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    Sandwalker is one of my favorite fighters. And I think people usually don't like him because of his lack of damage and the fact that he's technically a hero with 3 skills instead of 4 since so one uses his infection.
    However I i've been playing with him a bit and I'm actually pretty decent with him, believe it not i was actually a carry with him in a couple of games, even in rank. People don't see that his infection STAB can actually cause a lot of burst damage, the only problem is the really short range of his infection and the animation time.
    Sandwalker is a an excellent jungler, with the right build you can solo dragon at level 7 or 8 and possibly gain 2 levels with the help of squires energy thus giving you a huge level advantage over everyone else.
    He can cause a lot of burst damage early game with stab so going str8 for a pure dmg build isn't that necessary, try building some HP with atk speed as if you were building him as a bruiser. Then you have a better chance of surviving long enough to help your team with his cage and secure team fights.
    Try using sneak with its tablet so you have 8 seconds to sneak on someone and get an easy infection with those 2 consecutive stabs, by then you would have taken down at least 50-65% of that heroes HP if it's early game. Additionally it puts you in perfect range to put down that cage and you can pretty much have a sure kill.
    Sandwalker is also one of the most squishiest heroes in the game, so the way I build him is I grab the bears claw and squire's energy first, farm a bit and then go for a blood pouch or fury claws.
    I don't usually go for a facebreaker yet because chances are you would have died 2-3 times before having the money for it. He's really good with a Jade axe so that's gotta be the 1st dmg weapon you gotta get, then get wings of paradise and build that into watchers whisper. But at the same time slowly build your blood pouch into a Hades. Instead of focusing on one item, I slowly build into multiple items so at least I have a balanced hero.
    Here's my skill guide for sand
    Maxx his stab first because 2 infected stabs can actually take out 50% or more of any squishy heroes HP.
    Recommended tablets: Desire, bloodlust, and desecration. You can use sneak tablet to get that 3 second boost from 5 seconds to 8 seconds, if you do then you should take out desire.
    As for item build: Jade axe/King Killer/Divinity/Watchers whisper/Savage boots/Hades
    (If not savage boots then use a longbow or get extra defense) So yeah, this is my usual way of playing sandwalker. But hey, just because it works for me, it might not work for you.
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    Finally a guide that recognizes the uselessness of Agdi's ulti damage. Always they used to say to,"max ult before 1," like, infection isn't that bad. Watcher's whisper is ok but personally I don't use it on Adgi, its good until late-mid game, he already reaches max speed.
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