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    Announcement: After HOC Rising Update is released, the whole guide is outdated. I'll update it soon enough.


    [1] The Book of Arcanus

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    [1] The Book of Arcanus
    [2] Introduction to Arcane Magic
    __[2.1] Magic Outfits
    __[2.2] Why him?
    [3] The Arcane Warrior
    __[3.1] Hero Skills
    __[3.2] Pros and Cons
    __[3.3] Hero Stats
    [4] Comets Away
    __[4.1] Arcane Skills
    _____[4.1.1] Skill Tips
    _____[4.1.2] Skill Build
    _____[4.1.3] Skill Combinations
    [5] Equipments of the Arcane
    __[5.1] Items
    _____[5.1.1] Recommended Items
    _______[] Starting Items
    _______[] Boots
    _______[] Attack Items
    _________[] Situational Attack Items
    ______[] Defense Items
    _________[] Situational Defense Items
    ______[] Custom 10k Lvl 15 Matches
    __[5.2] Tablets
    _____[5.2.1] Inscriptions
    _______[] Order Inscriptions
    _______[] Chaos inscriptions
    __[5.3] Talents
    __[5.4] Profile Skills
    [6] Other Heroes
    __[6.1] Allies
    __[6.2] Enemies
    [7] The End
    __[7.1] Credits
    [8] Source Links

    [2] Introduction to Arcane Magic

    Does all this standing around, have a point? ~Vigelos

    Greetings Heroes of Haradon! I'm Spacial and I will show you how to use Vigelos the Arcane Warrior effectively. This guide is suitable for both newbies and advanced players. He is my first hero that I have mastered and I have used him as my main for a year. And since my guide needs to be updated, say hello to the revamped Top Tier guide to Vigelos!

    [2.1] Magic Outfits:


    What do you guys think? Pretty badass huh. But typically, 2D images look hundred times better than 3D ones. :D

    [2.2] Why him?

    In game, Vigelos is the true definition of a magical glass cannon, which can be described in the equation below:

    Damage > Defense.

    Vigelos is different from other mages as his skills are single targeted and very squishy. But he traded that up with his super high damage.

    If you loveā€¦
    ~> Killing enemies easily with just TWO skills
    ~> Dueling with enemies
    ~> Being Annoying
    ~> Carrying a game
    ~> Playing an easy mage

    Then I would love to introduce you to someone...

    [3] The Arcane Warrior


    [3.1] Hero Skills

    [​IMG] Arcane Orb - (MP: 50/60/70/80 , CD: 8s)
    Vigelos conjures an orb bursting with arcane energy and launches it toward an enemy.

    RANGE: 11m
    AREA: Multiple Single Target
    DAMAGE: 50/75/100/125 HP + 70% Magical Attack Scaling

    ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: Can hit up to 2 additional nearby enemies. If the targeted enemy is killed by the arcane orb, 80% of the Vigelos' spent MP is restored.

    A multi-single target skill. Makes creep farming better due to its bouncing effect. This skill prioritizes enemy heroes first if any nearby. Pretty decent.

    +Can Bounce , High range , High Damage with Weakening Aura , Focuses Heroes first
    -Slight delay.

    [​IMG] Arcane Missiles - (MP: 75/95/115/135 , CD: 16/14/12/10s)
    Vigelos launches five waves of arcane missiles.

    RANGE: 11m
    AREA: Single Target
    DAMAGE: 40/55/70/85 HP + 60% Magical Attack Scaling per wave for 5 seconds or until the target get out of 15 meters.

    ADDITIONAL EFFECT: An enemy hit by 2 waves has its Movement Speed reduced by 15% and an enemy hit by all 5 waves will be stunned by 1 second.

    A single target skill that attacks 5 times. Also known as a human turret skill that fires comets. Very high damage starting mid-game. This is your primary skill.

    +High Damage , Killer Skill , Follows Enemies
    -Stationary Skill, needs Positioning

    [​IMG] Weakening Aura - (MP: 23/72/73/83 CD: 16s)

    PASSIVE: Decreases Magical Defense of all units by 5/10/15/20s
    RANGE: 8m
    ACTIVE: Increases Skill damage of Arcane Orb and Arcane Missiles.
    NOTE: Skill Scaling never increases each level.
    Skill Scaling Increase: Arcane Orb: 75% ; Arcane Missiles 40%

    Not a good passive but a really good active! Always activate this skill first before firing any skills.

