Since there's nothing else to talk about.

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    Since there not much to talk about.

    Look at my hero idea ;)))))

    Itzel, Color Goddess


    Lore: Legends speak of a Woman born from the radiance of the shining sun and the gentle waters of the rain. Her hair was a vibrant array of colors. She always was seen near a body of water. The woman was said to be able to give life and color to everything in the world with a single touch. People saw her gift as something beautiful and unique, but humans are humans and greed of them took over their mindset to obey the Divine Law to keep gifts of others to them only. They brushed off the voice of the gods to try and take the powers from her. One night while Itzel was near a pond caressing a white bunny, the people ambushed her and pinned her down. The bunny ran away with terror. Itzel screaming and kicking, they muffled her mouth. They thought her power resides in her hands so with a knife they impaled the wrist and tried to cut off her hands. Tears poured down Itzel's eyes and she felt the agony of her hands being cut off. After the cut off her first hand, she passed out. They saw her as dead and threw her into the pond. Legends say the pond Itzel always stood by was her mother. And when they threw her in there. The Goddess of Water wrapped around Itzel and cured her hands. But not only did she give her back her hands. But two more hands that saw all. She was also given a third eye to see maliciousness. The next day. Itzel rose out of the waters and killed all the people that had partaken in the event. She now wanders the land. Killing all men who's greed is higher than their morals.

    Stats: levels 1 - 15
    Health: 680 - 1840
    Mana: 480 - 980
    Magical Attack: 51 - 110
    Health Regeneration: 1.31 - 3.21
    Mana Regeneration: 2.45 - 3.21
    Movement Speed: 4.35
    Attack Speed: .71 - .91
    Range: Melee

    Skill Set:
    1. Colorful Fury
    Itzel can only maintain her sanity while at key health reserves.

    100% to 75% health:
    she is sane. Granting 2.5%/5%/7.5%/9% cdr.

    50% to 74% health:
    her sanity lowers changing her skin purple, making her range increase to 4m and giving her 20/40/60/80 bonus magical attack.

    25% to 49% she's losing her sanity, skin changes red granting leech of 10% and movement speed of 10%.

    .01% to 24% Itzel is insane, her range is 8m and her skin changes black and all her skills grant bonus effects.

    2. Azure Assault
    Itzel slashes at all enemies in front of her, covering them Blue hues. Enemies covered have their defense reduced and take 75/125/175/225 + .35 AP.
    If Itzel is black in her from 'Colorful Fury' this skill has 2 charges.
    Cool Down: 7/7/7/7
    Range: 6m
    Mana cost: 70/70/70/70

    3. Jade Jungle
    Itzel touches the ground below her. Causing a jungle to rise around her. Healing all allies and herself for 50/100/150/200 + .30 AP and rooting enemies for 1 second. Enemies also take 100/125/175/200 + .35 AP damage.
    If Itzel is black in color from 'Colorful Fury' this skill has a wider range and heals 25% more for Itzel
    Cool Down: 13/12/12/11
    Range: 5m
    Mana cost: 60/60/70/70

    4. Color Strike
    Itzel summons all the colors in front of her and sends them flying in a straight line. Colors will damage and root all enemies hit for 1 second.
    Damage: 200/300/400 + 1.00 AP
    If Itzel is black in color from 'colorful fury' this skill launches only a black color at enemies. Dealing an extra 50/100/150 + .15 to the skill and heals Itzel for 50% of the damage dealt if an enemy is killed.
    Cool Down: 70/60/50
    Range: 500m
    Mana cost: 100/125/150

    Yeah. Hope y'all enjoyed.

    Sorry if the drawing looks a bit rushed. I was doodling and I created her and I thought it would make a cool hero.

    Btw her hair is gonna be rainbow but I ain't fucking with color pencils cause I'm bad at coloring.​
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    Dec 17, 2012
  3. Sadowmancer

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    Feb 10, 2015
    True AF tho.
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    Apr 2, 2015
    Apparently sadow has three-
    No FIVE
    ...six... Seven...
    I give up.
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    Jun 18, 2015
    Her right tit is lower than her left. Nice third eye, i bet you believe in that shit in real life. You forgot the skill where she cleanses her chakras by doing yoga, going vegan, and meditation. 10/10 brainwashed lunatic.
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    Aug 23, 2014
    i have some critics please do take them as good rather than bad.
    1- Her 49-25% health skin makes her regen Hp cz of her leech which will make it harder for her to reach the so wanted 24% health to enable her fury
    ** well considering this form is a prerage form if you want to call it this way, it should give about 15% mvt speed and a burn or bleed or whatever on her auto attacks.
    2- The fury mode at 0.1-24% health is not as worth as the other modes, some can be much more usefull
    **maybe consider adding some other effects like a bonus mvt speed on attack to make it more tempting to get to that black mode
    3- Her 2nd skill seems good, but the range of 6m seems kind of unfair to her in black because she will have a range of 8m and it could seem weird for her to have to move closer to ranged targets to be able to throw her main poking abilty.
    ** maybe incrasing the range when she gets black could solve this
    4- Does the 2nd skill reduces mag and phys or just mag defence? and does the reduction stacks? and how much does it reduce? these are key informations u didnt mention.
    5- Her 3rd skill is op, the group heal is good, the damage and the root, this is way too much for just a skill.
    **i m sorry but this skill needs to be rethought from the roots ( roots, jungle ,get it :p) Or maybe you could make this skill that way :
    color bomb:
    itzell throw a color bomb at a chosen location dealing damage to ennemies it touches and marking them with a color mark. Damaging marked targets in anyway consumes the mark stunning them for 0.5 secs and dealing extra damage.
    if itzell is black from "color fury" she recieve a healing aura for 3 secs that heals anyone inside for 75% of the damage dealt by the bomb and the mark
    75% of initial damage instantly and 25% on the mark
    range increased to 8m
    radius is as big as nutts grenade
    cooldown: 13-12-11-10-9

    6- now i like this lux ult, but the range should be decreased to 100 or at least 200, the extra damage is busted, consider removing the Ap scaling off it.c

    7- the heal off a kill from the ult is not needed, i think she might need a reduce in cooldown or a mana refund or smthg else.

    in general i like this hero and she could be really good ingame, late game carry as i see. Her skill set is very nice exept the 3rd who just doesnt fit this color lady and her ult is a great finishing move. The lack of mobility really explains the ammount of cc she has.
    very good idea.

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