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    Hello everyone,

    I’m Lastner, I play Hoc on Android and my favorite fighter is Tryptic. That is a long moment that I would share my build with you.
    So this is a tutorial about Tryptic and without be very self-confidence I’m really good with him and a little bit pro ;)
    At first I would like to say that I’m not a English player so if you don’t understand what you read, please tell in comment and I will do my best to explain.
    The previous tutorial is very complete so I will just focus on the items, the talents and the tablets.

    As you already saw Tryptic’s gameplay depend of his skills so let's begin by analyze his skills:

    The first skill, Triple Threat:

    During my test in solo I play with the recommended items and I see that when Tryptic has more than 30% cooldown we can see the full potential of his first skill,I mean the 3 effects of his skill can be show thanks to the second skill also:
    -At 30% you can slow then paralyzed after using the second skill,
    -At more than 35% you can slow then paralyzed after using the second skill and after using the second skill again you can stun
    And that is when you are in 1v1, when they are more opponent you can easily stun.
    So I conclude that Tryptic need to have a great cooldown and that have also a good effect with his other skill.

    The second skill, Flame Funnel:

    This second need that Tryptic has heavy HP to have a big effect

    The third skill, The Weight:
    This skill need that Tryptic has a great attack to be very useful. So think that Tryptic need 2 offensive items

    The ultimate, Darkness Unleashed:

    This skill is just a controll it gives you a great movement speed. A good combo is to paralyzed the enemy and use it bring the enemy at your teammate.

    Skills in order:
    1 > 2 > 3 > 1 > 1 > 4 > 1 > 3 > 4 > 2 > 2 > 4> 2 > 3 > 3.

    Items useful for skill 1 and 3:

    We says he need a great attack so Jade Axe is the best offensive item for him, why? Tryptic plays with his skill and the King Killer is more for hero who play with basic attack because of critical rate ( skills cannot make critical damage). And we will not choose the Longbow because Jade Axe is better.

    Item useful for skill 2 and 3:

    He is a mele hero so we don’t need more details he absolutely needs Chain boots, Stirring soul of the Dragons and Amore (Hades or Valkyrian) both gave him a lot of Hp and cooldown.

    The ultimate :
    The ultilmate works like a normal attack and that because when you have a Jade Axe even if you don't use your normal attack before using this skill the effect of Jade Axe is actived (decreasing physical defense) and that without malus of aoe like Arrogance Cloak.

    Now we have 4 items which is Chain boots, Jade Axe, SSOD and amore. So now the 2 last items will be “confort items”.

    Trytipc is very slow even if you have boots it’s really hard to chase hero like ranger that why I pick Nymph Relic. This item is one of the best item for him and underestimate ( a little like Tryptic and may be that is why both make a good couple xD ). It gives him a lot of Hp (which makes all the skills very powerful thanks to SSOD ), cooldown (and now you will see the full potiential of his first skill) and the best part, heal boost (very powerful with the second skill ) and movement speed! And I think this is the key to be the best bruiser in hoc.

    The last item is Divinity sword which is good couple with Nymph Relic.

    Item in order:
    Jade Axe > Chain boots > SSOD > Armor > Nymph Relic > Divinity Sword.

    14 Fighter: 5 in Sharp, 5 in Sharpen and 4 in Armor Busting

    13 Guardian: 5 in Strong, 3 in Defense, 2 in Toughness and 3 in Fast Healer

    13: Support: 5 in Quickening, 3 in Greed, 2 in Healthy Lifestyle, 1 in Teamwork Pays and 2 in Surprise.

    Desecration Tablet, Protective Tablet and Whispering Tablet.

    Cooldown and Harvest Hp

    I hope this tutorial help you and wait your comments after testing my build which I think is the best now :)
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    Skill trick:
    1st skill, this skill make tryptic good to combo with hero that can have slow or rooting ability. Whenever ur teammate slow ur enemy, you can immediately root them for 2sec, or whenever they are root by ur teammate, you can stun them for 1sec.

    2nd skill, can help you to recover your health plus reduce the cd of tryptic skills. As this skill is related to the number of enemy around you, try to use this skill at the most dense position to get the maximum effect. Because of this skill, enemy solider actually is ur best friend, so you actually want to start the fight with enemy soldier around. Because of this skill, tryptic is particular good at 5v5 map, since those map have much more soliders. If you are played against trypitc, try not to fight him with enemy soldier around him. Also, try to keep a safe distance from ur teammate, such that his 2nd skill cant hit all of you.

    3rd skill, this skill give you a passive effect to reduce the atk speed of enemy that atk you. When active it give u a shield with 100% phy atk scale. Also, it give a small gap closer, plus it can roll pass some specific barrier like the two top cliff at 3v3 map, but only at the correct place and face at correct direction, so it need time to test and trial in order to master where you can roll over the obstacle to help do fast farming or easy escape and chase.

    4th skill, his ulti dont do much damg, so it is not recommend using his ulti when you are alone. Bascially, his ulti is a CC to attract enemy to him for 3sec. It is better using his normal attack rather than the ulti, when you are alone. When u are using ur ulti and catch the enemy, they wont be able to jump, when enemy using jump skill, you will see them coming back to the attractor after doing the jump. Same for pushing skill, enemy wont be able to push you back when you are using ur ulti. Not t mention ulti give you a speed buff, which make his ulti also a good skill to escape, only before enemy are getting closer, since if u using ulti when enemy are close enough, you are actually attracting them and help ur enemy to catch you.
    His ulti is also good when combo with invisible profile skill, which make enemy unable to target you while you are attracting enemy.

    Since, his ulti didnt give much damg when up level, also his ulti is mainly a CC skill to help ur teammate to kill. I suggest get his ulti at level six, but up level his ulti last.

    Since three of his skills are very useful, player can up level any skill (except ulti) depend of the game.
    If you want to do more 1v1 damg and easier to root and stun, then up level his first skill.
    If you want to heal faster, push lane or fast jungle, then up level his second skill.
    If you want to be tank, and slow the atk speed of hero like draze or persphone, then up level his third skill.

    Unlike most of fighter, most of them are following specific skill up level pattern, tryptic is highly versatile, you should up level ur skill set base on different situation and your tatics but ulti should always up level last.
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