    +Increases damage drastically , helps against Debronee's Judgement

    [​IMG] Mirror Images (MP: 125/150/175 , CD: 80/70/60s)
    Vigelos summons multiple mirror images of himself to confuse and attack his enemies.

    EFFECT: Each mirror image deals 30%/45%/60% of all damage dealt by Vigelos.
    DURATION: 15 seconds.
    ADDITIONAL EFFECT: Images increases Vigelos' Magical Attack by 40/70/100

    A unique ultimate. You may use it during 1vs1 and tower diving.

    +Multiplies yourself , Increases attack
    -Bouncing skills are very effective once used.

    [3.2] Pros and Cons

    +Powerful Skills
    +Annoying Missiles
    +Has an incredible attack buffing skill
    +Mirror Images can confuse enemies or act as decoy
    +Strong at 1vs1
    +Easy to use
    +Skills barely use mana
    +Low CD skills
    +Excels in any stage of the game
    +All skill effects changes in his elite skin
    +Destroys tanks very easily
    +Has a better killing potential of a Fighter class
    +Magic Version of Debronee!
    +Infinite Skill Spam after full build!

    -Low Armor
    -Skill and Item Dependent
    -Lacks Crowd Control
    -Often being targeted first at most games
    -Kill Stealing Missiles
    -Not a good hero to solo
    -Any bouncing skills (Ex: Guervus' Lava Snake) bounces you and your clones. Ouch!

    [3.3] Hero Stats


    Unlike most heroes, Vigelos' stats can somehow be true if you can think carefully...

    Difficulty: A bar of 5 in difficulty means medium difficulty. True to new players. But with my guide, I will help make our job easier.
    Physical: 2 bars on Physical is true. Because you are a mage! Bet you didn't thought of that! Also he is physically weak, which means he gets killed easily.
    Magical: Vigelos is very strong in terms of magical damage. I used many mages and this guy's damage is the best imo. So 10 bars is true. However, this is against 1 enemy. He can't burst. But that's what makes him unique.
    Resilience: In duels he can recover quickly in battle. However, he can't when facing many enemies when he is alone. So this 5 bar stat is partly true.
    Support: I agree that he cannot support well. If you are trying to use your skills to support, you will end up stealing the kill....

    (Stat + x value per level)

    HP: 530 + 80
    MP: 399 +46
    Auto Attack Damage: 50 + 3
    Attack Speed: 0.70 + 0.01
    Attack Range: 8.00
    Movement Speed: 4.25
    Physical Defense: 15 + 3
    Magical Defense: 12 + 3
    HP Regeneration: 0.95 + 0.16
    MP Regeneration: 1.22 + 0.26

    [4] Comets Away

    Your job is to stand behind someone and kill enemies. His job is a little easy as all you need is to kill, but simultaneously a hard job. You are the carry after all. So stay alive as much as possible.

    [4.1] Arcane Skills

    As a wizard, Vigelos heavily relies on skills. His skills are different than other mages as:
    ~> All skills have very low cooldown which allows you to spam your skills frequently.
    ~> All skills require less MP, you won't have to worry about your mana at all

    Make use of these advantages. A wise choice of positioning will lead to your enemy's doom!

    [4.1.1] Skill Tips

    Arcane Orb: Use the bouncing properties to harass your enemies. This works well against both ranged and melee enemies.
    It is recommended to use Arcane Orb to harass than your normal attack as it has:
    ~>High range
    ~>High Damage
    ~>Attacks 3 enemies. You may kill creeps during the process.
    To make use of this, aim your Arcane Orb at the nearest creep to the enemy hero.

    With this skill, you can replace your normal attacks with this skill when laning!

    Arcane Missiles: This skill is your primary skill, so you will use it the most. I recommend you to use this skill when a battle has initiated. Although you will use this often, be careful for ambushing enemies as you are a vulnerable hero when using this skill. It is preferred that you cancel this skill immediately when you know that you are being targeted. Wait for your guardians to defend you, then use this skill again.

    Weakening Aura: The core of his OPness. As said, it adds 40% scaling to your skills, meaning both skills can scale up to 100% Magical Attack! Making him lethal in duels. Use this first before using other skills!
    Tip: Inquisitor's Judgement drains your mana away. You may use this skill to nullify it as it has low CD and cost.

    Mirror Images: Make clones of yourself. This skill is very effective when tower diving or during duels. You can defend yourself against non piercing skillshots like Goroshia's Hurricane.

