The Love Spell

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    <3 The Love Spell <3​
    <3 When the heroes of Haradon are enchanted into a curse, and blessing sort of, they all fall in love. But things start to get out of hand when some love are not meant to be... <3

    <3 1. Hearts From The Sky <3​
    Equellia poured tea Archimtiros's mug as she sang a song about love.
    It had been centuries since Archimtiros had been a human, an immortal one. Equellia was very happy, because now she didn't have to kill anyone who made fun of him.
    "So, how was your day?" Equellia asked.
    "It's good." Archimtiros replied. "Quite bloody actually."
    "How so?"
    "I had to kill an entire village because they had discovered who I was, so I had to make sure they didn't find out."
    "That's sad."
    Equellia wasn't watching and the tea had poured all over the grass from where they were sitting. Archimtiros stood up immediately as Equallia whispered a sorry. Archimtiros shook his head and smiled. Equellia shielded her eyes from the sun, but when she did, there was some sort of thing in the sky.
    "What's that?" Equellia exclaimed, pointing to the sky.
    Archimtiros looked up to the sky. There was a comet flying down to the ground, and it was in front of where they were facing. The comet crashed and there was a big explosion. The blast nearly threw Archimtiros across the ground.
    "Let's go find out what that is." Archimtiros said, as he began to walk towards the explosion.
    "Don't!" Equellia shouted. "It could be dangerous!"
    "Don't worry. I'm immortal."
    Equellia sighed as she followed him. They went down the hill, away from their picnic as they headed into the woods ahead. Equellia sensed there was something wrong. She had an unusual feeling of wanting to throw herself at Archimtiros and kiss him. Archimtiros too had this feeling. He wanted to pin Equellia against the wall and kiss her, and do whatever is next.
    "I feel a little weird." Equellia said.
    "Me too, but we must continue on." Archimtiros said. "We're getting close, can you see the purple light over there? That's the explosion."
    Equellia continued flying, slowly across the woods. When the two had finally reached where the blast had happened, they both gasped.
    There lay a woman. She had pink robes made out of a light silk. Her robes had feathers, and she was wearing a crown. She didn't have any shoes, and there was some sort of purple, pink dome around her. She coughed, and then opened her eyes. She saw the 2 and frowned.
    "Looks like you to need some love!" She screamed.
    She said a few chants, but none of the two could hear it. They did make out some words, it was like "Abti Nak Su" and "Paya Di Ko." Then, there was a bright light emitting from her. Then, the whole world seemed to explode...
    Akartu had a perfect day killing any victims that crossed her path. Her clothes were covered in blood and her claws had a few intestines hanging from it. Akartu did not care for the less. All she wanted to do was kill.
    Akartu walked down the roads of the woods. This was no ordinary woods though, it had all sorts of strange animals and insects. Akartu was looking for Nuutt. Nuutt had probably made one of the most rude things to do to another person, she had stolen Akartu's neckalce. This necklace was the only thing Akartu had of home, but now some child was going to selll it.
    As Akartu continued down the road, she had noticed something. She had an unusual feeling, but she couldn't describe it. She didn't care, and continued down the road.
    "Hey Nuutt! I got some food for ya!" Shouted Akartu.
    There was some rustling in the trees as Akartu instantly turned back and threw her claw at whatever it was and pulled it back.
    "Gotcha." Akartu said.
    Nuutt whimpered, and then smiled. She suddenly took out her slingshot and shot herself up into the air. Akartu looked confused for a second, and then, suddenly, Nuutt when flying back down and smacking a nut on Akartu's head.
    Akartu groaned, and then shook her head and looked at the smiling Nuutt.
    "I'll get you!" Akartu screamed.
    She threw her red claw at Nuutt and dashed to her. She scratched Nuutt and made a spin while using her blue claw to pull Nuutt back when she tried to run away.
    By the time Akartu was done with Nuutt, she was bleeding and not moving on the ground.
    "And my necklace." Akartu said as she pulled it out of Nuutt's hand.
    Akartu wore her necklace back as she closed her eyes and sighed in relief. When she opened her eyes again, she screamed.
    There was a purple wave of some sort of energy coming at her. It hit her hard and she got blasted a few feet away. Suddenly, Nuutt stood up, with no cuts and smiled at her. Akartu suddenly had this strange feeling again. Akartu used her blue claw and grabbed Nuutt. Then, without any thinking, she kissed her...

