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    ***Under construction; Still being refined***
    Refined/Updated: 7/15/2014


    Table of Content
    *Hiding Spots - Gas Clouds
    *Popular Warding Sweet Spots
    *Map Routes
    *Tidus69's Map Rundown
    *Basic Team Composition
    *Revival Runes Conservation
    *Don't be PK Hungry!
    *Don't Chase!
    *Team Work to the next level
    *Live and fight another day
    *Leavers & Noobs
    *Map Control
    *Tower Divers
    *Noteworthy Tablets & Items
    *Item Stacking and Consumables

    I have compiled some information for those of you, like myself that enjoys playing this map, PRIMARILY 10K, LV.15. I am more geared towards Support, and Mage, hence some of these items/tablets listed will help you stay in the game longer and giving you a more enjoyable experience.

    Almost every game you had and will be in will have most likely an Inquisitor; a total nightmare for most of his counterparts as well as Mages and Supports, a Paladin, a meta Guardian that just wreak havoc and stumps all over your defenses (cc). Below will contain some other, more viable protection against them instead of just your average, Blink.

    Also includes the layouts of the map and some sweet spots for wards.
    Gonna try to keep things short, since not everyone likes to read through a book.

    The machine of industry has roared in this realm of shadow and deceit for years.
    But there are secrets beyond the torchlight that still remain buried in the depths.
    Now the sting of clashing steel echoes in the dark...
    As we fight to discover what mysterious treasures lay waiting to be claimed.
    Haradon's fate rises from the ruins of the Under Realm.

    Note: In case you didn't know, Jombraa and Laurelai were both introduced with this map.

    Hiding Spots - Gas Clouds

    I'm not gonna bother counting how many there are, but as you can see there are a lot of gas spots (bush) on this map, marked in RED. making ambush so much easier for unsuspecting opponents. With that said, proceed with caution (extra caution if there is a Nuutt) if you are cutting through the middle near Baask; the dragon in the middle. There are a couple of convenient portals located near the middle, each leading half way across the map taking you to one of the mini bosses, Hurk or Golem as well as access to Leafs, illustrated in GREEN, that restores HP/MP over time. Baask, Hurk and Golem buffs listed below.

    Popular Warding Sweet Spots

    There are some exceptions to warding near Hurk and Golem but most people tends to ward the jungle areas as it is the most accessed route, marked in RED. GREEN indicate conditional spots when you face a more clever player(s) that tries to backdoor. Always check items at first encounter to see if any opponent(s) is carrying Ward, if so you may want to get Farseeing.

    Note: Most Supports and Vigelos and in some cases Doom Prophets are notorious warders.

    Map Routes

    There are a total of five routes that will get you to the opponents side. The two GREEN route located on the outer area are less used, and most players only go there for Hurk and Golem, with that being said, if you are trying to destroy train or backdoor (the Notorious Kagax with Demolishment) then this is the ideal route you'd want to take. Avoid the two BLACK route as the creeps will detect you (they will see you on minimap), and be very cautious if you're taking the YELLOW route as there may be Wards, Ant Sentries, Bioluminescents (Jellies), Cunning Traps, and Campers. If the lanes are heavily guarded, use the Portals as an alternative to cut through and go around them, illustrated in WHITE dotted lines, be patient and try to determine where the enemies are on the Mini-map before you do anything.


    Tidus69's Map Rundown

    Basic Team Composition

    In any map a healthy team composition should consist of at least 1 Tank, 1 Support, 1-2 Fighter(s), and 1-2 Mage(s), and UR is no exception.

    It is not smart to have, shown above, 4 Fighters in 1 team! What's worse about this line up is (even though they had Ant; a really nice support), they're ALL melee ranged heroes. This severely limit your options for EVERYTHING! If you're in a all fighter team like that, try to pick one with Ranged, i.e. Elf, Hunter, etc. if you must pick another Fighter.

    When you're picking a hero try to pick what the team needs and not what you want. Unless you really don't care about winning and just want a casual game, you're just gonna get yourself kited all over the map. Yes, I'm talking about all you Kagax (and all those that chase players all over the map) out there running around in steroid speed but got killed by a low damage Khlint with Fername's Blade.

