2
    Get 2 Blessed Bracers, Arkhan Cutlass, Jade Axe, Savage Boots, Spider Queen Armor

    From this example, you can see it took little effort to make. It has only 2 components of a guide and no explanations. This is not called a guide. Do NOT make crap like this. Making a new thread for this clutters the forum and honestly, you cannot expect someone to learn from this. If you have a short opinion like that, it is better to post on someone else’s guide.



    Here is one of my guides as an example. I described each skill and its uses, the leveling order of skills, and the combos and strategies. I also included a final item build, key talents, and beneficial tablets. More importantly, in most areas, I provided my reasons for why I chose what I chose.

    Please take a minute to ensure the format of the name your guide is the same way as others. It keeps the forum organized and moderators should not have to waste their time fixing your mistakes.

    The format is: [Name of Hero] Username’s Guide to <Hero>

    Example: [Mystic] Dragonfire92x’s Guide to <Phase Master>

    When you make a guide, there might be people who disagree with some aspect in the guide. You need to be open to criticism. Do not lash out at people by calling them noobs, always provide arguments to why they could be wrong.

    They could also be right especially when there are many people disagreeing with you. Maybe it is worth acknowledging. My mystic guide was not perfect when I first made it. I made slight improvements from the feedback I received. Be sure to update your guide when you realize you were wrong so it has the corrected information for people who later read it for the first time.
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