    [4.1.2] Skill Build

    1.[​IMG] Arcane Missiles
    2.[​IMG] Weakening Aura
    3.[​IMG] Arcane Missiles
    4.[​IMG] Arcane Orb
    5.[​IMG] Arcane Missiles
    6.[​IMG] Arcane Orb
    7.[​IMG] Arcane Missiles
    8.[​IMG] Mirror Images
    9.[​IMG] Mirror Images
    10.[​IMG] Arcane Orb
    11.[​IMG] Arcane Orb
    12.[​IMG] Mirror Images
    13.[​IMG] Weakening Aura
    14.[​IMG] Weakening Aura
    15.[​IMG] Weakening Aura


    Arcane Orb: Arcane Orb is the next skill (second skill) to max. It has better range than Weakening Aura and it damages enemies and assists in creep farming.
    Arcane Missiles: Our damage of this primary skill must be maxed first to deal maximum damage to kill enemies.
    Weakening Aura: The reason why this skill is maxed last because it has low range. Its skill scaling adds 40% and never increases per level.
    Mirror Images: For now, I failed to find its usefulness when this skill is at level 1. 1 image doesn't make a difference and so does the 40 additional Magical Attack imo. So I wait and level up this skill at Hero Level 8 as I can level it up again when Hero Level is at Level 9.

    Note: Should you successfully find a Level 1 Mirror Images useful, then increase it by when Hero Level 6. Basically you level this ultimate wherever possible like other hero Ultimates.

    Pick Arcane Orb at Level 2 if you must. This allows for better laning potential too.

    [4.1.3] Skill Combinations

    His skill sets are simple, so one skill combination can cover almost everything.

    Strategy: Weakening Aura > Arcane Orb > Arcane Missiles
    This strategy is your main strategy in battle. Simple yet it deals tons of damage against enemies. The reason why Arcane orb comes first is so that you can retreat when you are being targeted.

    Note: Arcane Orb and Arcane Missiles can swap places if you are confident that you can kill enemies.

    [5] Equipments of the Arcane

    Without the right equipment, all heroes including Vigelos cannot perform well in game. That is why the right items, inscriptions, and tablets are required for maximum efficiency.

    [5.1] Items

    Items are essential to make a certain hero strong. This includes Vigelos. But he may choose to reduce the attack items and buy more defense items, up to 2 of them which doesn't make a difference in damage anyways..

    [5.1.1] Recommended Items

    (Needs to be updated)

    I won't go much here as I have made an Items list, you may go to the General Guides and read it.

    [] Starting items

    There are two types of starting build which I find useful.

    [​IMG] Squire's Wisdom X 2
    Gold: 500
    +18 Magical Attack
    +100 HP

    Squishy Mages like him should always buy at least 1 or 2 of these.


    [​IMG] Squire's Wisdom
    Gold: 500
    +18 Magical Attack
    +100 HP


    [​IMG] Acolyte Staff
    Gold: 500
    +23 Magical Attack

    You may also choose this. You will have a balance of both upgrading and survival besides damage. Both Items got a stat boost since this update 1.9. Interesting indeed!


    [​IMG] Boots of Haste
    Gold: 300
    Slightly increase hero's movement speed (does not stack with other boots).

    I would only get this and focus on attack items. It is actually enough imo.

    [​IMG] Boots of the Tempest
    Gold: 1,500
    Greatly increase hero's move speed(does not stack with other boots).

    This is my choice if the enemy team has lots of movement reducing skills or items such as Migrove.

    Build Sequence: [​IMG] , Complete

    [] Attack items

    [img=54X54]http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/47/1384953342-image.jpg[/img] Arrogance Cloak
    Gold: 3,270

    +60 Magical Attack
    + 4 HP Regeneration
    + 4 MP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Skills Cast will reduce target's Magical Defense by 20 + (Target's level X 2).
    Duration: 5 seconds
    Note: AOE skills only take 50% of the effect

    Even with the priced increased slightly, it gave it more Magic Attack and 4 MP Regeneration. The defense pierce didn't change, but still. This cloak is still a must for Vigelos to wear!

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete.

    Reason: Buy Levithian's Cloak to reduce enemy's Defense to 0, then you may buy his Necromancer's Passion if needed, or you can buy the item right away. Or if you are at early game phase (meaning you're good at farming), do it the other way around because in early game, damage is better than defense pierce.

    Note: Only one Arrogance Cloak is needed. But since most mages are AOE, you should buy it as your skills are Single Target, which takes 100% of the effect.