    The difference between Kiting and Running is, you're the one being lead by a leash. So the next time you call a Kiting Support a noob, just remember what you just read.

    It just so happens that this team had both of the most well known tower diver heroes in the game with Demolishment. Read below, Tower Divers.

    Like the other two maps, your ultimate goal is to slowly advance the lanes, destroy the towers and reach into the opponents base. The difference are, there are train spawns every three minutes from both sides and the last tower are much stronger, so backdooring alone is not an option, at least for most heroes.

    Check the time of this game. Barely just begun and there's already
    a all out team fight, 5 on 5. We whooped butts. I died though. x.x
    This map is filled with bushes making fights more interesting, and team work much more rewarding. If you're used to lone wolfing through your games in the past, you will find this map to be quite challenging. If you're new then you should try to avoid the middle area or stay alert, otherwise you will be prey to ambush. It's always wise to carry few wards and place them at the sweet spots shown above to deter unsuspecting attacks for yourself and your team.

    I can never stress enough how important it is to check the mini-map frequently.

    It's hard at first but try to keep the Train spawn timer in check and always be prepared to take it out. Prioritize destroying theirs before rushing to defending your own. Always allow about 30 seconds for yourself to get from your base to the spawning area. It's okay to be there 30 seconds earlier, just wait behind the bush or kill one of the mini boss as you're waiting.

    Soloing a lane for too long while opponent heroes aren't on spawn timer is never a smart idea. If you don't see them on the map, then chances are they're coming for you sooner or later. If your gut is telling you it's time to recall home, then I will suggest you do before it's too late.

    I always see people make the mistake of over extending their stay. When a train spawn, you DO NOT waste time harassing them right outside of their last tower. Back away, stay put, or go escort the train. I have seen so many people dying way before the train has even had the time to reach half way. You're fighting at their house with their tower doing massive damage, and they can heal in seconds and be back for more, while they're just holding you off and draining you slowly for the final K.O...

    Avoiding a fight is a much better decision than trying to engage head on in many cases. Your team composition may lack both in heals and CC while they have both. If your team is consistently losing team fights, consider splitting up into groups of 2-3 or 1, try to be smart when doing this, and start harassing and pushing the lanes. Moving from one to the other, sometimes right after clearing one wave of creeps. Staying longer only increases your chance of being ganked. It's pretty easy to recognize a team of Magnets that always stick together, this type of team IMO, is easiest to counter. Their goal is head hunting, moving in packs, and often forgetting the Train/Tower/Base. What you and your team should do is split up and constantly moving at the opposite direction of them on the map. This will keep them constantly migrating from place to place hunting you, allowing your team to push the other side right back.

    The best defense is offense. If all your team doing is defending the final tower and seems like losing quit badly, then stop defending! It only delays the inevitable. Leave the team with poking skills like Ant, Mages to that. All you fighters, especially melee ranged fighters should head out the other direction and start clearing the other lane to prevent the same fate from happening. Heading out to take out incoming train will help the team so much more! In most cases what you're doing will help to reduce the pressure for your team that's defending because your opponents will divide and have some coming for you, giving your team mates an opportunity to extend outwards.

    Revival Runes Conservation

    Try to save these until mid to late game when the spawn timer is 45+ seconds or when you really need to respawn and defend your final tower.
    I really hate seeing people using Tablet of Blessed Resurrection just so they can get a revenge kill, or die again trying while the respawn is merely 10-25 seconds.
    Think of it this way, end game, whichever team wipes first will most definitely lose the game because you'll all be under 45-75 seconds before respawn. And if none of you have any respawn left, then it's gg. Always save at least one for defence, and stop focusing too much on killing players!

    Don't be PK Hungry!
    Read below if you didn't understand the pictures.

    This map is NOT about how many kills you, or your team has accumulated. It IS about destroying the opposing train ASAP while at the same time allocating your resource to protecting yours if you can. More kills are nice, just don't let that be your goal.

