[Rift]How to Build a Strong Foundation for a New Guild and Keeping it that Way

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    Dear all, ywoh1121 here, leader of Rose'Noire (iOS), champions of HoC Masters 1 and HoC Masters 2.

    We are undefeated in all competitive matches, and I would like to share my successful experience, story, and give advice to new Guild Leaders and to soon-to-be Guild Leaders.

    If you are reading this, you are no more casual HoC gamer, and you should definitely take HoC more seriously if you want to build a Guild that is strong, structural, and long-lasting. So here it begins..


    1. Introduction
    2. Recruitment
    3. Characterization
    4. Strategic Preparation
    5. Managing Members' Relations
    6. Conclusion

    1. Introduction

    I never posted anything specifically related to the actual ingame contents because I was just too lazy and I never really thought that giving away our strategy is much favorable from our perspective as a guild.

    I always wanted to write a one solid guide, but there are already many great guides to help new players into the game.

    However, I never saw any in-depth guides to 'start' a guild, and how to keep it that way. Yes, it is very unusual to write about how to start a guild, but here I am, as humble as it gets, I would like to share my knowledge and actual in-game strategies to make the guild last for a long time.

    In HoC scene, most of the major and known guilds have existed for a long time, or they always consist of 'old' players who have been playing this game since HoC was released. Therefore, unlike other online games, it is very rare to see a new uprising Guild that consists of players who have been playing for 2 years or less in this game.

    Although many guilds have changed their names, yet the pool of players within the guilds are pretty much the same.

    So here is my question : where are all the guilds that recruit players from this forum? There are hundreds of guilds recruiting players iOS alone, but where are all these guilds? You rarely see them in game.

    I think in HoC, the players' skill gap is so huge that new generation of players tend to wither away from playing the game to more competitive level, or they are unknowingly bullied by such big powerhouses.

    What we should be seeing is tens of guilds competing for their place in 'history' of HoC legacy, and to be known among people.

    This of course, results in much more competitive scene in HoC instead of same old guilds with same old players playing each other over and over again.

    I write this post for this : to help new users that want to start a guild, and for those who have already started a guild, but are having trouble and are not winning GvGs so your members leave, and for those who want stability of your Guild.

    2. Recruitment

    Recruitment process is very important. Especially if you are starting a first guild. But you must not be so hasty.

    I know you want to make your own guild, be a leader, and make your guild very competitive and strong.

    But being amongst the pro guilds is not an easy road. Just because you successfully recruited 20-30 members within a few months, does not mean that your guild is set and ready to face other guilds in a duel.

    I would not recommend you to start a new guild. It is very similar to real-life. If you want to do a start-up business, you must experience what the real world is like, know how to deal with problems, etc.

    You must join a well-known guild first, a guild that has a history behind it, a guild which has many experienced players. Then you must learn from them. Be humble, be optimistic, and be patient.

    Once you feel the confidence, then you may start your own guild.

    By now, you know how to analyze the skillset of a specific player. And you also know whether that person's personality suits your guild.

    Start with the strong five.

    You need at least five members in your guild who know you can trust, who are willing to help you to build the guild together. Just because it's a game, does not mean you can't be a Leader. Become the leader. You must stay neutral in all affairs when recruiting, and try to do a vote everytime you recruit a member.

    Listen to your guildmates before you recruit someone new. Numbers do not mean anything. It is the quality of each member's skillset, personality, how calm that person is.

    Many guilds argue because of a certain player made a mistake during the game and guildmates just flame him for it. Filter out flamers, keep the members who want to learn, those who really want to build a guild with strength.

    3. Characterization

    By now you should have learnt how to keep members together, how to solve problems both in and out of the game, how to keep guild chat room clean.

    Then comes the question: How do you vision your guild? Do you want your guild to be only for players that want friendly games? Or do you want your guild to be for players that want intense GvGs and tournaments? Or do you want both?

    Identifying and 'coloring' your guild is very important. Some guilds are known to be quite friendly, while some guilds are known to be very intense, and competitive.

