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    First off this is my first guide and even if it wasn't I'll accept negative feedback *even if its rude* I've been using skale very much and found him to be a combination of jombraa, doom prophet, and phase as he can perform all of their roles as a powerful mage tank *and I'll explain why later*

    *I won't go give many exact numbers but just explain how I view each skill, provide key points and how I think the devs wanted him to be used*

    Crippling blast, a very low damage skill that does 10 base damage and 1% slow to speed and atk speed *per point* on whatever it hits, I have found this skill to be rather situational as the lower speed and atk speed is only useful until the target is stunned where it will end by the time the stun is over *which I think needs to be changed ;-;* I mainly use this to slow down escaping victims for my team, or kite with, or stun that kagax who is low on health, it can definitely help you or a teammate last long enough for other skills to go off cool down. *Also good at ticking off an evistix and turning game into 4v5*

    Flying Fury, the reason I compare this hero to horse, this makes me think of horse ult with lower range and CD, use this combined with arrogance cloak and hermetists cape and your target will almost always have to run in a 1v1 *except for against fish because he's simply your main counter just by being around* I mainly use this for hit and runs early game and save crushing blast for running. The extra defense helps but being his only single target skill really makes it shine.

    Stone Soul, this is by far one of the best laning tools in the game Imo as it counters another best *that's right I'm talking about you battle mage* I mainly use it for tower hugging which really gives you the role of defending lanes with lots of pressure while the rest of your team steam roles through towers, you will starve your enemies to death. This skill will also consider your ult *statue* as a building *maybe phase's ult to I haven't tested that yet* The active to this skill really helps get the job done and what makes this hero so strong as you will be able to even out sustain a jombraa in a fist fight. One last note is that it will stop the enemy from harvesting as shields to not provide any HP for breaking into which can definitely serve as a counter to that Marithus playing immortal with your carry.

    Eternal Guardian, probably the most situational skill this hero has, during the laning portion of the game I mainly use it for the extra regen as it counts as a building, most of the time I try not to use flying fury on it in a group fight by fear of screwing with my teammates targeting, but it can be used for a good save when your team is being chased by several enemy heroes. If you were to have it explode in a fight I would suggest waiting till the last second since the damage and stun time is low and your team would benefit more from you soaking up damage first. One last benefit is that it activates strategist tablets, effectively healing a whole team by 0.5% of their max HP and mp per second which gives skale some uses in guild matches.

    Now onto the items that you may need.

    I'd suggest being one of the first expensive items to build is hermetists cape in whatever cheap item order you find necessary for the situation.

    Tempest boots I find viable only if your team fights will have a lot of pushing and retreating or if that's the situation in lane as this will help you get away with crippling blast trolls.

    Arrogance cloak, is a must in this build, I suggest already building into it before hermetists cape is finished.

    Bone flame wand, this will really make you shine as a mage tank as this allows you to out spam jombraa in heals, while making sure your crippling blast is there when you need it.

    Searing Orb, it allows piercing through even more defense, I only find this item viable if your enemies are building m def or have one of those evil, demonic, relentless fish.

    Staff of Rectitude, I tend to build this instead of fire orb *or I get both if I ditched the boots* if the enemy is building nothing but damage.

    Furnames blade, the only reason I find this situational is because if one of your carries left who is going to replace them? This combined with bone flame will allow you to spam heal and spam stun. Vital if enemy team has a lot of kiters though.

    Spider queen, I usually build this unless the enemy team has only 1-2 physical heroes and 3-4 mages *Depends on how much everyone is fed sometimes *

    Hades, this is vital if your enemies consist of more physical damage then magical damage, it will keep you under fire longer for the rest of your team to get the job done.

    Something cloak! or is it a robe, anyway get this which provides m def and a magic shield active, or get the shield thingy of somethingness depends if everyone is mage or almost all of the damage is magical, If their is some decent amount of physical damage, I suggest the shield over the cloak, if its pretty even I suggest farseers cloak.


    This hero requires only one tablet and the rest is up to you, The strategist is probably the most vital thing you will have early to mid game as it allows you to defend a lane from a siege of several enemy heroes, you may hit and run knowing that your tower is like a weaker version of a life well, and that 15% DMG buff will ensure that tower divers who try to get rid of you will have a much harder time, not that chasing you around the tower, while you are healing 15-25 per sec and throwing up stone soul is hard enough.

    Group fights, when in a group fight skale can be very versatile with aggressive play and kiting, I normally dive in and do as much damage as possible along with healing/tanking with ult and fall back behind teammates until I manage to heal myself while spam stunning with crippling blast.

    Final thoughts,
    Skale is hero with lane sustain relatable to or even better than jombraa, his main drawbacks are that most players don't know that he capable of defending a lane so easily and you may lose your potential to shine once that horse left a full jungle to help lane. Skale is almost never banned in ranked but jombraa and horse are banned half the time and skale can provide a replacement to either or both when it comes to reaching late game.This hero like many other supports are meant to drag out the group fights, all tho this one is meant to drag out the entire match in your teams favor, once you have been sufficiently fed you may have an easy time single handedly stopping enemy heroes from snowballing, after all its been an eternity since he last ate.

    Anyways I hope you find the guide helpful, I only suggest this build viable if your team is having trouble killing the enemy carries even with your cc effects, if not build as a tank support shown from another guide that was made by another forumer.
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    I totally get you with skale I now wreak everyone. Do you mind checking out my first guide to Kortav.

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