    [​IMG] Boneflame Wand

    Gold: 3,800
    +110 Magical Attack
    +250 MP
    +3 MP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Increase the hero's Magical Attack by 3% of maximum MP.
    Adds 8 Max MP every time you use a skill and can be stacked up to 50 times (400 MP). Cannot be triggered twice in 5 seconds, and skills that cost no MP will not trigger the effect. The stack from Sapphire Amulet remains if upgraded to Boneflame Wand.

    Since most of the items have their MP stats buffed, your MP will be very high. This staff can make use of the high MP.

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [img=50X50]http://i60.tinypic.com/23wlmvm.png[/img] , Complete

    Reason: Vigelos doesn't have a mana problem, and at this point, you can kill enemies. So again Enchanter's Ring to increase the overall damage, buy the Sapphire Amulet and complete it.

    [​IMG][​IMG]Frost Ring
    Gold: 3,600
    +400 MP
    +50 Magical Attack
    +6 MP Regeneration
    -15% skill CD
    Passive (Unique): Increases your MP Regeneration by 1% for every 1% of missing MP

    To all those who loved skill spamming, you need this item badly for Attack, CDR and MP!

    Build Sequence:

    [​IMG] , Complete

    Reason: Ice Diamond has a passive of its final item, you can choose to leave it as it is or build it immediately.

    [​IMG] Staff Of Rectitude

    Gold: 3,845
    +210 MP
    +110 Magical Attack
    +10% Leech HP

    As a pure glass cannon, you will definitely need some HP to be restored. Pretty high damage, and for now, this hero fits this item.

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete

    Reason: With the high damage output after Ruby Ring, now's the time to make use of this immense damage. So, buy Rogan's Conviction for the leech, Brawler's Lanment for damage and Complete it.

    [​IMG] Searing Orb

    Gold: 3,900
    +110 Magical Attack
    +450 MP
    Passive (Unique): Burn through 30% of enemy's Magic Defense.

    This item is more of a late game item due to the HP stat being removed. I would recommend buying this starting post mid game.

    Build Sequence:
    [IMG=54x54]https://media01.gameloft.com/web_mk...chaos-heroes/images/items/icons/255.png[/IMG] , [IMG=54x54]https://media01.gameloft.com/web_mk...chaos-heroes/images/items/icons/261.png[/IMG] , Complete

    Reason: During late game, you should have a lot of mana. But the Ring first then the staff.

    Other Items coming soon.

    [] Situational Attack Items

    [IMG=54x54]https://media01.gameloft.com/web_mk...chaos-heroes/images/items/icons/312.png[/IMG]Fername's Blade
    Gold: 3,300
    +600 MP
    +6 MP Regeneration
    -15% skill CD
    Passive (Unique): Spells cast will slow down target's movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds. DOT skills do not trigger this effect.

    This item has become a situational item due to the nerf. If your team does not have any form of CC (which I doubt that will happen). Then you will buy this.

    [IMG=54x54]https://media01.gameloft.com/web_mk...chaos-heroes/images/items/icons/261.png[/IMG] , [IMG=54x54]https://media01.gameloft.com/web_mk...chaos-heroes/images/items/icons/289.png[/IMG] , Complete

    [​IMG] Saithion Lollipop

    Gold: 3,600
    +80 Magical Attack
    +250 HP
    +6 HP Regeneration
    Passive (Unique): +10% Movement Speed

    If you bought boots, then substitute it with this which gives better stats and a 10% movement speed boost. The boost is similar to Boots of Haste.
    Another situation is when you can't farm well but you are desperately in needed of Searing Orb/Damage Items, then get this as an alternative until you farmed enough. But the damage output won't be better than Searing Orb....

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete

    Reason: It doesn't matter what do you build first when you have Arrogance Cloak. Pick any item and complete it.

    [] Defense Items

    [​IMG] Spider Queen's Embrace

    Gold: 3,600
    +55 Magical Attack
    +70 Physical Defense
    Passive(Unique): Reduce the Attack Speed of the unit that attacks you by 30% for 1.5 seconds

    One of the best defense item for mages. Increases damage and defense, and a passive that slows enemy's attack speed. Very good as there are a lot of fighters.

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] ,[​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete.

    Reason: We need Physical Defense to protect ourselves from fighters. To do so, buy Raven Mail first. It's okay if you did not buy Tower Scepter and complete it straight as your damage is high.

