Tower of Haradon (Season 1)

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    Year 2690, the Great War had ended leaving the lands of Haradon in an apocalyptic state. All those who remain in this world were left to suffer in an environment where rebuilding of civilization could no longer occur. With the God concluding that life on this planet would not last much longer, he created a tower. It was a tower with multiple floors in which each floor seemed to be as big as Haradon itself, a tower where people can rebuild society, a tower to live a happy life.

    However, the tower was not for everyone as the God did not create the tower out of kindness towards the inhabitants of Haradon. He constructed tests to enter and climb each floor. Each test putting the lives of the challengers on the line so that the weak and worthless would cease to exist. The higher an individual ascends the tower, the greater prosperity the individual shall experience but the greater difficulty the tests become.

    Some choose to simply make it into the tower and live their lives that way. Others seek greater things such as power and wealth by climbing the tower to one day take on the greatest test; challenge the creator itself and become the new God who shall rule the tower known as the Tower of Haradon.
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    Chapter 1 The New Challenger

    “Finally, I managed to find one!” He shouted as he stood in front of one of the enormous magical arched gates; the entrance to the Tower of Haradon. He took a deep breath and proceeded to enter.

    Second Floor - Watcher’s Bar

    “It’s him!” One of the men yelled out in the rowdy bar as he pointed to one of the screens. A few others gathered around to watch with their glasses filled with beer, all ready to enjoy the show.

    “What’s going on?” another man had asked.

    The bartender responded “Aye you must be a newcomer here. That there is Marithus, the toughest guardian to go up against in the entrance test. All those who have faced him have met their deaths. The people of this bar enjoy watching him slaughter the poor souls who go up against him. I feel sorry for the guy who stands before him in the next few seconds.”

    The man and bartender look up at the screen.

    Somewhere underground

    “Finally some light!” The man walks into the lit room after what seemed to be a long walk down a dark tunnel. The man looked around, observing his surroundings. The room seemed to be an underground cavern in the shape of a circle with cameras fixed on the ceiling in multiple corners.

    Across from where he entered was an exit from the room. In front, stood an old man who was carrying a sword with the blade resting on his left shoulder. The old man wore armor as if he was a gladiator from the war times of Haradon. He smiled. “Welcome to the entrance of the Tower of Haradon. My name is Marithus and I will be the guardian who will administer your test. The test is simple, take one step through the exit behind me and you will be considered to have passed. However, I will try to stop you. And by stopping you, I mean I will be killing you. Just to let you know, of the 854 people who have stood before me, not a single one made it out alive. Good luck!”

    The challenger with a serious face tightly gripped the handle in the middle of the two blades on the ends of his sword, which shined with a magnificent blue colour. He begins running straight towards Marithus.

    Marithus smirks “Amateur. Take this, Just Desserts”. He holds up the sword pointed towards the challenger and fires a projectile. The challenger’s quick instincts allow him to side step the projectile’s direction and continues running toward Marithus. The challenger’s blade begins to surge with lightning as he thrusts out the sword with the intention of stabbing Marithus.

    Marithus holds his sword in a defensive position, ready to block the attack. The challenger redirects his blade and awkwardly stabs the ground less than a metre in front of Marithus. The area around the sword becomes filled with lightning. Marithus sees the defenceless opening and swings his sword. The challenger mutters “Lightning Laceration”. In that instant he appears behind Marithus. The challenger yells out “Lightning Kick” as he kicks Marithus from the back sending him 15 metres towards where the challenger entered.

    Martihus stumbles and thinks “No... He will make it to the exit.” He quickly looks back and is surprised to see the challenger standing from where he was kicked, looking straight into the eyes of Marithus. He asks “You could easily have walked through that exit just now. What is the reasoning behind your actions?”

    The man spoke “For a devil like you that finds joy in killing those who wish to rebuild their lives in a better atmosphere, you don’t deserve to live.”

    Marithus laughs maniacally “How interesting... you clearly do not know what you are up against.” The two fighters charge at each other. Marithus thrusts his sword at the challenger who responds by blocking it with his blade. Marithus smirks and says “Decimation Day”. The sword unleashes an explosive in fan shape in front of him.

    However, the man appears behind Marithus once again and slashes him forcing Marithus to jump away in hesitation. The challenger takes the opportunity and throws his sword engulfed in lighting at Marithus, piercing through the armor and his heart.

    Marithus lets go of his own weapon as he staggers, taking a few steps back before he falls backwards. His body laid still. The man walks over to the body and pulls out the blade. He looks up at one of the cameras in the corner of the room and says “I am Lu Yunfei and I will become the new God who will change this tower to rid of these tests of murder. God of Haradon, I’m coming for you!”

    Author’s explanations:

    The floors of Haradon – Once an individual reaches a higher floor, they will be unable to descend to a previous floor with a few exceptions.

    Watcher’s Bar – One of the bars located in the main city of the second floor of the Tower. Aside from the food and alcohol, it is a place for customers to watch people who take tests on the lower floors including the entrance one for their amusement.

    Guardians – They are generally individuals who have made it to a higher floor but have been hired to administer tests on the lower floors. They are able to descend to a previous floor for the sole purpose of administering the tests. Some people become guardians to make money while others do it for the joy of killing. There are multiple guardians per test (i.e. they take shifts, many tests can be administered at the same time.)

    Gates - The gates are the entrance to the tower and to each ascending floor. There are many gates scattered around the world and in each level though it does decrease
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    Chapter 2 One Hell of a Ride

    Second Floor - Watcher’s Bar

    A brief silence was among everyone at the bar as they just witnessed the fall of Marithus. Then someone yelled out “What a fight! Woooooo!” Then the rest of the bar began cheering and so the bar returned to being rowdy as usual.

    “He might be the one” said a woman who also witnessed the moment while sitting at one of the tables in the bar.

    Back at the underground cavern

    Before Lu could take a step towards the exit of the cavern, someone comes through it. Lu gets into a battle stance ready to fight.

    “Take it easy. I am not here to fight you.” It looked like a woman but with two black curled horns, claws, talons, and enormous red and yellow wings. It was most likely a harpy. “I am an administrator and I must say, I was impressed by your performance and your little speech.”

    Lu was still tense at the sight of the harpy and shouted “If you are an administrator of this entrance test, then you are also responsible for killing innocent people.”

    The harpy responded “It’s true that I would be considered responsible but that is because you do not understand life in this tower. People need jobs to make money here too. Anyways that’s not the point of this conversation. I, too, would like to see change in this tower and I would like to help you climb this tower sooner. With my authorization, you should find yourself at the gate for the next test after walking through here.” She steps to the side and does a gesture with her hand as if she was saying after you.

    Lu walks toward the exit. As he passes by her he stares her down to remain cautious of any trick that the harpy may pull on him. The harpy smiles as he walks into the tunnel.

    First Floor

    Lu steps out of the tunnel and into the light. He observes his surroundings to see that he ended up in a forest. He looks back to see that the place he walked out of was a temple and down the stairs in front of him. At the bottom of the stairs was another magical arched gate. He smirks “Well it seems she was telling the truth.” He walks down the stairs and enters the gate.

    First Floor – Test Control Room

    One of the guardians in the control room sees the man walking through the tunnel for the first floor test. “Hey, look over here! I heard this guy murdered Marithus in the entrance test and said he will become the next God.”

    The other guardian in the control room looks over. “If he thinks he is so great that he can become God, how about we up the level for his test to three enemies and only three minutes?”

    “I like the way you think” responded the first guardian. The two begin to laugh out loud.

    First Floor Test - Somewhere underground

    Lu was irritated as he walked down the corridor. “Another tunnel...” The tunnel was much shorter than the last as Lu quickly found himself at a platform with a train car stopped with one of the doors open. With no other options available to Lu, he enters the train. He looks around to find that he is in the car at the back end of the train. The doors of the train shut behind him and the train’s public address (PA) system turns on.

    “Welcome challenger to the first floor test known as the hell train. You won’t be able to see from inside the train, but all the cars on the train are rigged with explosives such that when the train collides with a tower at the end of the track, you will die. The challenge is simple. Once the train departs, you will have three minutes to make it to the front and use the brake system. Of course, there will be obstacles along the way. Good luck!”

    The train begins to move leaving the platform and travels down a tunnel. Lu comments “Great more tunnels.” Shortly after, the door, connecting the train car to the next, slides open.

    A fish-like man with fins and a tail walks in. He wore some pieces of armor along his arms and wielded a trident. He yells out “die!” and runs toward Lu with his trident in front of him.

