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    Bored of using the same heroes? Wanted to make a hero of your desire? Share it here!

    Hi! I'm Spacial and I see you want to make a hero idea! Fantastic!

    Of course, all heroes need stats, and if you need a stat range then you may use this as a reference!


    It is separated into 4 parts as there are 4 classes:

    *Those in brackets are heroes that has the highest stat/lowest stat that may be worth knowing.*

    The stats are the range of a class has. This means if the stat has a range of 45 - 56, you can pick a stat between 45 to 56. As long as it isn't lesser or greater than the range of the stat.


    As the category suggests, guardians protect your allies. Thus, a guardian's HP and Defense stats are the highest. A normal guardian has:

    HP: 568 - 587 (Lut'Hiran & Jombraa)
    MP: 334 (Erefern) - 360 (Balondis & King Reega)
    Auto Attack Damage: 49 - 51
    Attack Speed: 0.71 - 0.72 (Valox, Erefern & 12-B)
    Physical Defense: 22 - 24 (12-B & Balondis)
    Magical Defense: 17 - 19
    Movement Speed: 4.15 (Jombraa) - 4.42 (Balondis)
    HP Regen: 1.16 - 1.22 (Balondis)
    MP Regen: 1.02 (Erefern) - 1.1 (Balondis & King Reega)


    Fighters or AD heroes are your main physical damage dealer. They rely on auto attacks than skills to damage your enemy. Therefore, their Physical Attack damage are the highest, but has low defense stats. A normal fighter has:

    HP: 492 (Ihaelryna) - 549 (Evistix, Kuirass & Nuutt)
    MP: 334 (Savaer) - 360 (Evistix & Kuirass)
    Auto Attack Damage: 40 (Aria & Lebmont) - 53 (Kagax)
    Attack Speed: 0.68 (Aria & Lebmont) - 0.75 (Savaer)
    Physical Defense: 14 - 16
    Magical Defense: 10 - 12
    Movement Speed: 4.2 - 4.45 (Evistix)
    HP Regen: 0.92 - 0.98
    MP Regen: 1.02 - 1.1


    Say hello to wizards or AP heroes. A wizard is a terrifying presence in a battle as they rely on skills to battle rather than auto attack. Hence, their MP and Magical Auto Attack are the highest. Similar to Fighters, they cannot stand a single hit. A normal mage has:

    HP: 492 (Anuir) - 568 (Guervus, Archimtiros & Goroshia)
    MP: 360 (Acridix) - 412 (Anuir)
    Auto Attack Damage: 46 (Goldfur) - 57 (Goroshia)
    Attack Speed: 0.69 (Mystic) - 0.73 (Anuir)
    Physical Defense: 13 (Archimtiros & Machry) - 16 (Acridix)
    Magical Defense: 11 (Archimtiros & Machry) - 13 (Anuir)
    Movement Speed: 4.2 (Goroshia) - 4.35 (Migrove)
    HP Regen: 0.89 - 0.95
    MP Regen: 1.14 - 1.26


    Supports consist of both Magical and Physical Supporters. Instead of combat, they support allies by giving them buffs or debuff enemies to improve the chances of victory. They do not have a highest stat, making them versatile in ways. A normal supporter has:

    HP: 530 (Sia) - 568 (Helmm)
    MP: 360 (Kirasath) - 386 (Anioah & Lathier)
    Auto Attack Damage: 41 (Khlint) - 50 (Peila)
    Attack Speed: 0.67 (Helmm) - 0.71
    Physical Defense: 18 - 19
    Magical Defense: 16
    Movement Speed: 4.1 (Lathier) - 4.4 (Peila)
    HP Regen: 1.24 - 1.27
    MP Regen: 1.2 - 1.28

    NOTE: You may balance the hero in many ways, but this rule must be obeyed.
    1. High Damage with Low Defense and vice versa.
    2. Ranged heroes: Low damage, Melee heroes: High damage.

    That's all you need to make your hero stat! If you find it helpful, rate it comment it below to improve it! Once again, this is Spacial. Over and out!


    Q: We previously use Physical/Magical Attack. Why isn't it here?
    A: Good question! You see, Physical/Magical Attack is a stat, not the damage you deal. The stats are made to scale your auto attack damage and skills, improving your damage output.

    Q: Where did you get those stats?
    A: Here. Click to view. <Hero Stats>
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    THX. I will need this...
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    You're an amazing person . And paladin is a carry not a tank even tho he's a guardian lol
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    You forgot 2 other classes: Extremity and Troll Heroes.:D
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    that's insane amount of work, and time you've put, and the best that anyone has done. WOW.
    I'm going to keep the excel sheet as my wall paper. Lol

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    Useful. Thanks Spa

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