    As shown above, my team were not doing very well. We had an earlier advantage, but they had more CC power/Heals and smarter players. Overall their teamwork were superior to ours and secured more kills. BUT, hey weren't quick, and sometimes didn't pay any attention to taking our train, thus allowing us to slowly chip away their base.

    Sure we backdoored from time to time, and most of you probably think that that's cheap, cowardly, noob, or whatever words you throw at it, but it is a legitimate strategy. Think, who allowed us to backdoor? Who's fault that they didn't paid attention to the map and defend when we were coming at them, but instead chose to have a kill over defending what matters? But anyways, it's a topic that I'll leave to another time and day.

    Onto discussing about the pictures...

    Pix1, Train spawned, and we weren't winning many fights, so we did what needed to be done, I ran to their base and my team ported in and started hacking the base. They ported back and defended (good), so I retreated, but they didn't let me have my way...

    Pix2, they decided to hunt me down no matter what (It really helps if you're really good at trolling, poking and pissing people off that makes them want to hunt you down), so I lead them, stalling and kiting as long as I could...and I would of gotten away if it wasn't for that meddling Cat!

    Pix3, I had hoped that I could kite them further, but their Kitty was smart, so I got ganked front and back. So ya, this is the pix where I was brutally murdered... R.I.Pieces...

    Pix4, little didn't they know, they had totally forgot about the train after killing me. They cross the portal and started pushing the lane, except for their Pony, but he noticed way too late.

    Lesson here? NEVER let a train go for kills, let alone ONE kill. The train give just as much, sometimes more gold than a player kill. And had that Cat went for the train instead of me, I would've gotten away, but they wouldn't have lost the game, yet, and had a good chance to re-bounce.

    Note: If you're happen to be in a team with 3-4 carries, assuming 10k lv15, and all of them are heading over to camp the first tower instead of backdooring theirs...then unfortunately for you, your chance of losing is extremely high. Reason: they're the type that's described above.

    Don't Chase!

    Without knowing there are 2 players waiting in ambush, would you chase that 12-B like these two? Unfortunately most people will continue to chase knowing they'd never catch up to them.

    As expected, they never had a chance with 12-B. Inquisitor was already low, so he was taken out by Paladin in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for our Goroshia he wasn't as lucky. But the opponent Paladin made the SAME mistake of trying to secure a kill that was never meant to be. If you had it, then you wouldn't need to be chasing!

    Paladin caught a glimpse of me and decided to turned 180 and only to find our Paladin and Vigelos approaching. Unfortunately for him, No rush or Unwavering Faith could save him.

    Side note, notice the train timer? Unlike my team, I pay a bit more attention to that than most other players. It doesn't take any effort getting that gold as opposed to trying to hunt another player down. You're also contributing just as much as any other players defending while they're all so focused on attacking.

    Lesson here? Don't chase when you are unclear where their team is. If they aren't showing on the mini-map, ASSUME they are coming, or already here to aid. You'd have a much better chance to stay alive with this mentality in most of your games. Securing one kill, if at all, is not worth throwing one away. There's no gain to the team as a whole.

    Team Work to the next level
    In this picture, under opponents view, you can see that I had previously planted a Ward in the bush where 12-B is at, so I didn't expect Paladin and Ant to be camping on the lower bush.

    I have to give them credit for this clever maneuver. You see, they had a Ant Sentry in there so they already saw my Ward, but they intentionally left it alone to lure me and my team over to their 12-B while Ant and Paladin waited for an ambush. Of course, I was the first to go down, follow by the two that was behind me.

    Lesson here? You can never be too careful when you're in the jungle or when you see an easy kill for the taking. If you're not very good at map awareness, it is never wise to travel alone. You just might end up in one of these preemptive attacks.

    There are many strategies used in this map. This is just one of them, using their advantage against them. Experiment around and familiarize yourself with this map, and come up a strategy of your own.

    Live and fight another day

    Paladin Grandmaster - Lut'Hiran || Doom Prophet - Archimtiros || Inquisitor - Debronee
    As I've mentioned, in almost every game you will encounter one of these guys, and if you play a lot of Supports like me or Mage and Fighters, then you'd already know that these guys here can be extremely tricky to get away from.