    Lu whispers to himself “Better end this quickly” and throws his sword straight at the fish man. The fish man parries the sword causing it to stick into the ceiling of the train car. The ceiling around the sword becomes surging with electricity.

    Lu sees the opportunity and says “Lord of Lightning” and appears upside down where the sword was pierced into the ceiling. He flips himself right side up as he falls back to the floor of the train. This took the fish man by surprise. He quickly says “Frozen Armor” then shards of ice begin to form around him flying outward but by the time he turned around it was too late. Lu says “Lightning Kick” and kicks the fish man out the back of the train into the darkness. Lu feels a slight pain as if he took some recoil for the kick he delivered to the fish man. Being aware of the time limit for this challenge, he suppresses the pain and quickly makes his way into the next train car.

    The train car was empty so he ran down it toward the next. Then all of a sudden an explosive wave as long as the width of the train comes flying through at the same level of Lu’s head. Lucky for Lu, he was able to react swiftly by bending back as if he was doing the matrix. After dodging the projectile, he returns to his normal posture and makes his way to the door to the next train car.

    He slides the door open and sees a grenade shaped like an acorn flying through the air towards his face. He immediately ducks and dives forward and to the side as the grenade flies behind him and detonating sending shrapnel flying around. Lucky for him it exploded in the car behind him so he was untouched by the shrapnel. He gets up and notices a little girl with a slingshot and nuts....

    Lu frustrated by the stuff thrown at him from this girl earlier begins to angrily charge forward. The girl begins slinging nuts at him but Lu is able to dodge and reflect them with his sword. With only a few steps away from each other, the girl gets scared and says “Sling” as she shoots herself to the top of the train car.

    Lu looks up at the girl on the ceiling with an awkward face and sarcastically says “Yeah that will keep you safe.” With his right hand he pulls the girl down onto the ground and with his sword in his left hand he stabs the girl through her chest. He takes it out and makes his way to the next car leaving the girl to bleed out.

    He goes through two empty train cars before encountering a twisted knight with three arms, each holding on to a sword engulfed in flames. The knight holds out his arms and begins spinning towards Lu. Lu says to himself “I don’t have the time to fight you.” He throws his lightning surged sword past the spinning knight and mutters “Lord of Lightning” instantly appearing where it landed. Without caring to fight the knight he runs ahead. Unfortunately for the knight, he became too dizzy to chase after Lu properly.

    The next train car was the front car. Lu spots the brakes and pulls on them with just a few metres left between the train and the tower in front. The side train door opens and the PA system comes on again “Thank you for riding the hell train. You may proceed down the hall to the second floor of the Tower of Haradon.”

    Lu was displeased that he was unable to come in contact with the guardian of the test. He yells out “You hide yourselves while you let others do the dirty work? I swear if I find you, I will be sure to end your life.” He exits the train and walks down the hall.

    After going through the hallway and exiting in what appeared to be a train station, Lu finds himself within a city.

    Author’s Explanations:

    Administrator – Individuals who direct guardians. In other words, they can be considered the supervisors/bosses of guardians. They, too, have the ability to move to lower floors for the purpose of their job. They also have the power to perform special things for challengers as seen with Lu.

    Hell train – A challenger normally has ten minutes to make it through the train and encounters only one to two obstacles. Leaving the train during the test would result in death.
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    Chapter 3 - The World Within the Tower

    Lu looks around the city. He sees an inn over to the far end to his right. He slowly scans towards the left. As he scans, he sees crowds of people, here and there, merchants trying to negotiate with customers on the goods they are trying to sell. Over to the left, he sees a bar with loud cheering coming from inside. The city was like one you would find in the world of Haradon before the war occurred.

    The sun begins to set. Lu takes a deep breath to take in the civilization created within the tower. He feels a slight pain from back when he fought the fish man causing him to place his hand on his leg to try and suppress it. With the day becoming night soon and going through two tests in a row, Lu knew he should rest. He quickly turns to start making his way towards the inn and bumps into someone.

    The person he bumps into yells “Hey! Watch where you are go...” It was a woman who looked like she was of Asian descent dressed in a lovely red dress. The woman then had a look of astonishment and says “It’s you!” She then tries to impersonate Lu with a manly voice “I will become the new God who will change this tower to rid of these tests of murder.” She goes back to speaking in her own voice “Ugh... if I knew you would show up on this floor so soon, I would have asked my friends to wait.”

    Lu was confused on whether he should be angry at the stranger for mocking him. “Who are you and what do you want with me?” he asked.

    The woman apologizes and bows “I am Qiu Yuelan. I am a huge fan of yours. I will do whatever I can to help you in becoming the God of Haradon. Even if I die helping you, I will be satisfied if it brings you one step closer to your goal”

    Lu snickers and says “Sorry but I don’t need your help.”

    Qiu sighs “I don’t think you understand the difficulties of climbing this tower. Working with others is important. In fact, the next floor test involves teamwork. Don’t you think it would be better to get to know someone before taking the test?”

    “Why would you go to such lengths to help me become the God of Haradon?” wondered Lu.

    “There’s something about you after watching your fight with Marithus at the bar. Now in person, I see it in your eyes that you could very well be the person that can change this tower for the better. I, too, would like this cruel world to the weak individuals, to come to an end” responded Qiu.

    Lu takes a good look at her to see any indications of her lying. “Alright, you seem to be telling the truth. We shall work together on the next test but first, I need to rest.”

    Qiu gets excited from the agreement “Great! I doubt you have any money on you, so you can stay with me at the inn.”

    The two head into the inn and up to Qiu’s room on the second floor. She welcomes him into the room “Here it is!”

    Lu walks in and sees a small but cozy room with a desk next to the window and one queen sized bed... “Uhhh...”

    Qiu chuckles “Don’t worry, I won’t bite. We are a team now!” The two each take a side of the bed as night falls.

    The next morning

    Qiu stretches her arms out as she steps out of the inn. Lu looks at her with a serious face and asks “Okay where is the gate in this city?”

    Qiu sighs “You really do not know much about the world in this tower. How did you even find a gate in the first floor so fast?”

    Lu responded “It was right in front of me after exiting the entrance test.”

    Qiu was surprised by his comment “Are you kidding me? You must be really lucky then. Anyways on each floor the gates are scattered all over the place. The good thing is that we have information on most of the gates and the tests thanks to the techs.”

    Lu was beginning to be satisfied that he agreed to teaming up with Qiu. “So where is the closest gate from here?”

    “That would be just past the east forest but everyone goes that way so it would be dangerous” she tells him.

    Lu questions her “What do you mean dangerous?”

    Qiu sighs again “You really are hopeless without me. The people have established laws in each city that results in them being safe zones. Outside of the cities, there is no law. Some people out there are savage and just kill for fun. It’s kind of sad that despite the great war of Haradon coming to an end, people still enjoy seeing others suffer. I guess you can say the tower influences such behaviour.”

    Lu was touched by her words “Then it looks like I better become the new God of Haradon as soon as possible” he said.

    Qiu smiles and continues “Anyways, I would suggest we head south through the desert. The chances of encountering people out to kill us will be slim.”

    As she seemed very informed of this floor, Lu agreed to going through the desert so they set out heading south.

    In the middle of the desert

    The two were trekking through the sand of the desert as the sun shined upon them. Lu could feel the sweat falling down his face. He glances over at Qiu who apparently was looking at him. She quickly looks ahead to avoid the awkwardness of looking at each other.

    As if Qiu and Lu have a sixth sense they swiftly jump back as a man suddenly appears out of the sand saying “Power Strike” as he leaps and slams the ground in which Qiu and Lu were at with his two swords. Two other men dressed the same as the first; also wielding two swords appeared from the sand behind him.

    Qiu mutters “Assassins!”

    Author’s explanations:

    Qiu Yuelan – She was the woman in the bar at the start of the second chapter. Please note that any lore about characters within the HOC game will not apply to this story. So Qiu is unrelated to Lu in any way.

    Tech – A name given to individual who is able to communicate with other techs from other floors depending how experienced they are at using the ability. Due to this ability to communicate, they are great sources of information regarding locations of gates, people, and details of the tests.
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    Chapter 4 - The Hunt Begins

    “Well, well, well. What do we have here?” said the lead assassin.

    “It seems you guys are in our territory”, one of the assassins behind the lead one said.

    “We’re just passing by, don’t worry about us.” Qiu sarcastically told them.

    The lead assassin laughed out loud. “Enough of your games, hand over your money and weapons or prepare to die!”