    Note: You may buy Ruby Ring first if you prefer damage.

    [img=57X57]http://i42.tinypic.com/6eot9i.png[/img] Helm Of Divine Favor

    +60 Magical Attack
    +350 HP
    +300 MP
    Active (Unique): You became invulnerable for 3 seconds. During the effect, your character cannot move, attack or use skills.
    CD Time: 80 Seconds

    Another great item for mages. Although it gives M.Attack, it has a defensive active that makes you invulnerable for 3 seconds. So if you are being chased by Paladin/Inquisitor, pop its active up when they start to use their skills to survive.

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete.

    Reason: It doesn't matter what you buy first during late game. But if you need damage, then Ruby Ring, or if you are leveling up fast but with low HP, then buy Helm of the Cloud Walkers. It heals you when you level up.

    [​IMG] Hades Armor

    Gold: 4,200
    +400 HP
    +70 Physical Defense
    +5 HP Regeneration
    Passive(Unique): Reflect 40% of all Physical Damage back to your assailants.

    Fighters are most popular nowadays, so this will provide Physical Defense and Physical Defense Reflection by 40% Pair this with Spider Queen's Embrace is a good combo with its attack speed reduction.

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete.

    Reason: Again Fighters are our enemies. Buy Raven Mail and upgrade into Minotaur's Mask. Then, buy Cloak of the Dragon's Blood to increase Max HP to survive better.

    [] Situational Defense Items

    [​IMG] Aurora's Cuirass

    Gold: 2,700
    +60 Physical Defense
    +60 Magic Defense

    Provides both Physical And Magical Defense. I know, it is tedious to buy 2 separate armors. Well if you want this then go ahead. This is when the enemy team has a balance of mages and fighters.

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete.

    Reason: Go ahead and buy this if the enemy team is balanced with Physical and Magical Damage. Just make sure to observe whether if Physical or Magical Damage is a threat in the battle.

    Note: If mages are your problems, then buy Calming Cloak first.

    [​IMG] Valkyrian Robes

    Gold: 3,600
    +400 MP
    +75 Magic Defense
    Active: Shield all allies within 8 meters. Absorbs 300 Magic Damage, lasts 10 seconds.
    Cooldown time: 1.5 minutes.

    This is very situational. This is when the enemy team has a lot of mages. If so then get this. It provides the highest Magical Defense and a shield that absorbs Magical Damage.

    Build Sequence:
    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] , Complete.

    Reason; Reduce the damage buy buying Calming Cloak. Then do what you must to complete it.

    [] Custom 10k Lvl 15 Matches

    Now that there are custom matches, it is a difficult choice for you to choose which items first.

    Of course in my opinion, items will depend on the enemies, but:


    These two are a must for Vigelos in these fights. Reason are basically the same.

    10000 - 4500 - 3100 = 2400 Gold. What will you do with them? For me, it will be these:


    This choice is for physical assailants. Obviously for better survival.


    And a 200 Gold left. If you're rushing for Staff of Rectitude, then this will do.


    This build is what I typically use. I want Titan's Ring so that my income is better since the game focuses on team fights.

    [5.2] Tablets

    The Tablets for Vigelos can help eliminate some of his disadvantages (cons) found above.

    I have also made a Tablets List at the General Guides. So I won't cover much here too.

    [IMG=100X100]http://i61.tinypic.com/xkpvh3.png[/IMG] Bloodlust Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Your hero's Physical and Magical Attack are increased by 3% for every hero (both ally and enemy) within 15 meters.

    Teamwork is the best offense and defense. And in team fights, there are a lot of heroes around you. Why not buy this?

    [img=100X100]http://i40.tinypic.com/1h6kxs.png[/img] Whispering Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 10 Order, 6 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Each time you use a skill, your Magical Attack and Physical Attack will be increased by 3% and MP cost of skills will be reduced by 3%. Effect can stack up to 5 times. If another skill is used when it reached its maximum capacity, then the effect resets to 0.

    The more skills you use, the greater your damage. Guess what? You are a spell caster!

    [img=100X100]http://i41.tinypic.com/n4ft7b.png[/img] Desire tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 11 Order, 5 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your your Physical and Magical Attack by 12.5% of the damage you receive. Can't be higher than 50. Lasts 5 seconds.

    Being squishy, you take a lot of damage in just one hit. This boosts your attack from the damage you receive so you can kill an enemy even when you are at half health. Take note that the effect only lasts 5 seconds.