    Personally, it is hard to do both because eventually there will be a division within your guild. Guild members who want to win will always play with those who are better than them, while more casual guild members would not care at all.

    This characterization process is something you should do once you have 10 or less players within your guild.

    Discuss with them, draw up a solid plan, write a rule, make sure everybody who agrees are satisfied. If there are members who disagree with your plan, kindly ask them to leave the guild.

    Like I mentioned above, you need at least 5 solid, trustworthy members who will follow your vision and your plan for your guild.

    If you decided to make your guild for friendly and casual gaming, recruitment becomes much easier. However, there may be those who feel salty if you do not take GvGs and competitive games more seriously, because, some just hate losing.

    If you decided to make your guild for intense, competitive gaming, recruitment process becomes much harder. You must do your tryouts very formally, not a silly '1v1 me, if you win you can join' things. Invite them when you play with your guildmates, see how he performs. Play several games together. It should take up to weeks before you recruit a 'good' player in your competitive guild, not in a matter of minutes.

    4. Strategic Preparation

    Once you feel your guild is internally stable, then now you gotta hit the Rift for some practice before the test against tough guilds.

    You need five roles :
    Roles and Description
    1. Blue - Laner
    - Further away from tower, easily ganked
    2. Mid - Laner
    - Spacial, easy to farm on minions
    3. Red - Laner
    - Closer to tower, hard to gank
    4. Blue - Jungle
    - Can jungle fast since creeps are closer to each other than Red Jungle
    5. Red - Jungle
    - Slower to level up, since Red jungle is routinely more complicated and easily ganked.

    Blue Laner
    - Blue Laner should be heroes that can escape gank easily. Preferably tanky heroes.
    Mid Laner
    - Mage, or Ranged fighter is ideal
    Red Laner
    - Bruiser, mage, or ranged fighter, or heroes that are ganked quite easily.
    Blue Jungle
    - Any heroes that you want to level up fast. Who are stronger mid-late game
    Red Jungle
    - Preferably pure tanks, strong from early to the end.

    Base your team composition around this setup.

    Keep things in mind,
    1. Junglers should not take farm or experience from laners during laning phase (early game)
    2. Pull/block minions if necessary
    3. Ward consistently

    Practice with your guildmates around this Meta. Analyze which player performs the best in each different role.

    Some players are better in general than other players, but he/she may perform worse when a role is not fit for him/her.

    Find the best composition of both players role and heroes.

    Let players who understand and can read the map, flow of the game well call the shots. You should have at least two shot callers since HoC is a large map and it is a 5v5 Map.

    One shot caller has a high chance of missing an opportunity.

    Usually a jungler should be one of the shot callers at least.

    5. Managing Members' Relations

    Managing members relations is very important aspect of keeping a guild together. Behind the scene, Rose'Noire almost disbanded due to misunderstandings among members during HM2.

    As a Guild leader, you must stay cool, stay calm, stay objective, think maturely and be prepared to throw away your pride and say sorry even if you did not do anything wrong.

    For this section I cannot offer much since it is all about experience you must acquire for yourself as a Guild Leader.

    6. Conclusion

    I hope this thread provides a guidebook for your journey as a new Guild Leader.

    I hope to see you in future, with new players with solid skills.

    HoC is really kicking off after three years of existence. This is the right time to start your own guild with some seriousness and commitment.

    Good luck, and best regards.

    - ywoh1121

    * May edit in future for more content and some fixtures
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    This is a fantastic guide. I've read through this and have seen some of the core mistakes which have eventually lead to the downfall of my once emerging guild for Android.
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    7. If u pick the competetive way, make sure to have some voice chat to use while practicing or playing gvgs
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    In game voice chat anyone?
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    This is an excellent guide for creating a guild from one of the best in the game. Great read from start to finish. Nice work here
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    Good stuff, glad I can relate to some of it.
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    Hope it helps, I will add more whenever I think of more helpful tips in near future.

    Thanks for feedback.
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    Awesome guide. I can't stress enough how much I agree with asking flamers to leave. No matter how good they might be, they will be a cancer that spreads and aren't worth a damn if the going gets tough because they will be too busy raging.

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