Selling iOS lvl 40 account

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    Selling account on iOS

    HEROES: All heroes except Terranaut (Persephone), Cruel Mistress (Lilit) and Artful Assassin (Qiu Yelan) = 93% of heroes unlocked

    ALTERNATIVE SKINS: Phantasm, Swamp Walker, Dusk Bringer, Autumnal Giant, Bounty Hunter, Forest Giant, Gilded Fury, Venom Beast, Tribal, Spectral Guard, Marsh Dweller, Grime Lord, Ice Breaker, Tiger Fish, Devil's Knight, Angel, Arbor Knight, Winter Scout, Dragon Knight, Woodland Elf, Woodland Assassin, Ivory Slayer, Death Seer = 23 alternative skins at all

    ELITE SKINS: Earthly Remains, Bunny, Red Lotus, Akuba, Eccentric Engineer, Mercurial Decree, Yojimbo, Sick Bunny, Necromantix, Aurora Demon, Aurora Titan, Disciple of the Void, Crackling Doom, The Skellywag, Hurricane King, Solstice Elf, Captain of Pain = 17 elite skins

    LIMITED SKINS: The Nutcracker (Lut'Hiran) and Holiday Sleigh-er (Draeznor)

    TALENTS: all talent pages unlocked, 5 of them in use for every kind of hero


    20 tablets with full gold inscriptions:
    (Desecration tablet for mage and fighter,
    Teleport tablet for mage and fighter,
    Courage tablet for mage and fighter,
    Tablet of Frostbite for mage, Elder Tablet for mage, Whispering tablet for mage, Tablet of Incineration for mage, Tablet of Desire for fighter, Rage Tablet for fighter, Tablet of Bloodlust for fighter and mage, Tablet of Favor for mage, Tablet of Malignity for fighter, Tablet of Soul Eating for fighter and mage, Tablet of Bloodfreeze for fighter and mage

    2 tablets full silver inscriptions:
    Purity Tablet for fighter, Tablet of Favor for fighter

    Either there are 12 gold inscriptions left (1 gold inscription for 12 different kinds of inscriptions to exchange inscriptions how you want)

    RUNES: 251

    EMBLEMS: 132683

    ESSENCES: 4178

    WECHAT ID: dieviper123

    I wasn't able to upload the pics here. So if you are interested in it you can message me on wechat and I will send the pics of my account (heroes, tabs, talents, inscriptions, skins etc)

    Pay via german iTunes card only!
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    add me on skype kyubi AGAR

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