    [IMG=100x100]http://i44.tinypic.com/2ebelcl.png[/IMG] Elemental Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: If your HP is more than 90%, your skills will require 8% less Cooldown Time.

    Your job is to sit back and spam missiles behind a guardian who is protecting you, which makes you go unharmed. Because of this you can spam infinite skills. I tested it out and it made Vigelos a really deadly carry.

    [img=100X100]http://i41.tinypic.com/2n07m05.png[/img] Elder Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 12 Order, 4 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: Increases your Physical Defense by 12% of Magical Attack.

    Pretty nice to increase his survivability using Magical Attack. Useful to deal with those nasty fast attacking fighters.

    [img=100X100]http://i39.tinypic.com/2ppwzno.png[/img] Protective Tablet
    Ascension Requirement: 8 Order, 8 Chaos
    Ascension Effect: When receiving damage that causes your HP to drop below 20%, grants a shield that absorbs damage equal to 15% of max HP, lasts for 7 seconds. Cannot be triggered twice within 3 minutes.

    Activates a shield when your health is low. I like getting this as it gives me better survival.

    [5.2.1] Inscriptions

    In my opinion, there are only two main Inscriptions for Vigelos that should go on his tablets; one for Order, one for Chaos.

    [] Order Inscriptions

    [IMG=50X50]http://i59.tinypic.com/dmg1aw.png[/IMG]Sorcery Inscription
    Reduces Cooldown Time by (B) 0.55% / (S) 0.82% / (G) 1.09%

    Spam your Missiles Fast. You need it to wipe the carry or anyone all day.

    [] Chaos Inscriptions

    [IMG=50X50]http://i57.tinypic.com/2guxhrk.png[/IMG]Spellbreaking Inscription
    Increases Pierce through Magical Defense by (B) 0.71 / (S) 1.06 / (G) 1.42

    Definitely a great inscription. No one buys Magical Defense, so this will help reducing their M.Defense to 0, so it's 100% Damage!

    [5.3] Talents

    Type 1: Standard Build

    Mage = 26
    [​IMG]Fast Casting = 5 (5% CD reduction)
    [​IMG]Apprentice = 4 (CD reduction per lvl)
    [​IMG]Mana Adept = 1 (10% less mana per skill)
    [​IMG] True Knowledge = 3 (Matk per lvl)
    [​IMG]+Strike Back = 3 (Matk % increase when low 40%HP)
    [​IMG]+Skill Penetration = 3 (Pierce through mag def)
    [​IMG]Accident = 3 (crit on creep)
    [​IMG]Spell Outbreak = 1 (crit on hero)
    [​IMG]+Magic Feedback = 2 (leach)
    [​IMG]Death's Embrace = 1 (10% more dmg on stun/slow target)

    Support = 14
    [​IMG]Quickening = 5 (run speed)
    *Any other tier 1-2 talent = 2
    [​IMG]Greed = 3 (cash fo creep)
    [​IMG]+Surprise = 3 (bonus HP/MP per lvl)
    [​IMG]Teamwork Pays = 1 (cash for heros)

    + You can swap one point from one to another of these skill for minor variations

    Type 2: Badass Life Leeching

    Mage = 18
    [​IMG]Spell Proficiency = 5 (5 matk)
    [​IMG]Intelligence = 4 (+mp)
    [​IMG]Mana Adept = 1 (10% less mana per skill)
    [​IMG]Spell Penetration = 5 (Pierce thru)
    [​IMG]Magic Feedback = 3 (leech)

    Support = 5
    [​IMG]Quickening = 5 (run speed)

    Guardian = 17
    [​IMG]Strong = 5 (+hp)
    [​IMG]Toughness = 3 (phy def per lvl)
    *Any other Tier 1-2 skill = 2 (suggested Defence - magic def per lvl)
    [​IMG]Fast Healer = 3 (heal 35% more)
    [​IMG]Resilient = 3 (+9hp per lvl)
    [​IMG]Last stand = 1 (10% dmg reduc when low hp)

    [5.4] Profile Skills

    [​IMG] Blink
    One useful escape/chase mechanism as you don't have one. Even with your images and Fernames, you still aren't able to get away due to our movement speed. This is what I use in competitive battles despite the cooldown.

    [​IMG] Teleport
    Saves time so that you get into team fights fast, rather than walking with your own feet. Pretty nice, but it has a long cooldown...

    [6] Other Heroes

    (Needs to be updated)

    As stated in the Cons section, Vigelos cannot solo heroes due to his Single Target Skills. So partners are definitely useful.