    Lu was getting frustrated over this conversation yells out “I’ve had enough of this!” and begins to run towards them, his lightning blade in hand.

    The lead assassin mutters “Scorpion Sting”. All of a sudden a large scorpion emerges from the sand and targets Lu with its deadly tail.

    Within that instant, Qiu puts her right hand on Lu’s left should and does a front flip. While in the air, she stabs straight down through the body of the scorpion with her weapon. As she lands back on the sand upright, the lead assassin shouts out “Get her!”

    The other two assassin immediately charge at her. Qiu quietly says “Doppelganger”. Within a second two more Qius show up beside her. Each one able to stab the other assassins to their death before they are able to react. A few seconds later, the Qius disappear leaving one Qiu who continues toward the lead assassin.

    They clash weapons bringing the two into a deadlock. They try putting in as much force to push the other back, which can be seen by the look of effort in the assassin’s face but Qiu grins. The assassin had not noticed earlier but finally realized that Lu’s sword was driven into the ground behind him surging with lightning. He turns his head around, which at that moment, Lu suddenly appears and quickly slashes the assassin’s back.

    The assassin drops to one knee with his left arm placed on his back where he had been slashed by Lu in pain. He looks up to see Qiu standing right in front of him. She tells him “The game is over for you” and thrusts her blade down into his forehead and through his skull.

    She looks over at Lu who has a confused expression on his face. Lu asks “Your weapon?”

    Qiu giggles a little “Oh it seems our blades look quite similar but each with their own tricks. I guess it was fate that we would meet each other and team up.”

    Lu nods. He looks out into the distance using his right hand to try to block off the sun from his eyes. “I think I see the gate over there”

    Qiu looks for herself “Yeah it looks like it is! Let’s go!” They continue through the desert and enter the magical gate after taking a short break to rest a bit.

    In a hallway

    Qiu and Lu find themselves in a hallway with a door at the end. They head towards the door with a sign above it written “Waiting Room”. The two open the doors and enter. Inside they find numerous people. Some people were standing around, some were sitting, some were having conversations with others, some were off by themselves. There must have been around 100 people within that room. One of the individuals in the corner of the room sees Lu and Qiu enter the room and says to himself “He seems to be the one that matches the description.”

    After a minute passes by a PA system comes on. The conversations around the room quiet down. “Good afternoon. We, the guardians, of this test, apologize for the wait. We welcome you challengers to the second floor test known as the man hunt. Beyond the doors, which will open in five minutes, to give you time to prepare, lies a 10km x 10km jungle. The challenge is simple. Once you enter, you will have ten minutes to run, hide, or do nothing. Your job is to survive for the following hour within the jungle. Of course, there will be four guardians who will be hunting you guys down. Good luck!”

    The other challengers continue with their conversations, some do stretches to get ready, etc.

    Lu whispers to Qiu “I thought you said this was a team test. Sounds to me that it would be better to be alone to hide better.”

    Qiu whispers back “I don’t know. That is what my tech friend told me before he went on ahead with my other friends.”

    “It seems your friend has the right information” someone from behind them whispers. Qiu and Lu turn around to see an inhuman-like blue creature.

    The creature introduces himself “My name is Migrove. Sorry for eavesdropping but your friend is correct.”

    Lu asks him “How is working with others beneficial for this challenge?”

    “I am a tech as well and I’ve obtained a lot of information regarding this test. It’s true that with a group, it would be more difficult to hide in one place. If you are alone though and are found by one of the guardians, you are pretty much as good as dead. Whereas with a team, you may have a fighting chance” explained Migrove.

    Lu with confidence tells Migrove “The jungle is huge! For others, as long as they are good at hiding, they should be fine. However, I don’t plan on hiding. People like them who enjoy killing others deserve to die.”

    Migrove laughs before saying “You really must be a fool. This is not like the entrance test in which the situation was in the challenger’s favour. This time it is the guardians who have the advantage. According to my information, the four guardians are known for clearing enemies within jungles at a quick and efficient rate. It is also believed that one of the guardians is from the fifth floor so we cannot underestimate them.”

    Qiu butts into the conversation “Lu I think we should listen to Migrove. I do not doubt your abilities but if you want to become the God of Haradon as fast as possible, you should avoid the possibilities of getting injured and having to take long rests. And Migrove, would you like to team up with us for this test?”

    Lu sighs “Alright, we will follow Migrove’s plan.”

    Migrove approves “I would be happy to work with you guys for this test.”

    A stranger walks up to the three “Excuse me but I overheard your plan and I was wondering if I can join your team? My name is Kirasath and I will support you guys as best as possible.” The green demon-like stranger wielded a scythe.

    Qiu and Migrove knew that the guardians would be a significant threat so they needed any help they can get. Without hesitation, they agree to let him join them.

    At that moment, the doors to the jungle open. The people within the waiting room rush through the doors followed behind by Lu’s team.

    It felt like the shortest ten minutes as the screams of pain and suffering began to echo through the jungle as the guardians slaughter the first few challengers they find.

    Lu’s team, with Migrove’s guidance, were able to move around from tree to tree, bush to bush, and hide when needed with the help of his Bioluminescence skill providing sight.

    Kirasath whispers “Hey Migrove, your abilities are amazing. If it weren’t for you I’d probably be dead by now.”

    Despite Migrove’s constant neutral facial expression, Lu and Qui knew Migrove was happy to hear that. “Thanks Kirasath. There should only be five minutes left until we are free.” Migrove has a sudden feeling. “One of the guardians is around one of the Bioluminescence that I just left behind. We should get moving.”

    The team move out of the bushes to quickly go to the next set of bushes but before they can make it a strange dark light appears in front of them. A second later, someone rushes in into its place. It was someone dressed in black and blue armor with a large shield and lance, all of which were radiating in a dark aura. “You, the weak and the weary, I shall be your end”

    Author’s Explanations:

    Guardians (Part 2) - In most cases, the guardians that administer tests are, at most, from two floors higher to avoid making things to difficult. Due to the nature of man hunt (i.e. running and hiding), using someone from three floors above does not increase the difficulty too drastically.

    Dark-armored Donovac – Due to the influences of the tests and the world within the tower, Donovac became tainted in darkness. He now works as a guardian for the joy of killing others.
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    Chapter 5 – Alone

    “I guess there’s nothing left to do but fight, which is fine by me” says Lu.

    Migrove informs them “We should end this quick or else another guardian might show up.”

    Lu makes a run for it toward the dark-armored guardian. He throws his lightning blade at the guardian who easily dodges it. Meanwhile, Qui says “Doppelganger” forming two clones beside her then says “Ultimate Rush”. The three Qius rush in at the guardian at a terrifying speed.

    However, the guardian quickly says “Tainted Bulwark”. The guardian assumes a defensive posture by raising his shield and blocking all the Qius’ attacks. Similar to the fight with the assassin, this was all according to plan as Lu’s blade was driven into the ground behind the guardian. Lu uses his “Lord of Lightning” to appear and go in for the slash as the guardian is busy defending against the Qius.

    The guardian yells out “Darkness of Hell”. A dark light emits from the ground beneath Lu and the Qius and flashes upward. Two of the Qius disappear from the dark light while the remaining one and Lu are pushed out and endure the damage.

    “Lu! Qiu!” yelled Kirasth. He swings his scythe shouting out “Dark Scythe”. A ball of dark energy from the scythe travels through the air.

    The guardian was slow to respond allowing the dark ball to pass through his body. The guardian stumbles a bit. Kirasath grins “Haha! My dark scythe will eat away at your body for the next few seconds.”

    The guardian rapidly stretches his arms to his sides and lets out a roar. He laughs maniacally. “Sorry for you but that ability of yours has no effect on me. I now know exactly who you are. I, Donovac, cannot allow you to live“. He shouts out “Shadow Burst”. The same strange dark light flies towards Kirasath hurting him in the process.

    Migrove screeches “Get back!” Kirasath jumps back avoiding Donovac as he rushes to the location of the dark light.

    Migrove smirks and says “Nice try!” All of a sudden four jellyfish appear around Donovac and latch on to him and begin stinging him. Migrove then yells “Shock Field”. A circle below where Donovac was standing materializes sending a sudden jolt of electrical energy through Donovac’s body. “I’m not done yet! Tidal Wave!” He walks up forming water in his palms and sends a powerful cone of it at Donovac as he is being electrified.