    <3 2. Love Around The World <3​
    Pretty much soon, all of Haradon had felt this strange feeling. They all wanted to hug, kiss, and do whatsoever. No matter what or who they were, there was just love everywhere. No one could stop it, and the woman who caused it, she disappeared without a trace.
    The next day after it happened, almost everyone had kissed. For those who didn't, they were still in the stage of this unusual feeling. It only started off with that feeling, but then it turned into scenes and weirder feelings in their head. Next, it was actions. And the last stage, who knows what will happen.
    "Don't do this." Laurelai said slowly.
    "Why? Won't you like it?" Migrove asked.
    "No." Laurelai said.
    "Well then, perhaps I'll have to force you!" Migrove shouted.
    At that very second, Laurelai had binded Migrove with a seed of corruption. He shouted swears as he waved his hand all over the place. Laurelai, acting quickly before Migrove could do anything took out 2 blades shaped like boomerangs threw them at Migrove. He shouted in terror as he turned back into water.
    Laurelai sighed in relief, but the moment she turned back her head, Skale was there, and grabbed her as she screamed.
    "No!!!" Laurelai cried. "Don't do this!"
    But Skale couldn't listen. His eyes were shining pink, instead of his normal color, purple. He squeezed Laurelai and he brought her close to him as they locked lips. Laurelai tried to scream, but was soon hypnotized by this curse as her eyes shined pink.
    That was only the woods where Laurelai roamed, chaos was spreading out over in the cities, such as Greenmont.
    "Save my child, please!" A woman screamed for help.
    "I'm sorry, did you mean I have to shoot your child?" Lebmont asked.
    "No!" The woman cried.
    It was too late, Lebmont fired 3 shots where the child was. This child though, was already infected by the love. Lebmont had tried to kill as much infected people as he could. They always got too near him, but luckily for his fast reflexes, he was able to detect and shoot them.
    "Don't worry, come with me." Lebmont said.
    "How about my child?" The woman asked, crying.
    "He was infected, but we must keep going, or we'll be---"
    Lebmont looked in terror at the person who was kissing him. It was a woman dressed in armor, with blonde hair and eyes were pink. She was infected.
    Lebmont dropped his guns and he put his hands over the woman's cheek. He had given into the love, and he couldn't save the city anymore...
    "It's too late, they got Greenmont." Lathier said.
    "We must keep moving on, or they'll infect us." Lilit said.
    "Good idea." Anuir agreed.
    The three had barely made out of Greenmont without getting infected. They had really close counters, but they were only lucky. They were immune to the feelings, but certainly not to the spit and saliva of those who were infected. They were all grossed out, and had promised not to love a single thing again.
    The three had formed a plan, they were gonna walk in a certain order, and were gonna go back to Lathier's old village. Anuir was in the front, because she could always stop anything that came into their way. Lathier was in the middle, because she could heal both Lilit and Anuir. Lilit was in the back, because she could protect them with her shadows.
    "Whatver happens, we stick together." Anuir said.
    The others nodded in agreement. They did not want to lock lips with anybody, and with not a common human being. If they were gonna love, they would have to have time and patience, and somebody, but that was impossible because whatever they saw, they had killed it with no mercy.
    "We should stop for camp." Lathier suggested.
    The others looked at her and nodded, but noticed something different. Her eyes were, pink...
    "Attack!" Anuir screamed.
    Lilit instantly summoned a shadow of Lathier and threw a ball of shadow at her. Lathier instantly fell to the ground, and once she did, at least 5 dozens of the infected were surrounding them...

    <3 3. The Ship Town <3​
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    <3 The Love Spell <3
    <3 Part 2 <3​
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    It's like a zombie apocalypse situation but with love spell. Nice idea

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