    [6.1] Allies


    I know you like these heroes very much. Slow / stun the enemy carry and KILL IT with Weakening Aura +Arcane Missiles combo!

    *Note: If there are these heroes in your team, Fername's Blade can be substituted with any M.Attack. I recommend Staff Of Rectitude as the Leech stacks.*


    Obvious enough? HP is most important in every battle!


    Death Scythe is enemy's feared skill. Adding the fact that he pacts, heals and have a passive that increases both P and M.Attack. Why not pair with him?

    [6.2] Enemies

    (Needs to be updated)

    Use your Mirror Images to trick enemies, but if they are smart enough..


    "A wizard's magic is no match for my swift judgement." Do we need to say more?


    Typical spell nullifier guardian. Annoyed when your skills deal 0 damage to him for 5 seconds?


    Undying Vengeance completely stops your Missiles and deal damage to you. Careful what you're firing..


    Lava Snake bounces all over you and your clones. Ouch!


    We like them as CC allies, but simultaneously we hate them when they were our enemies.

    [7] The End

    That's it for my guide! I hope you guys enjoyed this guide to Vigelos! It has been a blast using him and I'm optimistic that all of you feel the same way too!

    [7.1] Credits

    Without them, I couldn't have made my guide

    Inteeresting: He made an Anioah (Battle Mage) guide, which inspired me to make a guide.
    Chrisp & dudee46: Thanks to their guide format, this long guide cannot be done. Click on their names to view their guides!
    You: Who has read this whole wall of text. I applaud you for reading this. Have a jar of cookies.

    Again this is Spacial. Over and Out!

    Master the mysterious powers from within with Vigelos the Arcane Warrior!

    [8] Source Links

    <Items List>
    <Tablets & Inscriptions List>
    <Talents List>

    Last edited: Apr 28, 2016
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  2. Nightshadexx

    Nightshadexx Active Member

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    Oct 24, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Very nice.

    Honestly not much criticism. Very small things here and there that could use some fixing up, but it's good :).

    An important thing you must add to Cons, is that molten lords snake is going to Fak you up if using a clone.

    Let's say your level 6-11 and molten uses his powerful snake. You're pretty much dead because it will bounce from your clones and hit you 2-3 extra times. So that's something to watch out for. Goldfurs (1st skill) heal also bounces between clones which can be counter productive to your team. Another arcane can take advantage of your clones too by bouncing between but it's not as deadly as lava snake.

    Again. Lava snake can REALLY fuq you up if clones.
    By level 12-15 Ult is maxed so it won't be as bad since snake has to bounce between more clones but still :)
  3. Chrisp

    Chrisp Member

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    Nov 28, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    I have to agree with Nightshade. Very impressive guide. Looks clean, reads well, descriptions and explanations are accurate and concise. I use those same tablets so gold cd inscriptions and Boneflame give 43% cd at level 15 which is pretty convenient. I can't think of anything to add other than possible threats to Vigelos like Nightshade suggested. This is a top tier guide.
  4. Illuminescene

    Illuminescene New Member

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    Dec 22, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    I don't even use Arcane often but your colorful and pretty guide kept me hooked :D
  5. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

    Likes Received:
    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Oh yes. I agree that. Vigelos is weak against them. But if one doesn't cast his images much then that might not be a problem. Added to the cons list.

    Aw really? Thanks! :D

    Edit: Sad that you don't play him much. Maybe try him some other time? He is powerful.

    Anyway, thanks for your feedback guys!
  6. Laker1230

    Laker1230 Member

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    Aug 28, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    I usually reach 1000 damage with him!
  7. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

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    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    One of my favorite moments when using him. X) I was like "Look at that damage!" Or something like that. Lol.

    Anyway, he still can be improved with other items. Currently testing Helm of Divine Favor due to his active as a defense item (?). I want to try 0 deaths.