    They, however are not impossible to elude, and or kill in the process. What you need to be getting in your games are one or all of these items,

    Smoke Diadem
    Gold: 3,000
    +250 HP
    +320 MP
    +20 Magic Defense
    Passive(Unique): Resist a single-target skill once every 45 seconds.
    1) Smoke Diadem, gaining popularity, and got to be one of the most semi-reliable utility item in the game, stopping one single target skills and certain AOEs targeted at you. In a game with Doom Prophet and Inquisitor, this baby will keep you safe at all times, providing that you haven't already trigger its effect. A must have item if enemy main carry is Inquisitor or Doom Prophet. Really handy against them strong Elf and Chameleon too.

    Purifying Pendant
    Gold: 3,300
    +160 HP
    +180 MP
    +4 HP Regeneration
    +6 MP Regeneration
    -15% Skill CD (doesn't stack with other -CD items)
    Active (Unique): Removes any debuffs from an allied hero and heals HP by 200 + ally level X 30
    Cooldown Time: 90 seconds
    2) Purifying Pendant, if you play half as much Support/Mage as me, then you'd know when a Paladin rushed at you with his Unwavering Faith and Crippling Blow, then you can be sure you're screwed, even with all of your stuns and slows because they will have no effect! This item here allows you to break all movement impairing (all debuff on team mate) effect off of yourself or ANY friendly hero you target. If you are a Healer, this item is a bonus and your team mates will love you, not to mention it has some nice regens that compliments Fernames Blade effect. So the next time you're slow by a Paladins Crippling Blow, or an annoying Ant, this is your savior!

    Frostbite Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 7 Order, 9 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: "Frost Bolt" now causes a target to be immobilized for 2 seconds. Whenthis effect ends, if the target's HP is below or at 50%, the target's Movement Speed (and Attack Speed if you are using Frost Bolt Lv. 2) will be reduced for 2 seconds.
    3) Frostbolt, a not so common skill you'd see in games but this is one skill that is so undervalued. Paired with its Tablet, you'd get a two second Immobilization effect that even freezes Paladin's Unwavering Faith in his place, and best of all, when under this effect, he CANNOT Rush at you. If you play Migrove or Gambler then this is a great combo with your ults. If you're having trouble dealing with Kagax's Ult, just freeze him, back away 2-4 meters and you're good. Try it out, it's a great offense and defense skill to have alongside Blink.


    Leavers & Noobs

    Just face it, there will always be noobs and leavers around in not just HOC but in any games. There's no reason to stress or beat yourself over it, or calling the other team 'noobs' for kicking your ass and then say "5v3 noobs!"

    Just play! Complaining doesn't bring back lost team mates or miraculously grant you 20k gold. It's no one's fault but the leavers themselves. Don't make the game any harder for your team or the people you're playing against.

    Be courteous. Take the loss, keep trying or surrender. We've all dealt with this.

    Map Control

    Clip Dirtblade - Ant Guard || Goblin Scout - Khlint || Elemental Lord - Migrove
    These are currently the only three heroes to have provide a skill that duals as wards.

    Jellies and Ants are much easier to deal with since you can easily detect them with Farseeing, friendly Ant or Cunning Traps. Speaking of Cunning Trap, this is one that is most difficult to deal with, because there is no means of detecting that (unless you have a spy telling you so) and the only way to know where it is, is during its initial placement where you can see a dim white tail as it falls on the ground.

    Ant, doesn't make a good warder with his Sentries because they all detonate at once but does the most amount of damage. So ya, don't walk into one of those warding sweet spots if you know the player has a habit of stacking them.

    Cunning Trap, can only place three but it also detects invisible targets and allows you to keep tabs on who ever triggering it for 4 seconds.

    Jellies, perhaps the most successful warder since he can simultaneously hold up to 6, and they are automatically triggered within few meters. The downside is that once it is triggered, the vision will instantly disappear, so it's good to keep a good eye on the map whenever you can. And like Ants, these deadly fella' can also be stacked and does a crap loads too, so don't go wondering off carelessly.

    Note: If you enjoy playing these picks, you're gonna want to get the items/skills mentioned above.