    With Migrove in range of Donovac, he does his best to endure the excruciating pain and says “Shield Slam”. He smashes Migrove with his shield in frustration. With Migrove knocked down to the ground he thrusts his lance toward his torso but a Lu’s lightning blade falls into the ground between them. He appears in front of Donovac and immediately says “Lightning Kick”. He kicks Donovac away from Migrove. Donovac flies toward a tree, breaking through the outer bark of it and finding his body stuck in it.

    Kirasth utters “Demon Pact” just as Lu follows in at Donovac. Lu finds himself shrouded in spiritual chains that made him feel faster. He begins swinging and stabbing his blade at a rapid speed but Donovac, once again, was using his “Tainted Bulwurk” ability to shield himself. He backs away after exhausting himself from the rapid attack allowing Donovac to free himself from tree.

    Donovac then says “Shadow Burst” to send out his darkened light projectile. This time it was targeted right in front of Qiu who was a few metres away from where Lu was standing, still trying to get up from the previous attack she endured.

    Lu screams “Qiu!!!” as he throws his lightning blade in front of her. Donovac rushes in and Lu appears where the blade lands with enough time to attack Donovac. He goes for a slash, swinging his blade from his left side but Donovac was in the motion of thrusting his lance towards Lu’s face with the tip targeted between his eyes. Lu had no time to block the lance causing him to freeze on the spot. As the lance goes closer, Lu’s experiences flashbacks of his life.

    Year 2682 in a Small Town

    “Dad! I’m going out to catch some fish” said the young boy.

    A deep manly voice is heard, “Alright Lu, be sure to catch a big one”

    The young Lu steps out of the house and runs towards the forest. It was like any other day where Lu would go out gathering, fishing, or hunting in the afternoon or so he thought.

    It was the middle of the afternoon and Lu was standing by the river waiting patiently. All of a sudden he takes his spear and drives it into the water. He pulls it out with two big fish stabbed right through. “Haha! Dad will be so happy.” With two fish on his spear and a bag full of berries he picked earlier, it was time to return home for the lad. He turns around and faces the direction in which his home was. Looking above the trees in that direction, he notices smoke and begins to run. At the edge of the forest, he comes to a halt. He drops the bag of berries in shock as he witnesses his town in flames.

    He sprints into the town wondering “Dad, please be alright”. Just as he is coming to his burning house, he says his Dad lying on his stomach in front. The young Lu quickly runs over to him and rolls him over to find that his throat was cut. Lu was now in tears “Dad...” He looks to beside his Dad. It was his sword. There was blood, still wet, along the blades on each end hiding the magnificent blue that Lu was used to seeing.

    Lu picks up the sword, wipes his tears, and puts on a serious expression on his face. He then makes a run from it leaving the town to burn to ashes.

    It was until a month later that Lu found out that the Great War had began and that his town happened to get caught in between one of the battles. Each day that followed, Lu was in search for food and water while at the same time hiding from people at war. Lu spent the next few years training himself to use his father’s sword to one day fight. But alas, it was unclear which side to take and who to trust. To remain safe, he stayed in hiding as he witnessed many people being killed. He also encountered many people that tried to kill him. By then, Lu was able to defend himself, killing people in retaliation. He spent each day of the war years with the thought “I am alone in this world”.

    Year 2690

    The Great War had come to an end leaving the world in an apocalyptic state and the Tower of Haradon was created.

    Year 2692
    “Finally, I managed to find one!” He shouted as he stood in front of gate to the Tower of Haradon. Lu thought to himself “That he would no longer have to see others suffer, that he would no longer have to kill, that he can go back to living a normal life with people in the tower.” He took a deep breath and proceeded to enter.

    Somewhere underground

    “Welcome to the entrance of the Tower of Haradon. My name is Marithus and I will be the guardian who will administer your test. The test is simple, take one step through the exit behind me and you will be considered to have passed. However, I will try to stop you. And by stopping you, I mean I will be killing you. Just to let you know, of the 854 people who have stood before me, not a single one made it out alive. Good luck!”

    Lu’s thoughts from before entering the gate vanished as he heard those words. He puts on a serious face, tightly gripped the handle of his sword, and begins running straight towards Marithus...

    Lu pulls out the blade from Marithus’ body. Lu thinks to himself “This is not the tower I imagined. I’m tired of seeing people suffer.” He looks up at one of the cameras in the corner of the room and says “I am Lu Yunfei and I will become the new God who will change this tower to rid of these tests of murder. God of Haradon, I’m coming for you!”

    Back in the jungle of the second floor test

    As Donovac’s lance is heading straight towards Lu, he has thoughts as if having a conversation with himself “I’ve remained hidden as I watched others get killed for most of my life. So why now? Why did I risk my life to save someone?” He pictures Qiu smiling. “That’s right because I no longer felt alone in this world. “

    Author’s explanations

    Dark-armored Donovac (Part 2) – Being tainted in darkness, it should make sense that Kirasath’s dark ball of energy would have no effect.

    Lu’s past – As mentioned before. Whatever lore was created by Gameloft will not apply in this fanfic.
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    Chapter 6 – The Journey Together

    The lance was slowly heading for Lu’s face when all of a sudden a horn resonates throughout the forest. Donovac stops his attack. “Hmph... it seems you get to survive”.

    Migrove who has gotten back up after getting smashed by Donovac’s shield yells “The hour is over! We did it! A bright light is seen piercing into the sky.

    Donovac points his lance outward. The same dark light they saw a couple times during their fight is sent out into the forest. “Be sure to make it to the fifth floor. I plan on finishing what I started” said Donovac before rushing into the jungle out of sight.

    Lu was still on his bottom still shaken up for his near death experience. “Lu...” He heard Qiu’s voice behind him. Lu turned around to see what she had to say *Smack*. Qiu gave Lu a huge slap across the face. Qiu was on the verge of tears “You idiot! What happened to becoming the new God of Haradon...”

    Lu blanks out from the slap and begins to see a vision. From his own point of view he finds himself walking towards the middle of an old broken down structure. There were long benches wrapping around the center kind of like an arena or coliseum.

    “Are you even listening?” shouted Qiu. Lu shook his head to refocus on reality. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking” he responded. Qiu pouts .

    Kirasath walks over, here let me heal you guys. He says “Demon Pact” followed by “Demon’s Friendship”. Lu and Qiu find themselves surrounded by spiritual chains then within a second, most of the pain and soreness they felt just disappeared. “Now that we are all good to go, we should head to that light over there and get out of here.”

    The group walk through the jungle and eventually find the large light protruding from the ground and into the sky. There was a large bird-like man with a burning temperature emitting from his body. “Congratulations on surviving. I am the administrator of this test. Please enter into the light and you shall find yourselves on the third floor.” Similar to the encounter with the harpy, Lu stares at the birdman to remain cautious of any trick he may pull as he walks towards the light. The rest follow. Kirasath just nods at the administrator before walking in.

    Third Floor

    The group find themselves standing on some cliffs surrounded by forests below.

    Migrove shrieks “What!? Why are we not in any city?

    “What do you mean?” said Lu who had a confused expression on his face.

    “Excuse this idiot. He knows nothing about this tower. Lu when you finish a test, you are supposed to find yourself within or nearby a city” explains Qiu.

    Migrove states “We should stick together as a team until we get to a city. Let me see if I can communicate with another tech on this floor to find out where we are.” He goes off to the side as he places his hand on the side of his head, which was how the techs would communicate with each other telepathically. The others stay on the lookout in case of any ambushes.

    Qiu speaks “Hey Lu! I am sorry for how I reacted before.” She begins to blush. “I really should be thanking you for trying to save me; it meant a lot.”

    Lu stutters trying to come up with a proper way to respond “Uh... yeah I just... and yeah... no prob... you’re welcome.” Qiu then smile just like the last time Lu saw her do so back on the second floor.

    Migrove butts in “Hey guys! I got some bad news and good news. The bad news is that there is no city nearby here. The good news is that there is a gate over to the south.” He points out at the forest. “The gate should just be beyond that building over there.”

    Lu comments “That’s great news. I will become the God of Haradon sooner if we head there.”

    Migrove questions Lu “You have been mentioning that you will become the new God but how do you expect to get through the sixth floor with the huge power struggle between the order and chaos warlords. I’m not trying to scare you as I plan on stopping on the fourth floor and starting my new life there but the sixth floor is a warzone.”

    Qiu interrupts “I’ve heard about that but let’s not worry about that until we reach that floor.”

    “I agree, let’s get moving before it gets dark” says Kirasath.

    The group finds their way down the cliff and begin heading through the forest. It was an enjoyable walk for the group as they converse and laugh along the way until... “Watch out!” yelled Migrove.

