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Discussion in 'New Players' started by fireneg, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Hello guys and new members to the HoC forum.
    If you encounter any posts that seem irreverent to the topic or topic that should be moved into different sections, please use the report button- you can find it in the below right of the post of an user. Using the report button helps moderaters find the problem quickly and adress the solution to the problem.

    Here are some example scenarios you should use the report button:

    Scenario 1:
    Thread: " New Game (insert name of game)" Posted in General Section

    If you see stuff like this in the general section, just report it saying that it needs to be moved into the the longue forum.

    Scenario 2:
    User2 quotes User1 about something and says: Stupid little noob, how old are you-8 year old or something? You should quit and uninstall HoC forever! (Insert more insults)

    Alright, first of all- Ignore them! Do not respond back to them with insults, because that will only make things only worser. You should just report them saying that they're insulting/flaming. Then sit down and relax as the moderators do the rest of the work.

    Scenario 3
    User 1 keeps posting multiple times in a row.
    Report that they are spamming, the moderators might give the user a warning or a ban if they keep doing this. Mabye you could also give them a quick tip that there is a EDIT button they could use.
    People/ forums who are targeting you and insulting you:
    If people in the forum keep constantly targeting you with insulting words, send a private message to Serquet70 concerning the issue, and he'll try to resolve the issue.
    A link to his profile is below:

    I hope that you enjoyed my thread about the Report Button!
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    Ok. Rule three. It helped me a lot. :)
    Not spamming though... just did not know...

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