    Child of the Forest - Nuutt
    Very resourceful hero, with very nice skill set predominantly for her Survival Skills, which allows her and her entire team to glance through the area 45m around the cast giving her team an overwhelming advantage. If you face a good Nuutt, be extra careful when you go through that jungle. Another noteworthy mention is, her Sling Cannon can be used as a way to glance through a path 100m at the direction of the cast. So if you're happen to be low on HP and thought you could get away...well...


    Tower Divers

    [​IMG][/URL] [​IMG][/URL]
    Reborn Tyrant - Kagax
    I'm sure you've also seen your first tower being destroyed before the first train has even spawn. I sometimes take pleasure in doing that, it's fun. lol. see all the noobs rage. That's why I keep saying, Map Awareness!

    If you see a Kagax with that skill, then you can be sure that some time during the game he will start backdooring. But it's easy to counter, especially if you have a good Warder in the team, just set some wards outside (refer to Warding Sweet Spots above) and wait for him to stroll along. They almost always target 1 side or the other, so just ward the corresponding side and continue doing what you do. Just remember to port home when you see him coming from miles away, remember, Map awareness!
    The Bone Stalker - Evistix
    Not many but you do see this guy lurking around this map every now and then. If you pair him with a wave of creep and Demolishment, he will mow down your tower in a matter of seconds with his Ult. So act quick if you know his intent and mow him down before he does some irreversible damage. Luckily he is relatively easy to kill, but like Kagax, don't try to solo him head on. Oh, he is also notorious for sneaking around and backdooring like Kagax so watch out.​
    Wind Dancer - Aria
    Very few Aria players on this map, and even fewer are utilizing Aria's Tribal Spirit to push towers. Not only does this skill allows Aria to be as annoying as Vigelo warding the base and bombing every passerby with his Missile, it is also an extremely effective skill to continuously poke the tower. Any unsuspecting team will find their towers chipped away in a matter of a couple minutes. So do pay attention to that pesky Tribal woman.​

    Noteworthy Tablets & Items

    Bloodlust Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Your hero's Physical and Magical Attack are increased by 3% for every hero (both ally and enemy) within 15 meters.

    Effect is pretty straightforward. This map is filled with team fights, so this tablet will provide you with tremendous boost.

    Retribution Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Upon your death, you cast an explosion of hellfire, dealing (40 + your level x 20) Magical Damage to all enemies within 5 meters, and slowing them down by 30% for 5 seconds.

    To me this is a noob tablet because you die a lot or why else would you use this? But this is quite a popular tablet, and not uncommon to have someone using this. Can be devastating when activated during a team fight though.

    Malignity Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increase the duration of "Sneak" to 6 seconds. Plus, when you're out of an invisible state, all damage done to you will be decreased by 20%; lasts 5 seconds. This effect can only be triggered once per minute.

    Sneak isn't an uncommon skill to encounter, but I wouldn't really recommend using it here, especially if you have an Elf, Chameleon, or Kortav as teammate for obvious reasons. Furthermore, it's no surprise you'd be facing Ant and or Khlint here.

    Note: Have no more than 2 Sneak per team that's including Elf, Cham, and Bloodletter, but not limited to Ant and Migrove. Think of it this way, if the majority of the team have Invisibility then you're only increasing the odds of the opposing team buying Farseeing. With Farseeing around, it's basically a dead skill for the entire team, making Elf, Cham, Bloodletter, AND your Warder less effective.
    Only get Sneak for strategic purposes, and not because you want to engage in a close range fight with i.e. Vigelos and then expect to roam out with Sneak. It doesn't work that way. Having Sneak doesn't lower your risk of being killed, but on the contrary it increases your chance of being an easy prey, reason being you're more reliance it instead of playing with a clear head, and placing yourself in the wrong place at the right time.

    Assistance Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Decrease the Cooldown Time of "Teleport" by 36 seconds. The target you teleport to will receive a shield, absorbing damage equal to (100 + 10%% target's Max HP) at most. The target will be healed according to the remaining HP of the shield when you successfully Teleport. This effect cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes or on buildings.