    A huge rock comes flying at them. The four of them jump off to the sides to avoid getting hit by the boulder as it crashes down to the ground.

    A giant covered in rocks and trees comes into sight. Kirasath asks “Is that an earth colossus?”

    The giant in a deep voice declares “Away from forest!” The group knew that they would not be able to reason with the colossus and each took a stance to prepare for battle.

    As usual, Qiu starts off wither doppelgangers charging at the enemy. The colossus seemed to understand that these forest wanderers did not intend to listen to him and lets out a forceful roar that shakes Qiu and her doppelgangers stopping them from any further movement. Meanwhile Lu who was running a few metres behind Qiu throws his weapon like a javelin into the air above the giant. The sword makes an arc and lands on the back of the colossus. The area around the sword begins to be surrounded in lightning but the giant does not seem to falter by any pain from it.

    “Lord of Lightning” yells Lu who then appears on the back of the colossus. With the perfect position he was in, he begins slashing at the giant’s back, breaking through the bark and trees in the way. At this point, the earth colossus was aware of the damage being inflicted on him. It says “Woodspirits”. Bunches of spirits begin encircling the massive creature. To Lu’s surprise, the damaged trees and rocks at the hands of Lu begin to regrow and fix itself.

    The enormous colossus begins to try to use its arms to try and knock Lu off. In the meantime, Migrove runs up to the giant at a fast pace and say “Don’t forget about me. Tidal Wave!” He harnesses water and fires it in a cone at the feet of the colossus. At the same time Kirasath shouts out “Dark Scythe” as he sends a dark ball of energy that passes through the giant’s body. Qiu then follows up with “Ultimate Rush”. Qiu and a new set of doppelgangers rush at the monster and unleash a barrage of slashes at its body.

    All these attacks were being directed at the giant but it remained unfazed as it was healing at the same rate. With the giant’s right hand he knocks both Qiu and Migrove away while with is left hand, it manages to grab Lu from its back and throw him off.

    As Kirasath witnesses the monstrosity, he notices a building a few metres behind the giant. He takes a few seconds to analyze the situation as he observes the monster regrowing the bark and trees on its body. He yells to his teammates as he runs towards the fallen Qiu and Migrove. “Guys, the building is over there! Let’s forget fighting this thing and make a run for it!”

    Qiu and Migrove get up as soon as possible and Qiuckly find themselves bound by Kirasath’s spiritual chains. They sprint past the colossus and are joined by Lu who also becomes surrounded by the spiritual chains. Together in a line, they run for the building as the colossus chases them from behind.

    The four of them eventually escape the forest and run to the entrance of the building close by. The giant comes to a halt at the edge of the forest. It seemed it had no reason to chase them anymore, almost like it was just trying to protect the forest from Lu and the gang. The group catch their breath before proceeding deeper into the building.

    They walk through a hallway before finding themselves back into the light. Lu looks around to see that the place seemed to be in ruins with benches encircling around from where they were standing. Lu realizes he was in the coliseum he envisioned earlier.

    A familiar voice is heard “We meet again...”

    Author’s Explanations

    Total Number of Floors – There are seven floors in total in the Tower of Haradon. Thus, the sixth floor is the last opportunity to settle with a new life before encountering the God of Haradon on the final floor.

    The War on the Sixth Floor – The irony: the Great War of Haradon came to an end, but ended up continuing within the tower. Being the floor before the final test and the God of Haradon, warlords began establishing large armies to give them a better chance of tackling the test and fighting the God of Haradon. Due to there being minimal gates on the sixth floor, a power struggle over control of the gates resulted in a war. More information regarding the situation will be revealed later in the story.
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    Chapter 7 – Fate

    From the other side of the coliseum, steps out the harpy back from when Lu defeated Marithus in the entrance test. Followed behind her were a lizard and an ant. The lizard’s body was rough as if it had lived many years in the Great Desert in the world. He was holding on to a spear-like weapon in one hand and a shield in its other hand. The four-legged ant was what you would expect from an ant, only it wielded a trident.

    “You truly are an impressive man, Lu Yunfei to make it this far in a short time” congratulated the harpy.

    Lu was quick to ask “What are you doing here administrator?”

    The harpy responded “Oh, I guess I never mentioned my name in our last meeting. My name is Anuir and I gave up that position. There are greater things at hand thanks to you.”

    Lu began to suspect that things were turning into a bad situation for him and his group. “What do you mean?” he asked.

    Anuir grinned “Well, everything seemed to have gone according to my plan. You brought us the key to the Chaos’ victory in the war on the sixth floor”.

    Lu was confused by her words. But at that moment, Kirasath walks past Lu and towards the other group. Once he is beside Anuir, he turns around facing Lu and the others. “I must thank you again for helping me through that last test; I don’t think I would have made it on my own.”

    Qiu also shouts out “We let you join us and you are leaving us now?!”

    The ant butts in “He was never your friend!”

    Migrove has a sudden realization “Wait that voice.”

    The ant smiles “That’s right. All the information you have been receiving was from me.”

    Anuir then interrupts takes over the conversation “I hate to say it but you three are no longer needed. This is the end for you.”

    Just as she finished her sentence, Lu, Qiu, and Migrove begin to run at the harpy for the first strike. However, the lizard was one step ahead by yelling out “Cage” He stabs his spear into the ground causing chains to emerge from the ground, which restrain Lu and the others from any movement.

    Lu yells out “Lightning Burst” and throws his sword only to find it fly into the air like any other flimsy sword without lightning. Migrove and Qiu also find themselves unable to use their abilities. At this point, Lu was extremely angry. He yells at Anuir “I thought you wanted to see change in this tower?”

    Anuir laughs “Yes, I do want to see change but that change is to see my warlord rule this tower and bring chaos to all those who defy us!” She turns away and heads for the exit. Let’s go” she tells the others. The lizard, the ant, and Kirasath follow behind into the tunnel out the coliseum.

    A few seconds later, Lu, Qiu, and Migrove find themselves no longer chained by the lizard’s ability. Lu yells out “I’m going to kill you all!” Just as he is to take a step, from within the tunnel Anuir tells the ant “Do it!”

    A dozen ant sentries appear around the three of them a second before they detonate. “Lu!” screams Qiu. The ant sentries cause a giant explosion at the center of the coliseum sending rocks and dust all over.

    About a minute later the dust begins to dissipate. Lu was lying on his back with his head turned to the side. His vision was blurry but he was able to make out Migrove’s body or what was left of it laying on the ground a few metres away from him.

    Lu begins to regain his vision and turns his head to find Qiu and two doppelgangers lying on top of him. The two doppelgangers disappear leaving the remaining Qiu. Qiu was conscious, breathing heavily. In a weak voice she says “You’re alright...Thank goodness.”

    Lu then realizes that Qiu used her doppelgangers and her body to shield Lu from the explosion. In an anxious and worrying voice “Qiu...”

    Qiu with her last breath says “Become the God of Hara...” just before she closes her eyes.

    Lu was wide eyed. He quickly rolls her over. His hands were on her shoulders shaking her lifeless body. “Qiu! Qiu!... Qiu!!!” he cried out.

    It was no use; she gave her life up to save Lu. He looks over at Migrove’s body. He says in a soft tone “Migrove...” He looks back at Qiu’s body. Her weapon still in her hand. Lu picks it up then looks around to find his own weapon. He eventually finds it. He looks up to see the sun beginning to set.

    With a furious expression on his face he runs into the tunnel to chase after Anuir and the others, but the night came soon and he was forced to put his search on hold.

    The next morning, somewhere within the forest

    “You cursed sand walker! Stand next to me Akartu.” The old yellow goblin shouts “Flare” just as he fires a flare into the sky above himself and a young cat girl. The scratches and scars on their bodies begin to heal themselves.

    “Oh no you don’t!” The lizard yells “Stab” charging at the two with his spear followed by “Cage”. He stabs the spear into the ground forcing chains to come from the ground wrapping around the legs of the cat girl and goblin. The lizard smirks “Now you’re mine. Infection” The sand walker tilts his head back to accumulate toxic venom in his mouth.

    Before he is able to spit it out, a sword, engulfed in lightning, falls to the ground in front of him. “Lord of Lightning”. Lu appears in front of the lizard and immediately says “Lightning Kick”. Lu kicks the lizard in the gut, causing him to spit the venom out as he is sent flying back. Lu swiftly follows him in the air with both swords striking at the sand walker. The sand walker who was flying backward was using his spear and sword to block and attack Lu back.