    Thanks for your feedback! :)

  8. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

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    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Guide updated with Vigelos' skins, Items and Tablet descriptions from my lists, Profile Skills and a new defense item for Vigelos: Helm Of Divine Favor
  9. Laker1230

    Laker1230 Member

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    Aug 28, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Have you tried out this item build? Searing orbs, Arromgamce Cloack, Boneflame Wand, and 3 Staff of Rectittude. So OP
  10. Akise

    Akise no longer Detective

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    Jun 16, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    I tried that and it was so much Leech and Damage, the fighter couldn't dps enough to kill me O:

    Same as me as Aria against a Vigelos like that O;
  11. robin1213

    robin1213 New Member

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    Dec 16, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Vey Nice Guide , Interesting Colors and Great Builds .
    But in Tablets , i suggest you getting Desire instead of Elder IMO .
    For Example : You have 600+ Magical Attack , it only Provides 72 Physical Defense :(
    And by that point you can 1-Shot those Squishy Fighters with Only Missiles .
    While , Desire increases your Magic Attack by 50 pretty good bonus .

    You should also add some Guides for Laning Phase/Mid/Late Game .
    In-depth Explanation , Hero Synergize/Counters etc .. .

    Nice Guide BTW :)
  12. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

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    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Yes I tried that build. Pretty much like what Josh says. He is op with that build :O Not to mention, that build (imo) fits Vigelos better than Mystic because I heard Mystic's Chains are now considered AOE where AOE skills will take 30% (?) of the leech effect.

    Well basically I tend to focus getting attack items first before defense items. So I will be very squishy throughout the whole battle. So I use Elders to top up my Physical defense from my accumulated Magical Attack from Items.

    Well it is my play style. That the reason why Elders. I do agree getting Desire is great on him as tested. Perhaps it depends on how one play him. I mean everyone plays a hero with different play styles.

    Well I'm always here to update this guide.

    Thanks for the feedback :)
  13. Isendir1

    Isendir1 New Member

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    Nov 19, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    what is the advantage of allocating point in weakening aura for 2nd lvl instead of arcane orb? Because usually at lvl 2, there aren't alot of defense to be lowered down by weakening aura. it only increase the arcane missile slightly. I believe combo or arcane missile with orb gives more damage.
    Rang3r likes this.
  14. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

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    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    It actually depends on how does one play him. From my experience, I can secure a kill with Arcane Missiles during early game. Arcane Missiles are quite powerful even at early stage imo and is already enough to kill someone together with Weakening Aura. And as I use Arcane Missiles and Weakening Aura more than Arcane Orb, I increase Weakening Aura at level 2 to start killing someone.

    I have made only a few tests on having Arcane Orb at Hero Level 2 , so I can't really confirm that Arcane Orb and Missiles is better than Arcane Missiles and Weakening Aura >.< But tests are still in process with that. Updates will be made soon after testing your build.

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion in skill build! :)
  15. Valhallax

    Valhallax Active Member

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    Mar 3, 2014
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Isendir, you must also remember that weakening aura's active increases his spell damage by his magical attack, so that coupled with missles can up your damage potential quite a bit even in the early game.
  16. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

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    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Guide slightly updated with Allies & Enemies. Still needs to be updated though.
  17. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

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    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Build sequence for each items is added, with my reasons to support it.
  18. huynhthoaianh

    huynhthoaianh New Member

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    Jun 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Top Tier Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    I am wondering if leech build or orb,wand,arogance cloak,balde,boost,leech staff.
    Which is better ?
    Here is my build today game
  19. Spacial

    Spacial Dragon Legend

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    Sep 23, 2013
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Top Tier Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    [Let's assume both builds have no armor, Hero level 15 and with nothing else (tablets, inscriptions, etc.), only in-game equips and the help of the HOC Calculator and my experience]

    Damage -
    Leech: All items provide M.Attack.
    Normal: Only 4 items provide damage.

    Survival -
    Leech: 45% Leech effect. A lot of HP is returned. Normal Speed with no boots.
    Normal: 15% Leech effect. A small amount is healed. Higher movement speed due to Tempest.

    CC/Slow/Stun -
    Leech: No items. Slows/Stun rely on the missile skill itself.
    Normal: Presence of Fername's Blade. So even Arcane Orb can slow enemies.

    Both builds are great. All depends on you and the situation. IMO, as long as the core items: [img=56X56]http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/47/1384953342-image.jpg[/img][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG], The final 2 is optional.

    For example: If a slow is what the team needs, then the normal build, and the boots will be substituted with Saithion Lollipop
  20. rebelzrocks

    rebelzrocks Member

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    May 13, 2014
    RE: [Vigelos] Spacial's Top Tier Guide to <Arcane Warrior>

    Hey, I was wondering about Vigelos sharing the lane with a ally, doesn't that mean we will share Eco too? Also, how do we get the other skins? I remember elite skins change skills, and may I know what are the new skills of each Vigelos skin other than the typical one? Thanks :)

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