    This is a good tablet to use if you're playing with friends and or guidies. Aside from that, stick to the skill and ditch the Tablet, because not many randoms will willingly port in to save you. And even if they did port to you, they were aiming for the kill, not to be your savior, for most at least.

    Ghost Step Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 4 Order, 12 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: The duration of "Sprint is extended to 6 seconds. While it is active, you ignore collisions with other units.

    Sprint is not a popular skill, but definitely a viable escape tool to have along side of Blink. If you Play Lebmont, Aria and something down the line then this is worth considering.

    Aftershock Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: After you use "Blink," your Movement Speed is increased by 20% for 10 seconds.

    Very rare to see people use this. But it is a noteworthy tablet if you play a lot of stay in the back heroes. Almost if not everyone uses Blink, so if you want the extra mile, this is it for you. Good for bd too you know.

    Jaguar Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 5 Order, 11 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Upon leaving a bush, your Movement SPeed is increased by 15% for 3 seconds. This effect is removed if you receive any type of attack.

    Has to be my favorite tablet for this map. Although 15% seems really small, but when you're in a close pursuit this will make quite a difference, plus it has no cool down and there are plenty of bush for you to make use of this.

    Blessed Resurrection Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: When using "Revival Runes" to revive yourself, you respawn at the location of your death with 40% of your max HP and MP.

    This is the "you're a noob" tablet that most beginners/unskilled like to have. What other way to get back to someone that just killed you than killing him right after, right? Just, please don't die to the same person again, or two and three more times...further note, this can be a really effective backdooring tool...

    Helm of Divine Favor
    +56 Magical Attack
    +250 HP
    +270 MP
    Active (Unique): You became invulnerable for 3 seconds. During the effect, your character cannot move, attack or use skills.
    Cooldown Time: 80 seconds

    A really good defensive tool to have if you play something like Doom Prophet. The active is pretty self explanatory and there are so many uses for it. But if you're betting this to save you from the wrath of a Paladin or Inquisitor then...R.I.Pieces...

    Cloak of Choking Words
    Gold: 3,200
    +15 Physical Defense
    +65 Magical Defense
    Active (Unique): Silence one enemy hero for 3 seconds.
    Cooldown Time: 60 seconds

    A really underused item, maybe because it requires you to tap on it and that's too much for many people to do? Idk...This is a really situational item, and can be extremely helpful, I'm talking saving your life helpful. If you come across a strong Vigelos, Fox and the likes then this will make them run with their tails in between.

    Storm Cloak
    Gold: 3,360
    +48 Magical Attack
    +230 MP
    +2.5 MP Regeneration
    Active(Unique): Inflict 100 + (20% of target's current HP) magic damage to a single enemy. Increases by 4% for every 100 Magical Attack points.

    Almost nobody uses this item because there are definitely better ones out there for Mages. But for a Support, the Active could be really useful if the main carry on the other side is Matk based. Plus theres a decent MP regen and Matk. When used during end game or when a mage is really fed this cast is able to dish out as much as 3k dmg with one go! Oh, there seems to be a 0.5-1 second delay upon use.

    Staff of Tinos
    Gold : 75
    Active (Unique): Creates a Scout Guard on the ground which lasts for 180 seconds. Provides sight to all friendly heroes.
    Passive : Scout Guard has the invisible skill.
    The Scout Guard has 150 HP and is immune to magic.

    Do I have to say anything? Why aren't every player on my team getting them?! I understand if it's end game and you need the 6th slot for another kick-ass item, but when the game is still at 5 minute mark...

    Staff of Protection
    Gold : 150
    Active (Unique): Creates a Scout Guard on the ground which lasts for 180 seconds. Provides sight to all friendly heroes.
    Passive : Scout Guard has the invisible skill and can detect invisibility.
    The Scout Guard has 150 HP and is immune to magic.

    I have never bought this item. To me the extra 75g is not worth the perk it offers over Tinos. But it's a good eye.

    Speed Scroll
    Gold : 200
    Active (Unique): Boost the Movement Speed of all friendly heroes within 8 meters by 10% for 6 seconds. All heroes affected by this item will not be slowed down by any Movement Speed-reducing skill for the duration.
    Cooldown Time: 1 minute.