    As the sand walker is flying back he turns his body to position his legs to allow him leap off the tree he was about to crash into. His feet make contact with the tree and he gets ready for his counterattack. With his shield out in front, he blocks the barrage of attacks from Lu. He starts to thrust his spear at the defenceless Lu but Lu says “Lightning Laceration”. Lu suddenly appears above the sand walker. With both swords, he stabs downward at the back of the lizard piercing through his body, sending him falling down.

    The lizard crashes down into the ground with Lu on top tightly gripping on to both swords, which were still dug into the body of the sand walker. Lu looks up to see the cat girl and goblin running over to see the body of the lizard lying on the ground and Lu’s enraged expression on his face.

    Elsewhere in the forest

    “Where is that damn sand walker?” wondered the ant as he stood around the gate to the next test.

    Kirasath said “He told me he was disappointed that he didn’t get to fight Lu so he went out to hunt others.”

    Anuir then declares “Forget about him. We can’t keep lord Kagax waiting.” The three of them step into the gate.

    Author’s Explanation

    The plan – “Fate” is the most significant chapter title in this fanfic. Was it fate that Lu would run into Kirasath and meet Anuir again? It is assumed that Kirasath was on his way to take the second test at the time Lu completed the entrance test. Anuir used her power as an administer to get Lu in front of the gate to the first floor test so he would be able to catch up to Kirasath and take the second floor test with him.

    There seemed to be some sort of communication probably with some techs for Kirasath to obtain information on Lu. At the second floor test waiting room, Kirasath was the person that took notice to Lu and matched it to the description that Anuir was able to inform him with.

    Apparently Migrove was one of the techs on the second floor that received information that forming a team was an important factor in surviving the test. Of course, the ant was the one relaying this information to ensure that Kirasath would be able to team up with Lu.

    If you recall, people were waiting for the second floor test to begin, which just happened to start after Lu showed up. It can be concluded that the administrator is also working for Chaos. This is evident when Kirasath nods to the administrator before exiting the jungle.

    In addition, being an administrator, he abused his power by sending Lu and the others to a location outside of a city and near the coliseum. This made it easy for the ant to communicate with Migrove and lead them to their ambush.
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    Chapter 8 Promise

    Lu was breathing heavily from his rage on the sandwalker. He had a few scratches here and there over his body. The yellow goblin steps forward toward Lu and tries to calm Lu down “Hold on, let me heal you”. The goblin aims his gun at him and says “Curative Arms”.

    Lu reacts by shielding himself with his arms in defence as the goblin says it. Lu then slowly brings his arms down and looks down at his body. To his surprise, his scratches and bruises were gone and his breathing had calmed down. “Uhh, thank you”

    The goblin says back to Lu “No, thank you for saving us from that lizard. Healing you is the least I can do.”

    Lu responds “That lizard caused trouble for me earlier so it was time he got what he deserved.”

    The goblin then tells Lu “I’m Khlint by the way. I’m guessing you intend to climb this tower. Well, lucky for you I am a tech and I know the location of the closest gate from here. I can help you.”

    Lu looks at the goblin with distrust after being betrayed in the past. “And what’s in it for you?” questioned Lu. He then sees someone hiding behind Khlint. Lu tilts his head to take a better look.

    Khlint looks over his shoulder and says “Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce her. This is Akartu.” A shy young girl with cat like ears and a tail comes into Lu’s view while still holding onto Khlint. Lu could see fear in her eyes. He thought to himself that the girl must have seen and been through a lot in this cruel tower.

    Khlint goes back to responding to Lu’s question “I understand; in this tower, outside the safe city zones, it is not normal to trust a stranger that you just met. I have one goal and that is to fulfill a promise I made.”

    Year 2691 (A year before Lu entered the tower) – Somewhere underground

    “Let me light up this dark hallway. Flare!” yelled Khlint as he fires a flare up to the ceiling illuminating the tunnel.

    The cat lady told the young catgirl “Don’t worry Akartu. Now that we made it to the tower, we can live a great life again.” Little Akartu nodded back. The three of them see a light at the end of the hallway and enter a room in the shape of a circle with cameras fixed on the ceiling in multiple corners.

    Across the room stood what looked like a harpy with horns claws and giant reddish-purple wings. The harpy speaks ““Welcome to the entrance of the Tower of Haradon. My name is Anuir and I will be the guardian who will administer your test. The test is simple, take one step through the exit behind me and you will be considered to have passed. However, I will try to stop you. And by stopping you, I mean I will be killing you. Good luck!”

    The cat lady who had been stressed out in the outside world argued “What is the meaning of this? I thought this tower was made for starting a new life!”

    Anuir laughs “Haha! You fool; this tower is not for the weak. If you cannot pass this test, you don’t deserve to live within this tower.”

    “Ukarta, it looks like we have no choice but to try and pass this test” says Khlint to the cat woman.

    Ukarta was hesitant to take on this test as she was afraid for Akartu’s safety. “Khlint, do you have a plan for getting through that harpy?” she whispered.

    Khlint sighed “I never learned any combat techniques so the best I can do is support by healing you if you need it. The only plan I can think of is for you to somehow get past her and grab us with your right claw.”

    Ukartu agrees with the plan and begins making a run for the exit as Khlint and Akartu stay put.

    Anuir smirks and yells “Phantom Blink”. All of a sudden the harpy appears right beside Ukarta, hurting her in the process. She then says “Black Fog” which creates a thick fog around herself. Ukarta screams in pain from the damage inflicted by the mysterious dark fog.

    Little Akartu who was witnessing all this, yells “Sis!”

    Khlint shouts out “Flare”, which dispels the fog and slowly heals Ukarta. This gives Ukarta the opportunity to continue towards the exit but Anuir performs another Phantom Blink appearing in front of Ukarta and hurting her again.

    Ukarta quickly takes a step away from the harpy and shows outs “Throw Left Claw”. Her red claw extends out towards Khlint. As soon as the claw latches onto Khlint’s shoulder, Ukarta pulls herself toward him and away from Anuir.

    Ukarta was breathing heavily until Khlint uses his Curative Bullet. “Sis, are you alright? cried Akartu. Anuir decided to stay where she was to continue to guard the exit.

    “It’s no use. That ability of hers prevents me from just running past her” says Ukarta.

    “Then what do we do?” asked Khlint.

    Ukarta looks over at Akartu who was in tears then back at Khlint. “Khlint promise me, that if I do not make it, you will take care of Akartu and ensure she lives a wonderful life in this tower.”

    Khlint was in shock “What do you mean?”

    Ukarta explains “You take Akartu and make a run for the exit from the harpy’s right side while I run along the left side. She can’t target both of us and if she targets you, I will grab her away.”

    Akartu who was listening to the plan said “But sis...”

    Ukarta kisses Akartu’s forehead. “Don’t worry Akartu. I won’t let anything happen to you. Now let’s do this!” All three of them start running according to Ukarta’s plan.

    Anuir thought to herself “Those two cats seem to be siblings. Since the younger one has not done anything yet, I doubt the older one will just ditch her.” She smirks, “Phantom Blink”. She appears in front of Khlint and gets ready to attack Akartu.

    Ukarta yells “Throw Right Claw!” her blue claw extends grabbing the harpy towards herself. Ukarta then follows up with “Cat Style Charge!” Ukarta furiously claws at Anuir as she pushes her further away from the exit.

    Khlint grabs Akartu and continues to run toward the exit. Meanwhile Anuir says “I’ve had enough of you! Kiss of Death!” She kisses Ukarta and begins to drain her life.

    Akartu yells “No... sis!” as she tries to run back to her sister but Khlint grabs her. “Akartu, don’t let your sister’s sacrifice be in vain.”

    Ukarta was unable to do anything as her life was being drained but stare toward the exit. She sees Khlint and Akartu walking through it looking back at her in tears. Ukartu closes her eyes and thinks “Live on Akartu, live a magnificent life”

    Third floor

    “That was the promise I made to her sister. However, when we got to the first floor, the cities were overcrowded and horrible to live in so we decided to pursue greater prosperity on the higher floors. We spent the past year training ourselves. We managed to get through the train of hell and avoided the guardians in the man hunt. All I ask is that you help us get to the fourth floor. From the information I gathered about the next test, it should not be too difficult with your help” explained Khlint.

    Lu looked over at Akartu who had an innocent look on her face. “Very well. With your information of the gate and test, I can become the God of Haradon sooner and change this horrible world.”

    “That’s great!” shouted Khlint.