    This is by far one of the most under rated consumables in the game. This is an awesome item to have if you face a team with a lot of slows. Especially if you play a melee ranged fighter and are having trouble closing the gap, i.e. Ant, Khlint, then this is something you'd definitely want to invest in. Best of all, it's an AOE cast. Do consider this for early and mid game.

    Farseeing Tonic
    Gold : 500
    Active (Unique): Grants the ability to detect invisible units for 4 minutes or until death.

    Although it now only grants detection for 4 minutes, so it says, why do I feel like it lasts longer than that? Someone needs to double check because I'm lazy. This potion lasts over 4 minutes. I was in a game where I had to be afk for over 10 minutes, but by the time when I came back, I still had it. But ya, this is one of my most used items. Reason: if you don't like to be shot in the butt by an Elf or have your location exposed where ever you go (wards) then I'd strongly suggest you grab one of these!

    Bard's Tonic
    Gold : 350
    Active (Unique): Adds 1 + (Hero Level x 0.5 HP and MP) every second for 4 minutes. The effect cannot be stacked with another Bard's Tonic. The effect wears off if the hero fall in battle.
    Mana hungry? spend the 350g and make 3500g the next time you're out there. Khlint, Ant, and most of you supports, and no one said Fighters, and Tanks can't have a use for this item. Just because you have gold doesn't mean you have to go back if you're doing fine, let this slowly regen for you.

    Mage's Focus
    Gold : 350
    Active (Unique): Increases Magical Attack by 10 + (Hero Level x 2) for 4 minutes. The effect cannot be stacked with another Mage's Focus. The effect wears off if the hero fall in battle.

    Do I need to explain? For a measly 350g it's effect rivals that of Philtre of Arcane Dominance which costs 3,000. So what if it's only 4 minute, it's still worth every gold.

    Empowering Tonic
    Gold : 350
    Active (Unique): Increases Physical Attack by 10 + (Hero Level x 2) for 4 minutes. The effect cannot be stacked with another Empowering Tonic. The effect wears off if the hero fall in battle.

    Same as above.


    Item Stacking and Consumables


    I have seen so many Mages and other classes stacking a particular item for its bonuses. This example above is fine when you compare to someone with three Searing Orbs then it becomes "noob." But then again when you look at how often you die when you actually face off against much smarter players that doesn't just show themselves and wait for you to target them i.e. ninja Inquisitor and Barbarian like Paladin, it becomes clear that that this is not an ideal built to go.

    Reason being, you don't have any escaping abilities. For starters,
    1) Boots, takes you forever to get to point B from point A, and when being pursued, well, you're as good as dead,
    2) you have no counters for Intensify or movement impalement effects(lack of Smoke Diadem, Pendant or Frostbolt).

    To make this short, if you're dead, it doesn't matter if you have 100% leech or +700 dmg, none of that would matter. Staying alive should be your top priority. Instead of stacking an item for P/Matks consider the potions below!

    Elixir of Everlasting Life
    Gold: 3,000
    Active (Unique): Permanently increases Max HP by 400.

    Draught of Unbreakable Will
    Gold: 3,000
    Active (Unique): Permanently increases Max MP by 520

    God-Slayer's Brew
    Gold: 3,000
    Active (Unique): Permanently increases Physical Attack by 42

    Philtre of Arcane Dominance
    Gold: 3,000
    Active (Unique): Permanently increases Magical Attack by 48

    Titan's Brew
    Gold: 3,000
    Active (Unique): Permanently increases Physical Defense by 50

    Philtre of Arcane Favor
    Gold: 3,000
    Active (Unique): Permanently increases Magical Defense by 50



    My guides are never complete without some tips!

    - It is utmost important that you learn to check the mini-map periodically to determine where every player is, including your own team.
    - This leads to kill opportunities, i.e. you knew a near death hero is being chased by your team and you determined he is heading towards the portal...camp on the other end. It also deters any potential ambush.

    - If the opposing team hasn't shown themselves for some times, then it is most likely that they are waiting in ambush. AVOID the jungle, especially the four corners near Baask!

    - It's good to not underestimate your opponents, its better to not overestimate yourself.

    - Never chase anyone half way across the map, alone, even if the pursued only needed one hit. There's thing called Reinforcements. Plus, if you had the kill there was no need to be chasing half around the map in the first place. Be smart!

    - NEVER take a team of 2-3 Supports lightly, especially a mix of Ant, Goblin, and Snake. Spread out more but keep close, if you know what I mean.

    - If you're not aiming for a fun game, but a higher chance of winning, then avoid teams of 3-5 close ranged, i.e. Chameleon, Kortav, Savaer, Sand Walker, 12-B. This is a mixture of disaster, especially if you end up playing against Goblin-Ant combo. You will almost always die before you even start.

    - It's good to stick together and push as a team, but remember, there are two creep lanes! The team that controls the lanes, controls the flow of the game.
    -Don't be one of those teams that focuses TOO much time sticking -together so they can get kills but in the end lost the game because they failed to realize that they had let too many Trains hit for 1-2 kills.
    -A train in many cases well overweights 1-2 deaths. So protect them!

    - In related to above, it's good to defend the train, but DO NOT dive in alone against 2-5 enemy heroes. All you're going to do is feed, and they will thank you for that. Let it go.
    -The first few trains aren't worth risking your life for because they do mediocre damage even with full HP, so they're not worth risking it.

    - Hurk and Golem can easily be soloed in 10K games, so get them right after the first train, before your opponents does. Baask can easily be soloed by few Mages as well as Fighters. The Shield Buff from Baask is very useful for defending Trains, and Ballistas.

    - Shielded Train/Ballistas are immuned to any frontal assaults, but they are vulnerable from the rear as well as AOE's.

    - Sometimes the best defense is offense. If your last tower is being pushed heavily, then it is wise to have one player to go out and push the other lane (that person should check above for maps, and survivability).
    - Don't stay in one lane for too long, you're prone to ambush, especially if you're alone, and even in pairs.
    - If you're playing a melee ranged hero, i.e. Chameleon, then it is best for you to be the player that clears the other lane and not waste time defending. A ranged will always have an advantage in defending, poking, and stalling.
    - It is a huge misconception that all five should stay and defend one tower regardless whether you are melee or ranged, because 1) Melees will helplessly die over and over without making any significant impact, 2) you are about to lose the other lane, because the opposing team has one player clearing the lane and farm the crap out of Hurk, Golem and Baask while you're all too busy defending one spot.

    <Tidus69's Advanced Map Guide>

    Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment or share your findings!

    If you like this guide, perhaps you would like to check out my earlier works under my signature.
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    RE: URR Guide - Insight

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    RE: URR Guide - Insight

    Nice guide.
    I was hoping for something like this because I never played urr much...
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    RE: URR Guide - Insight

    Great guide!
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    :O.. amazing guide.
    +rep (again).
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    Something I usually take in mind whenever I play URR.
    When building items, your main goal is to get the good items, but mostly focus on the ones with passive/active effects. Try not to get/stack items for HP, Mana, Damage, or Defense. Focus on getting items with pierce, lifesteal, Crit. Rate and Attack Speed (For Fighters), and Mobility. You can get your damage, defense, etc. later on in the late-late game with the 3K Potions.
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    Hey buddy, I am working on an App, and I need this Information?
    Can I use some of your post?
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    Just remember to give credit where credit is due. xD
    Could do a little update too if u need. Ahaa...
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    Sure, can you give me your IGN & platform? And twitch/youtube channel? If you dont mind.

    For now I think I got enough information from your post. But i will let you know if I need more info :).
    Thx btw.
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    Platform: IOS, World
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    Wow...Quite impressive and obviously very in depth. I haven't even read it yet and I know it will be quite a good ride. Great work :D

    You did seem to be struggling with implementing pictures. I recommend tinypic.com if you haven't used that. It always works if you copy and paste their forum links. It's what I used for my Lu guide :)
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    Train map = give lanes to fighters, push lane with train when train about to Start, team up Early for buffs n protect ur train lol xD
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