    Akartu slowly comes out of hiding behind Khlint and says “Thank you mister.”

    The three of them spend the rest of the day navigating through the forest and eventually finding the gate to the third floor test. The three of them enter and somehow find themselves on a beach with a red flag planted into the ground beside them.

    A loud voice from far away as if it was being amplified by a microphone can be heard by the three of them “Welcome challengers to the third floor test known as capture the flag.”

    Author’s explanations

    Ukarta and Khlint back-story– Akartu’s sister did whatever she could to get Akartu and herself through the Great War. During the war, she and Akartu get caught in between one of the battles between the Order and Chaos forces. As they try to escape, they get seriously injured. Khlint who happened to be in the area heals them. From then on, they stayed together to survive the war.
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    Chapter 9 One Step Ahead

    “Welcome challengers to the third floor test known as the capture the flag. The challenge is simple. You will have one hour to bring the enemy’s flag back to your base without having your flag taken. You will die if you fail to accomplish the task within the hour or if the enemy steals your flag and brings it back to their base. Of course, killing is another option. Good luck!” A loud horn is heard from the forest ahead of them marking the start of the test.

    Lu was excited by the rules “Awesome! Looks like I don’t have to go looking for those damn guardians to kill them, they will just come here.”

    Khlint had his hand on his forehead while shaking his head. “Don’t you get it? The guardians have the advantage” said Khlint.

    Akartu wondered “What do you mean?”

    “If we decide to wait for them, they can just sit around and wait for the hour to pass and it will be over for us. Since the challengers are required to go on the offense, I believe the guardians know how to defend their flag well together. It’s best we avoid fighting as much as possible” explained Khlint.

    Akartu followed up with “So what do we do?”

    Khlint grinned “I got a plan.”

    On the other side of the forest

    “Melina, what are we up against this time?” asked the skeleton warrior who was holding onto a sword and shield.

    The beautiful mage, with floating magic books around her, responded “They got a cat that specializes in grabbing and pulling others multiple times her size from quite a distance. Though, she shouldn’t be much of a threat. Then there’s a man by the name of Lu wielding a blue lightning sword. From what I seen in his lower level tests that he is a very versatile fighter especially considering he only entered the tower about a week ago.

    The skeleton was in shock “He only entered a week ago and he’s already here!?”

    “Yes, Balondis. He sure loves to fight so look forward to taking him head on. Be sure to watch your back because the moment he disappears, he ends up right behind you. You got that too, Lebmont?” said Melina.

    A hunter with a sniper was hidden in a bush atop of a cliff watching over them and the blue flag. A strange magic orb was sitting beside him, which seemed to be the means of communication between him and Melina. “Got it loud and clear. Looks like Lu will be our biggest threat.”

    Melina snickered “I don’t know about that. The goblin on their team is very wise and strategic. He will truly be a worthy opponent.”

    A few seconds later, Lebmont says “Hey! We got movement at 10 o’clock. He’s wielding a blue sword.”

    Melina was quick to give orders “If you have a clear shot, take it right now”.

    Lebmont responds “Yes ma’am! Have a taste of my Hunter’s Mark!” A magic bullet is fired from his sniper towards Lu. Lu anticipated the shot and holds his swords to form and X-shape with the blades to block the bullet. The magic bullet continues to burrow pushing Lu back a bit. He swings his sword to change the trajectory away from him and off to the side.

    Melina was astonished “Since when did he have two swords?”

    Lebmont smiles “Don’t think this is over. Piercing...”

    But before he could say his attack, Melina yells “Watch out”. A searing bullet headed straight at Lebmont burning the area he was sniping from. “Lebmont! Ughhh... we are going with plan B” Melina said in a frustrated voice.

    Meanwhile, Lu continued to head towards Balondis, Melina, and the blue flag. Melina runs over to intercept him. She yells out “Deep freeze”. Lu becomes encased in ice, unable to move. However, Melina seemed to have froze herself. She thought to herself “No, not now...”

    Balondis decides to join the battle “Don’t worry Melina. Infernal Cage!” Just as Lu is unfrozen, a spiritual cage surrounds him and Balondis. “Hehe, there is no escape. Now suffer under my Carrion Swarm.”

    But before Balondis was able to run up to Lu with his carrion swarm, Lu says “Lightning Burst” as he throws his lightning blade outside the cage and follows up with “Lord of Lightning” allowing him to appear where the blade was.

    Balondis who was excited to bring pain to Lu was quickly disappointed “Are you kidding me!?”

    Melina was standing behind witnessing Balondis making a fool of himself. She thought to herself, “What has that goblin planned with the cat.”

    Then all of a sudden Melina hears “Throw Left Claw”. Akartu grabs Lu’s and pulls herself to him. Lu immediately does a backflip. As he comes behind Akartu, he yells “Lightning Kick”. At the same time Akartu jumps up so that her feet are positioned to take the kicking power of Lu. The kick sends Akartu through the air toward the flag.

    Melina yells out “Fire Unchained” She shoots a fireball at Akartu but Akartu was moving in the air at a tremendous speed resulting in her missing her target.

    Akartu flies past the flag. She does a flip midair and says “Throw Right Claw. He blue claw extends allowing her to grab the flag as she continues to fly in the air. She lands on her feet with her claw retracted and in possession of the blue flag. Akartu then makes a run for it away from Melina and the others and back to their base.

    Melina was furious “Balondis, deal with Lu! I’ll go after that cat.”

    Balondis responds “Don’t worry. I will make sure that...” but then he sees Lu also making a run for it in another direction. “Hey! Get back here!”

    Lu runs through the forest dodging trees and jumping over logs. Balondis was not too far behind him. He shouts out “Corrosive Dust!” he throws a handful of abyssal dust at Lu. Lu finds himself unable to run at his usual speed. Balondis, gripping his sword, laughs “Now your mine!”

    From out of nowhere he hears “Flare!” A flare lights up right in front of Balondis’ face, blinding him. A couple seconds later, after rubbing his eyes, he finds Lu nowhere in sight. “Dammit! Where did you go!?”

    Elsewhere in the forest

    Akartu was continuing to run away from Melina but Melina was much faster. She eventually was able to get in range for her next spell. Melina says “Arcane Blast”. A large purple magic circle appears under Akartu and a magic blast hurts Akartu causing her to move slower. Melina had a bloodthirsty look as she says “Master of Magic” followed by “Fire Unchained”. She fires fireballs at the defenceless Akartu.

    But within that same second, Akartu says “Throw Red Claw” just as Lu’s lightning blade appears a few metres ahead of her. Lu suddenly emerges where his blade was just as Akartu’s red claw extends. She pulls herself to him and clings onto his back, dodging Melina’s fireballs. Lu sprints away with Akartu piggybacking.

    Melina chases after him but smirks and says “This game won’t be that easy”.

    In the forest, near the beach where Lu and the other started

    “Haha, they probably thought I was dead but I’ve been sneaking my way to take this flag” said Lebmont.

    He sees Lu off in the distance dashing to where his red flag should be. Lebmont says “Double Shot”. For a second he has the sudden burst of running speed. He says to himself “If I just run around this forest with their flag, we will win due to the time limit.”

    He laughs at the thought but all of a sudden his foot gets caught in a trap that was planted in the ground. He yells “Arghhh!” as he falls to the ground, dropping his pistols in the process. He was suffering a horrible pain as he looks back at his foot. “I’m going to kill that goblin!”

    “Oh really?” said a voice. Lebmont looks back in front of him to see two feet. He looks up to see the yellow goblin with his gun pointed at Lebmont’s face. The goblin continues “I suggest you give up and hand over that flag because there is no way I am missing with my fire bullet at point blank.

    At the beach

    Khlint and Lu run towards where they started, each with one of the flags. Melina was trailing behind but unable to catch up. The capture the flag test was over.

    A portal appears nearby Lu, Akartu, and Khlint, which seemed to be the way to the next floor. Lu and Akartu walk into the portal first. Before Khlint walks into the portal, he stares over at Melina with an expression showing that he had won the information war.

    Melina smiled thinking to herself. “It seems you did quite a bit of research on us before taking the challenge. You even knew I would do the same and used that to your advantage by using your team differently. Having Lu act as a support and Akartu as the main runner instead of what I had expected. Well played. I’m sure our administrator has great plans for your team.”

    Author’s explanations

    Melina – A tech known for the third floor test guardian that watches many of the lower tests like at the watcher’s bar to gather information of future opponents for the capture the flag test.

    Khlint – Although Khlint spent half a year training for combat, he mainly focused on his fire bullet for offense and has chosen to rely on his information gathering and wits to overcome the challenges.
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    Chapter 10 The Power of Two

    Fourth Floor

    Lu looks around but finds the surroundings to be very blurry. He observes the ground around him, which was clear and sees Khlint’s body lying there motionless engulfed in flames. Lu then hears Akartu’s voice “Lu... Lu... Lu!”

    “Hey Lu! Are you alright?” said Akartu.

    Lu shakes his head and realizes it was just a dream. Khlint was standing in front of him, perfectly fine. “Sorry I zoned out. Did you say something?”

    “Yeah, it is very strange we are in the middle of nowhere instead of in a city” remarked Khlint. He sees two people standing around a few metres ahead and starts walking over there to ask.

    “Wait Khlint!” yelled Lu as he grabs Khlint’s arm in a protective nature. The yelling of Lu catches the attention of the two individuals. They turn around and walk over. Lu goes into a cautious stance.

    One of the individuals looked like a fiery centaur. The other was a woman who wore a lovely blue dress with a purple sash and bells on her wrists. She speaks “Hey, you guys must also be here to help! Isn’t this great that we get to meet him?”

    Khlint who was trying to understand the situation asks “Wait what is going on and where are we?” But at that moment, a rift in the space behind the two appears.

    The centaur was excited “The time has come!” From the rift emerges a man in a white cloak with magic swirling in the palm of his hands. He appeared to look like some magic saint. The centaur and the woman were in awe and drop to one knee like knights to their king.

    Khlint takes a step back in shock. Lu notices his reaction and whispers “What is it?”

    Khlint whispers back “That’s... that’s Vigelos. He is the warlord of the Order forces on the sixth floor.

    Lu stares at Vigelos with greater intent as he was not expecting to encounter him on this floor. On the other hand, Akartu was fascinated by Vigelos’ entrance. Vigelos begins to speak to the two others “It seems you have been waiting for my arrival.”

    The woman replies “Yes, my lord. What brings you to the fourth floor?”

    “It seems that there is a colossal threat to my chances of winning the war running somewhere on this floor” responded Vigelos. Lu thought to himself “He must be referring to Kirasath.”

    Vigelos then looks over at Khlint, Akartu, and Lu. You there! I don’t recall you being part of my forces. Are you here to pledge your allegiance to me and join in the war on the sixth floor?

    Khlint responds “I am sorry sir but we plan on staying on the fourth floor to live our lives”. As Khlint was responding, Vigelos sets his eyes on Lu and the swords in his hands. He thinks to himself “Those two swords... It is just as ‘He’ described.”

    Lu gave a look of disgust “Ha! I have no intention of joining you. I don’t care if you are the warlord of whatever force for I, will be the one to become the God of Haradon!”

    The woman and centaur get back up on both feet astonished by Lu’s words. Vigelos was furious “How dare you speak such ill words. Prepare to die right here, right now. Arcane Missiles!” Vigelos brings his arms up in front of him, palms facing forward. Magic begins to form at his palms and out fires magic in the shape of missiles.

    The missiles were headed directly for Lu. Lu uses his sword to block the first missile but the magic was too powerful that it knocks the sword of his hand. Having underestimated the power of the magic missiles, he was too slow to respond to the two missiles that followed. It was a direct hit to his left arm and left leg that causes him to fall back to the ground.

    The woman announces to Vigelos “I shall help you, my lord. Bringer of Lightning!” She floats into the air with her arms to the side, palm upwards, and her eyes roll back. All of a sudden a dark cloud appears above Lu and lightning begins to strike him.

    Lu screams “Aghhhh” as he suffers a great deal of pain from the first lightning strike then the second lightning strike until Akartu interferes.

    “Throw Right Claw” yelled Akartu. Her blue claw extends and grabs the woman. Akartu pulls her, which happens to stop her from continuing her spell. Akartu then follows up with “Fury”. With swift skills, she claws up the woman.

    Meanwhile Khlint goes to help Lu and yells “Flare! Curative arms!” He fires a flare above Lu and a curative bullet to relieve the pain and slowly heal his wounds.

    The centaur takes notice of this “They have a healer. Charge!” All of a sudden the centaur swiftly charges right into Khlint within a second. This catches Khlint off guard that the centaur’s charge knocks his gun from out of his hands. The centaur proceeds to say “Burning Stomp”. He stomps right on the gun breaking it into pieces.

    Without his gun, Khlint was unable to defend himself. The centaur then yells out “Flame Armor”. His armor begins to burn incinerating Khlint nearby. He falls to the ground from the flames around him. The centaur lifts up his front legs into the air above Khlint and says “Burning Stomp!”

    Back to Akartu, the woman seemed to have regained the upper hand as she seemed to have a tornado surrounding herself. She casts “Hurricane Chains”. A magic ribbon forms and binds to Akartu.

    Akartu quickly undergoes pain from the spell. She says “Throw Left Claw”. She extends her red claw as Lu was getting back up to his feet. The red claw grabs Lu and she pulls herself to him allowing her to unbind herself from the magic ribbon. Akartu then looks over at Khlint with wide eyes and jaw wide open.

    Khlint was engulfed in flames and lying on the ground motionless. Lu was back on his feet and fully healed also witnessed the horrible sight. Lu yells at the top of his lungs as if he reached a high point of anger “Khlinttttttttt!” Qiu’s sword begins to glow.

    Lu starts to charge down the middle as the centaur was a little to the right side and the woman was a little to the left side. Lu then says “Doppelganger” A clone appears beside and they split off to each target one of the two individuals. Simultaneously, Lu and the clone say “Lightning Burst” as they throw their lightning blade at the centaur and woman. Immediately after the blade lands beside the centaur and woman, they say “Lord of Lightning” appearing where the blade marked the ground. They follow up with “Lightning Laceration” to appear behind the centaur and woman, which catches both of them off guard. Finally, they simultaneously say “Lightning Kick” as they kick their enemy towards each other.

    The centaur and woman collide with Lu and doppelganger rushing toward them. Before the centaur and the woman are able to do anything, four swords (two from Lu and two from the doppelganger) were stabbed right through their bodies.

    Vigelos was surprised by the speed and power of Lu as he just took the woman and centaur down before his eyes. He brings his arms up again to fire more arcane missiles at Lu and the doppelganger. However, Lu says “Ultimate Rush” He and the doppelganger rush at a terrifying speed towards Vigelos. Before Vigelos is able to fire a missile, Lu and the doppelganger were right beside him. They say “Blinding Slice” before they each slice at Vigelos with both swords.

    Vigelos has a short laugh before disappearing. It seemed that he was a clone.

    Lu’s doppelganger disappears too. Lu looks back and sees Akartu on her knees, crying beside Khlint’s body. He walks over to try and comfort her. “Akartu...”

    Akartu looks up at Lu with teary eyes. “This is all your fault! Stay away from me!” She begins to run off to the woods nearby.

    Lu says “Wait Akartu!”. He chases after her but stumbles to the ground. He realizes the toll it took on his body from his recent act of power. Lu was breathing heavily now. He stretches his arm out and says in a faint voice “Akar...” before going unconscious.

    Sixth Floor

    Vigelos walks up a large set of stairs. At the top was a circular platform with rubble scattered everywhere. There were pillars standing up along the edge, some of which were slashed and broken down. At the centre of the platform was a gate except it, too, seemed to have been damaged greatly that it no longer looked like it was functioning.

    “Do you have a deathwish?” said a strange voice.

    Vigelos looked up towards the top of a pillar at the end of the platform in front of him. “The man in that prophecy you spoke of. He’s currently on the fourth floor.

    There was silence between the two of them. All that was heard were the winds blowing around.

    Vigelos then says “If you don’t mind me asking but what is so special about him?”

    The strange voice is heard again “That man... Holds a great power... A power capable of defeating the God of Haradon”

    Author’s explanations

    Third Floor Test Administrator – It is assumed that the administrator works for Vigelos. Seeing the potential in Khlint’s strategic win against Melina, the administrator sent them to an area on the fourth floor instead of a city in hopes that he will join the force.

    Vigelos – The warlord of the Order forces in the war going on the sixth floor. He is also the most powerful tech capable of communicating with multiple techs at the same time on multiple floors. In addition, he is able to travel to the lower floors of the tower.

    The Strange Voice – A neutral individual in the war between the Order and Chaos forces on the sixth floor. It is assumed that he is stronger than Vigelos. More information on him will come to light later in the series.
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    Because there are multiple guardians administering tests.

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